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Item# SCP-033-TH

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-033-TH is contained in an 8x8 sterile airtight room with two personnel guarding the outside and armed with powerful tranquilizer guns. SCP-033-TH will be fed every three meals per day, and the room will be disinfected every 24 hours. If abnormal behavior or escape attempts are observed, personnel may use tranquilizers on SCP-033-TH.

At present, it is not known how to create a specific containment chamber for SCP-033-TH with our current technology due to its random disappearance and reappearance, making it difficult to predict. If any personnel encounter SCP-033-TH, they must contact the office as soon as possible. Personnel or staff with a clearance level lower than 4 are not allowed to approach SCP-033-TH. If touched or approached within 100 meters without wearing specific protective gear, they must be apprehended and subjected to strict health examinations. Once SCP-033-TH is located, relevant personnel must secure the surrounding area within a 1-kilometer radius. Permission to establish a small quarantine camp around SCP-033-TH is granted, along with checks for contamination and disinfection with equipment before and after entering the quarantine area. SCP-033-TH must not be harmed under any circumstances. Its continued normal existence is considered the best-case scenario.

Description: Records show that SCP-033-TH first appeared in 17██ in a village near Zhengzhou. The documents describing SCP-033-TH's discovery only mention it as a average-looking human male, approximately 180 centimeters tall, around 30 years old, with a distant personality and slower responses than normal people. It is often seen wearing a dark-colored oversized coat, black trousers, and carrying a large bag on its back. SCP-033-TH does not respond to any form of communication and tends to write notes in a strange script resembling ancient Chinese bronze script. Researchers at the foundation are attempting to study SCP-033-TH's notes but have not reached a conclusion before the object disappears.

SCP-033-TH's first appearance resulted in over 5,000 villagers dying from a mysterious, incurable disease. Symptoms of this virus include high fever, headache, and vomiting black blood. the skin swells and darkens in various spots. People referred to this as the "Black Death." The virus spread to several villages over a period of more than 2 years while SCP-033-TH remained in containment before it disappeared along with the mysterious disease. An investigation by one of the officials can be read in the SCP-033-TH-NT-01 log.

After the records of 17██, SCP-033-TH reappeared in Luoyang City in 19██, accompanied by a new strain of the virus that was still untreatable. However, this time the authorities failed to capture it in time, and SCP-033-TH vanished again along with the virus. The capture log can be found in SCP-033-TH-D-01.

Each appearance of SCP-033-TH brings with it a mysterious, unexplainable virus. However, a state-of-the-art tracking device has been successfully attached to SCP-033-TH. It will indicate the location of SCP-033-TH when it reappears, making it easier to prevent and search for it in the future.

Additional information, Year 2000

Note: The tracking with the device failed. It seems that our device was severely damaged by high heat and seawater. The device dissolved while we found salt residue from seawater and some fungus attached to the device. I really want to know which centuries SCP-033-TH has been to - Dr.██████

Additional details: From further studies in 2000, using the body scanner to examine SCP-033-TH, the area from the neck down to the tips of the toes is entirely machanical. It becomes even more interesting when scanning his large shoulder bag, which contains some medium-sized mechanisms inside. Upon examination by several mechanical and technological experts at the foundation, they concluded that the object inside his bag is a particle accelerator, far more complex than current technology can achieve. In addition, the detector found a massive energy source, which, upon closer examination, turned out to be Antimatter.1

Annihilation, or the collision of matter and antimatter, results in both substances dissolving and releasing energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or gamma radiation. The application of this theory remains a challenge for contemporary scientists because antimatter is extremely rare while matter is abundant in the universe. Physicists are still curious about where antimatter has gone. It is speculated that this might be the main energy source that SCP-033-TH stores for use. Many foundation physicists agree that if a reaction occurs, causing annihilation, not only would an entire continent disappear from Earth's map, but the explosion could potentially destroy the stratosphere, causing the extinction of all life on Earth, turning it into a barren planet like Venus.

Note: The fact that we are aware of such true, immense capabilities, but can't do anything about it, is such a frustrating feeling. - Dr.██████

Upon inspection, SCP-033-TH is not actually a machine. The subject wears a form-fitting suit made of an unknown type of metal with high flexibility and strength, excellent heat and electrical resistance properties. This is why firearms and electricity cannot harm the subject at all. Moreover, it seems that the subject's suit has some mechanism that can adjust the ambient temperature to ensure its own survival in any season.

Note: I don't know which dimension or universe you got him from, but the place he comes from is far more advanced than ours. I'm not even talking about the elements and chemicals that are emitted from his suit, as there are so many we do not know - Dr.██████

Additional Information, Year 201█

The latest appearance of SCP-033-TH has resulted in increased collaboration with individuals within the organization, to the point of breaking protocol. It has also allowed for the inspection and explanation of various events that have occurred. Conversations can be listened to in SCP-033-TH-RC-43.

Additionally, SCP-033-TH has revealed a decryption method for translating its own recordings, allowing personnel to be aware of it. Currently, the foundation's cryptanalysts are rushing to translate the recordings for study and future reference.

Appendix-1: Interrogation Record of a containment officer of SCP-033-TH: Record SCP-033-TH-NT-01

Appendix-2: Capture Log of SCP-033-TH: Record SCP-033-TH-D-01

Appendix-3: Interview Record of SCP-033-TH: Record SCP-033-TH-RC-43

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