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A Picture of SCP-033-VN

Item #: SCP-033-VN

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-033-VN is to be kept at Site-02-VN, it is to be stored in an iron box 30cm long, 20cm wide which is always locked in a room with cameras and The toxic gas release system will turn on if the employee has not been authorized to do it intentionally. Interaction with the object can only be done after approval from personnel level 5 or higher, if any individual intentionally interacts with the object not through the organization, it will be considered riotous behavior. All experiments with SCP-033-VN are to be approved directly by Level-5 personnel.

Description: SCP-033-VN is a white rubber duck that resembles normal toy ducks. SCP-033-VN is capable of altering the mind and perception of all subjects within a 3km radius to the will of the subject using it by squeezing the body of SCP-033-VN, then SCP-033- VN will emit a strange cry capable of echoing sounds up to 3km within the operating range, objects within the range will be affected and change their mind (SCP-033-2-VN) according to the perceptual thinking of the subject using it (SCP-033-1-VN).

Appendix 033-1: September 15, 2015
Doctor Wondertainment sent this object to Site-02-VN board through a Level-5 Foundation employee. The object was then tested directly by Dr. Loka and Assistant Janse.

Records of Testing:

Test Procedure 033-1:

Tester: Dr. Loka
Helper: Assistant Janse

Test Subject 1: D-8628
Test Subject 2: D-3748
Test Subject 3: D-6221

Subject being Tested: SCP-033-VN

Experiment: The Foundation has brought 1 dog (Individual A) and 1 cat (Individual B) into the testing area, D-3748 and D-6221 will remain in the testing area, and D-8628 will be isolated with 3.5km test zone.

Result: Dr. Loka will ask both D-class personnel in the testing area to distinguish the names of two dogs and cats, both of which are correct with Dr. Loka. After D-8628 was subjected to SCP-033-VN, Dr. Loka asked him to distinguish two individuals:

Dr. Loka: Can you tell me what individual A is and what is individual B?

D-8628: Subject A is a cat, and B is a dog.

Dr. Loka: Are you sure?

D-8628: I'm sure

Dr. Loka: [turning to ask D-3748 and D-6221] Both of you both answered at the same time to tell me, what is individual A, what is individual B?

[Both subjects have the same answer: Person A is a dog, instance B is a cat. Dr. Loka then asked assistant Janse and got the same answer as 2 personnel D-3748 and D-6221.]

[D-8628 reacts suddenly, Dr. Loka asked D-8628 again, but his answer was still the same as the first one.]

Dr. Loka: You got the answer wrong, D-8628, take a closer look.

D-8628: This is ridiculous, obviously this is a dog (B) and this is a cat (A) why do you say one is a dog (A) the other is a cat (B)?

Dr. Loka: You are completely wrong, you can ask everyone around.

[D-8628 reacted strongly after that and was escorted to the cell along with the remaining 2 D-class personnel]

Note: It has been shown that SCP-033-VN has the ability to alter human perception.

Test Procedure 033-2:

Experiment 2: Foundation conducted testing on D-3333 personnel, then Dr. Loka will have D-3333 kill himself with a knife on the table.

Result: D-3333 used the provided knife and stabbed himself to death

Notes: SCP-033-VN appears to have gained the ability to give commands to SCP-033-2-VN subjects due to the influence of SCP-033-1-VN.

Note: With its ability to command anyone, SCP-033-VN could pose a major threat to National Security if it were to fall into the hands of other Groups of Interest, so it must always be implement the safest possible containment procedures to guard SCP-033-VN.

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