Item #: SCP-034-PT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-034-PT can currently be found in the provisional tests of Dr. Jonest Alie. Any types of reuse or attempts to store the utensil must be communicated to him, for a better understanding between the agents and their purposes related to the object. The request should only be made by agents of level three (3) or higher, and obtaining SCP-034-PT may normally be refused by its current researcher.

The SCP-031-PT-1 instance and SCP-031-PT must be stored in metallic containers with their sizes defined by the measurements of the objects. There should be 2 (two) holding compartments eighteen (18) centimeters high, by four (4) centimeters wide, intended to each utensil, so that each one has a separate containment. Those who come into contact with the anomalies must wear disposable gloves and under no circumstances remove them when holding or moving them.

All parts of the body that may come into contact with SCP-034-PT must be dressed in a thermally resistant suit, due to the latent ability of SCP-034-PT to radiate extreme heat. One (1) D-Class agent is suggested to measure the power of its ability, making use of their hands without any type of clothing. The environment must be covered by glass walls — to whom the intensity of the anomaly cannot cause structural damage. Examinations cannot be carried out at a distance, as the activation of the object only happens through contact with the dermis.

Description: SCP-034-PT is characterized as a 13 x 13 x 12 cm plastic item, commonly used for augmented display of artifacts. It has a circular converging lens 75 millimeters in diameter, attached to the rest of the instrument by a cylindrical wooden rod, with a variation of connector on its underside, — idealizing a relationship with the SCP-034-PT-1 instance, by the enumerated similar features and their interactions. It is possible to see, in the center of its rod, a gold-colored name, where the brand responsible for manufacturing the magnifying glass is inscribed: the █████ company.

When first observed, the object does not have any anomalous abilities, which are revealed only when it comes into contact with something covered with human epidermis. After that, the object is able to emit, without the aid of any light source, and involuntarily, a thermal beam through its lens — which can reach up to 30 meters away. The recorded temperatures are extremely high, and grow at a rapid rate, easily approaching 500 degrees Celsius (Cº).

SCP-034-PT-1 is a copy of SCP-034-PT, with similar aesthetic details, but with an anomaly that differs from the main instance. When approached to something, it will be able to amplify its image at relatively high levels, being able to obtain even the image of microorganisms, as verified by research ██████.

When the two utensils are coupled together due to the connector, they become a double magnifying glass, with lenses attached to the two ends of the item: upper and lower. The two items make up an inorganic matter creator, which currently is vehemently believed that its anomalous property is activated when a person, holding it, thinks with conviction of an object, being partially or fully aware of its functioning, or which was at least visualized once in their life and remember vivid details about said object.

Discovery: The first signs of its use are dated to 193█, when a group of deviant individuals from the GRU Divison "P" used it for the purpose of creating war weapons, which would be used in conflict both with the Axis as well as with the Allies. The confrontations carried out did not cause the expected results and also did not obtain the necessary recognition, causing the situation to be easily forgotten. The only documents that referenced what occurred were altered in 194█, and their copies confiscated, currently in the possession of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Other uses in the USSR were verified, where the spies Julies and Ethel Rosenberg took advantage of the instrument's ability to clone the hydrogen bomb, which at the time was exclusive to the United States. The infiltrators, before being sentenced to the death penalty, got rid of SCP-034-PT, taking it back to Russia through the postal system.

In order to increase the influence and strength of the KGB, the magnifying glass was used until the end of the Soviet Union in 1990. On that year, the new Russian government, ─ not aware of its powers ─ classified the possession of the object as “peculiar and unnecessary”, returning it to its manufacturer, which went bankrupt two years after the event. The last individual owner of SCP-034-PT, █████ ████, told of its peculiar ability to Dr. Aliest Jones, who remained in Russia for personal reasons. Upon collecting the artifact, he administered amnestics to its owner, and sent SCP-034-PT to the Foundation.

Update: The evaluations charged with confirming the full usability of SCP-034-PT in thermal beam mode have confirmed. In some designated situations, the object had to burn through four (4) targets with their structures made of polypropylene, which were relatively easily disintegrated. The annulment of the thermal rays was performed by breaking physical contact, placing the magnifying glass on a flat table.

The use of SCP-034-PT-1 was carried out, observing for a few brief moments the SCP-███ microorganism, whose image could be revealed without major complications or efforts. Revealing continuous stability, SCP-034-PT-1 could be designated as an usable artifact for researchers or scientists to carry out their experiments.

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