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Item #: SCP-035-UA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-035-UA should be stored in a special case which made with wood and lined with soft material inside. On the top cover there's a window made of bulletproof glass which allows to visually confirm the presence of object inside. Retrieving of object from its case is permitted only for research.

SCP-035-UA - stored inside Dr. R████’s strongbox, in his office in the standard chamber for safe objects in Site UA-80. Experiments with object should be carried out only with the written permission of the object curator (Dr. R████), or personnel with a third access level. All documents that are of value to the Foundation should not interact with the object. Experiments with large texts should be carried out in the presence of at least two (2) personnel members with a third (3) access level, and recorded by video surveillance.

Description: SCP-035-UA is a stone tablet which made of igneous rocks [DATA EXPUNGED], dated to the 3rd century. There is an inscription on the object, which in translation from the Proto-Slavic language means: "Knowledge is a gift that most people neglect". The tablet has no anomalous invulnerability and can be damaged.

SCP-035-UA has several anomalous properties:

1. When the subject comes into physical contact with the tablet, he begins to fluently speak at the Proto-Slavic language languages ​​that were used until the 9th century. The effect is independent of the subject’s native language. Subjects under the influence of SCP-035-UA were able to freely speak, write and read texts on Proto-Slavic which written in languages ​​that were used before the 9th century, while the object does not affect the subject's ability to use other languages. After termination of physical contact, the effect disappears after seven (7) seconds.

2. This effect was discovered during I035UA-01 incident. When SCP-035-UA interacts with an object that contains records more than 30 digits size, then those records will be replaced with texts of probably the same as the object age. These records may contain dialogues, descriptions of everyday life, rituals and [DATA EXPUNGED] from the time of the object's origin. The original language and text size are saved. Conditions which affect the content of records are investigated.

Parts which are separated from the object don’t have abnormal properties. The Site-Director officially prohibits any attempt to violate the integrity of the SCP-035-UA, regardless of purpose. Everyone who will ignore the prohibition will be suspended from duty for the duration of the investigation. Further sanctions will be determined by [REDACTED].

Experiments Log with SCP-035-UA is provided in document E035UA-01.

Addendum 035-UA-01:

Incident I035UA-01: In preparation for the experiment with SCP-035-UA, Dr. R████ opened the case cover and began to search for necessary documents. Due to carelessness, the doctor placed the form he needed on SCP-035-UA. All entries from the document disappeared, and an unknown text took their place. After studying of content, it turned out that the document describes the sacrifice ritual to the god Veles1 with a detailed description of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Due to doctor's negligence, SCP-035-UA was transferred from his office to a standard safe objects storage cell. Since this incident revealed a new property of the tablet, it was decided to not deprive Dr. R████ from the object curator's position.

Addendum 035-UA-02: Dr. R████ conducted a more detailed study of the object's first property. Doctor decided to check if the subject (in this case, Dr. R████ himself) can understand other ancient languages. After receiving from the archive photographs of the location where SCP-████ was found, he decided to try reading Sarmatian signs on the walls of the room. The experiment was successful, but Dr. R████ noted: "I had the feeling that I did read not in my native language, although there was no issue with understanding the text. As if you read in English, which you know very well, but your native language is Ukrainian. I didn't have this feeling with Proto-Slavic. I have some assumptions, but I need more details to analyse all this…".

Usage of the object in the translation of ancient texts that are valuable to the Foundation, or can help in containment of other SCP-objects is on the consideration.

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