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Item #: SCP-034-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: The 1.5km radius around ████ basin where the subject's wild habitat is located is to be contained by a Foundation facility disguised as a military facility of The Country of ██, prohibiting civilian access. Facility workers must check the lunar cycle and should not enter the habitat in the 6~7 day period starting from five days after the first quarter to five days before the last quarter. An anti-biohazard mask must be worn when taking samples of the subject. SCP-034-KO-1 can be used for experimental purposes only, and experiments involving D-Class personnel needs approval from personnel with Level-3 security clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-034-KO is a subspecies of the cherry bell (Campanula punctata Var. Hondoensis) which is visually identical to its regular counterparts. Its anomalous effects manifest when exposed to moonlight 6~7 day window from five days after the first quarter to five days before the last quarter when it is not cloudy.

SCP-034-KO exposed to moonlight excretes a clear liquid referred to as SCP-034-KO-1 from the tip of its stamen, which reacts with nitrogen at room temperature and quickly evaporates. Analysis of the gas did not show most of its components, but some substances such as argon, neon and [REDACTED] normally not excreted by regular plants were found. Dissection of a sample of the subject also did not reveal the excretion mechanism.

Humans exposed to gaseous SCP-034-KO-1 experience a spike(typically a 70%~120% increase than in rest state, varying on the person) in libido-enhancing hormones, commonly known as "love hormones" such as dopamine, adrenaline, phenylethylamine and serotonin, and an immensely exalted metabolism within a few seconds. The resulting agitation renders rational thought impossible, making the exposed exert overwhelming sexual urges to ones they were consciously or unconsciously attracted to. When unrestrained, these urges lead to attempts of sexual assault. The effects of exposure linger from 60 to 90 minutes, and the exposure does not remember the events during agitation. When physically restained via methods such as lockdown or bondage, the uncontrollable urge will result in self-harming behaviour such as banging one's head to the wall or biting one's tongue.

SCP-034-KO was discovered by professor S████, a renowned folklore expert from the country of ██. He was investigating folklore about "the flower that grants love wishes" and discovered the subject during a field trip. Local police arrested S████, who attempted to rape graduate student P████ , who was there with him. The professor claimed that he fell unconscious at the hill while studying the plant and did not recall the assault. This incident drew the attention of a Foundation agent. Afterwards, its traits were uncovered, and an SCP designation was given to the plant.

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