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Item #: SCP-035-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-035-JP is currently stored in Site-683's low-threat storage locker. Obtain permission from the storage responsible before using. Experiments with SCP-035-JP will be conducted in a chamber equipped with standard isolation facilities. Experimental objects, whether living or non-living, must be rigorously inspected and terminated by proper procedures unless noted for properties.

Description: SCP-035-JP looks like a general entertainment hula hoop. The letter "Hula Warp" is on the side, and no anomaly was found by visual inspection.

The difference between SCP-035-JP and a normal hula hoop is believed to be the transfer of part or all of the user's body to another location. Reference Test Log 035-JP for details of the transfer destination.

When SCP-035-JP is used like a general hula hoop, the body above SCP-035-JP will be transferred to various places. There is no limit on the number of revolutions or time, the effect will last as long as you rotate SCP-035-JP, but the anomaly will not be exhibited by rotating SCP-035-JP other than the human torso.
If the rotation is stopped while using SCP-035-JP, the transferring body will be left behind. It is believed that the user's body is neatly amputated based on the location of SCP-035-JP, and that the user is killed by heavy bleeding.

Also, dropping SCP-035-JP in use without stopping it will result in the transfer of the entire body of the user. Use D-Class to test SCP-035-JP to prevent high mortality of subjects and various contamination from metastases.

Test Log 035-JP-1 - Date██/██/███
Subject: Standard Japanese man with a small CCD camera with GPS mounted on his head(Hereinafter referred to as D-9668)
Implementation method: Let D-9668 use SCP-035-JP in a standard experiment chamber.
Results: The upper body of D-9668 is transferred to a small Japanese-style room of about 8 tatami mats. A pike with a adult male leg of about 1.5 m wanders around D-9668, causing D-9668 to panic and drop SCP-035-JP. D-9668 disappears. No GPS signal detected.
Analysis: Given the nature of SCP-035-JP, the whole body of D-9668 may have been transferred. I hope he doesn't like fish.

Test Log 035-JP-2 - Date██/██/███
Subject: D-class personnel who performed the same processing as Test Log 035-JP-1(Hereinafter referred to as D-4658)
Implementation method: Same as Test Log 035-JP-1
Results: The upper body of D-4658 is transferred to the water. D-4658 inhaled water into the lungs, grasped the rotating SCP-035-JP and the body was bisection off. No GPS signal detected.
In addition, an unknown organism was detected in the seawater that seems to have flowed out from the transfer destination of D-4658.
Analysis: Cannot grasp the rules of the transfer destination. In the first place Where has it been transferred to?

Test Log 035-JP-3 - Date██/██/███
Subject: D-class personnel who performed the same processing as Test Log 035-JP-1. A former professional of Hula Hoop, volunteered self for this experiment.(Hereinafter referred to as D-8556)
Implementation method: Same as Test Log 035-JP-1
Results: The upper body of D-8556 is transferred to a city similar to London. A large-scale riot seems to having occurred at the transfer destination, and it was confirmed that a squirrel with a bipedal locomotion of about 2 m with abnormally developed muscles is performing destructive activity. D-8556 twisted his upper body and threw SCP-035-JP away, successfully escaping from the transfer site. No threat from the life from the above creatures attacked by stones and arrows. Currently undergoing quarantine and treatment at Site-683.
Analysis: I applied to the Personnel Resources department to remove D-8556 from my monthly dismissal list. He seems to have found a vocation.

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