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Item #: SCP-033-DE-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No containment procedures known to the foundation are able to contain SCP-033-DE-J. When SCP-033-DE-J is detected, the event can only be reported to conduct examinations on affected persons.

Description: SCP-033-DE-J designates a large worm measuring three millimeters that belongs to the family of leeches. SCP-033-DE-J features a jaw reminiscent of a suction cup, which it utilizes to suck itself onto the victim's eardrum. Via said suction cup, SCP-033-DE-J emits subtle vibrations, which affected persons interpret as a song they are familiar with. These songs are among those that the affected person cannot stand. SCP-033-DE-J's lifespan measures a few minutes to almost a whole day. After this time span, it dies off. SCP-033-DE-J also infests persons that often think of a song they hate. How SCP-033-DE-J enters the auditory canal is entirely unknown. A theory concerning the formation of SCP-033-DE-J states that, if the hearing is stimulated through certain music, this could be the basis for its development. This process probably varies between persons, as anyone perceives music differently. Additionally, SCP-033-DE-J possesses a high infection rate, when another person shows the same perception for music. SCP-033-DE-J can be transmitted via whistling, singing, and humming. Attempts to extract SCP-033-DE-J from an ear alive were unsuccessful, as it is unable to survive outside of an ear. SCP-033-EN-J's effect is considered annoying by most people, as it usually makes its victim listen to songs they don't like. An effective counter measure is to sing, whistle or hum a song to its end, repeatedly if necessary.

Test protocol C Attempt 11

Dr. Altenburg volunteered for attempt-11. For this purpose, Dr. Altenburg will listen to several songs (a list of songs inhabiting the potential to create SCP-033-DE-J) inside a sound-proof room. After all songs have been heard, Dr. Altenburg shall relax, and not think of the songs. The test is recorded and overseen by Dr. Lauter.

  • Dr. Altenburg has listened to various pieces of music for one hour.
  • The resting phase now occurs.
  • After ten minutes of rest, Dr. Altenburg starts whistling one of the songs played.
  • Test was successful. Dr. Altenburg is immediately redirected for further study.

Addendum: Twelve minutes after finishing attempt-11, Dr. Lauter unexpectedly begins to hum the same song. Dr. Lauter's soul comment was:

  • Oh great! Now I have an earworm!
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