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Item #: SCP-035-IT

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-035-IT is contained in the Army Depot 5 at Site Vittoria, in a reinforced safe. The combination to open it must be casually-generated by and algorithm and changed on a daily basis. Experiments with SCP-035-IT is reserved to level 3 or higher personnel and only for less than 60 minutes.

As a result of Incident Alpha-12, SCP-035-IT is stored in the Maximum Security Block at Site Deus. Tests with SCP-035-IT are forbidden and all the personnel come into contact with SCP-035-IT must undergo psychological analysis and kept under surveillance for a period of at least 12 months.

Description: SCP-035-IT is a war hammer made of a currently-unknown metal alloy; this material is relatively lightweight and resistant to wear and damage and, at the time of writing, it was impossible to take samples for analysis1. The hilt of SCP-035-IT, long around 90 cm, is lavishly decorated with golden geometrical motifs, while the hammer head is a square-section parallelepiped with 15 cm sides and 30 cm of length. It shows a glyph on its impact areas. The style of the decorations suggests a Germanic origin around the XI century A.d.

SCP-035-IT’s effects only manifest when a human being (henceforth the “bearer”) uses it to hit another human being (henceforth the “subject”). The latter does not suffer any kind of physical injury, but completely disappears for a timespan between 12 hours and six months. This time range increases depending on how many times the subject has been exposed to the effect of SCP-035-IT, on past criminal actions and their import according to the bearer. At the end of this time period, the subject will reappear in a 15 meter-range from the point where he was hit. Every subject, independently from the duration of their disappearance, show signs of mild malnutrition and a generally more fearful behavior; panic attacks are not infrequent if he find himself near to the bearer or SCP-035-IT. The effects of SCP-035-IT do not manifest if it is used to beat inanimate objects or if SCP-035-IT is used on non-human entities (e.g. an android) but, in these cases, the subject will suffer damages consistent with a blow from a blunt instrument.

Below are listed the most relevant test conducted with SCP-035-IT:

Test n° 3
Requested by: Dr. Emilio Barba
Purpose: Evaluation of the effects of SCP-035-IT
Subject: D-4355
Bearer: Agent Antonio Bianchi
Effects: The subject completely disappears for 17 hours. He later reappears in the room where he was hit. During the following interview, D-4355 notably assumed a mild-mannered behavior; when asked where he had spent the last hours, he refused to answer.

Test n° 4
Requested by: Dr. Emilio Barba
Purpose: Discover what happened to D-4355 after his disappearance
Subject: D-4355
Bearer: D-3991
Effects: The subject completely disappears for 155 hours. He reappears outside the test room and is immediately brought in the questioning room. He appears visibly shocked, begging the personnel not to force him to undergo similar tests again. When he was asked again about his disappearance, the subject mentioned a “dark place”, but did not reveal further details.

Test n° 12
Requested by: Dr. Emilio Barba
Purpose: Study of the effects of SCP-035-IT
Subject: D-3085
Bearer: Captain Antonio Bianchi
Effects: The subject disappears for 45 days and 16 hours. When he appears back in the test room, the subject tries to escape but is soon sedated by the guards and brought to a security cell. When awake, the subject appears in a catatonic state and does not react in any way.

Test n° 15
Requested by: Dr. Emilio Barba
Purpose: Study of the effects of SCP-035-IT if used by a non-human bearer
Subject: D-4024
Bearer: Gynoid System IAG-IT-001, designation "DIVINA"
Effects: The subject is hit on the left shoulder but instead of disappearing suffers a broken humerus and the laceration of the triceps caused by a bone splinter; after surgical treatment, D-4024 has completely healed in a 4 month time and was moved to other tasks.

Test n° 16
Requested by: Dr. Emilio Barba
Purpose: Study of the effects of SCP-035-IT if used on a non-human subject
Subject: Gynoid System IAG-IT-001, designation "DIVINA"
Bearer: D-1552
Effects: The subject shows light sficial damages but does not disappears and, when questioned, does not reports any anomalous data.

Test n° 17
Chaired and Requested by: S5-09
Purpose: Obtaining data on the place where the subjects are transferred after being hit.
Subject: D-5021, equipped with a minicamera, a GPS system and a microphone.
Bearer: Captain Antonio Bianchi
Effects: The subject completely disappears and is not locatable by the GPS System, nor is able to communicate through provided equipment. The subject reappears after 27 hours in an aisle close to the test room and is brought back to the cell by the guards. When questioned, the subject revealed to have spent this lapse of time in a sort of parallel dimension, completely depleted by light sources and populated by “inconceivable beings”.

Test n° 20
Requested by: Captain Antonio Bianchi
Purpose: Evaluation of the possibility of using SCP-035-IT as a way to detain Euclid- and Keter-class humanoid entities.
Permission denied by Ethical and Moral Regulamentation Committee and Superintendents Council.

Recovery: SCP-035-IT has been found in XIV century by Ordo Iani, in what is now the Province of Grosseto, Tuscany, and moved to a Order Headquarter to be contained and studied. According to the documents compiled by scholars of that time, SCP-035-IT was particularly efficient on criminals, that would suffer its effects for extended periods of time, so they concluded that it was created as a punishment or torture tool. Curiously, no document mentions the entities discovered in Test n°17, so it is possible to deduce that they weren’t discovered at that time. SCP-035-IT was obtained by the Foundation in 2013, following the acquisition of some anomalous weapons contained by Ordo Iani.

Update 10/10/15: SCP-035-IT has a compulsory effect of unknown origin, that manifest itself as a voice audible by the bearer that holds it and urges him to use SCP-035-IT systematically. It manifests especially on subject with low resistance to cognitohazards and is believed to be the cause of Incident Alpha-12.

Incident Alpha-12: On 09/08/15, the Captain of the Protection and Vigilance Team (SPeV) of Site Vittoria, Antonio Bianchi, took SCP-035-IT without the authorization of the Superintendency. During the incident, SCP-015-IT e SCP-023-IT broke containment and caused considerable human and economic losses. Henceforth is reported a description of the footage recorded by Site Vittoria Security Camera System during Incident Alpha-12.

On 09/10/15, after the recontainment of SCP-015-IT and SCP-023-IT instances tracked down and destroyed, The Superintendence orders to interrogate Antonio Bianchi. Henceforth is reported the interview transcription.

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