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SCP-036-FR in its containment vivarium.

Item #: SCP-036-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-036-FR is to be contained in a reinforced concrete vivarium accessible by a sas located at a depth of 15 meters in Area-Tet's hurricane-proof bunker, of at least eight (8) meters x ten (10) meters x two (2) meters. The fixation joints will need to be made of [OBSTRUCTED DATA: Information restricted to the Engineering Department] (codename A083) in order to provide maximum resistance to the entity's capacities.

SCP-036-FR is to be fed one pig weighting at least 30 kg once (1) per day, introduced by the sas. Its vivarium must be cleaned once every two (2) days during its sleep cycle, with all possible precautions.

WARNING: It is forbidden to enter SCP-036-FR's vivarium if the latter was not fed beforehand, except for testing purposes, with exceptional approval of the director of Area-███████, or in case of emergency such as a containment breach.

Description: SCP-036-FR is a terrestrial reptile very similar in morphology to the Galapagos marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus), 1.34m long and 1.48kg in weight, with black scales on its back and green scales under its throat and abdomen. It possesses following mutations compared to A. cristatus:

  • Absence of aquatic locomotion features (absence of feet adapted to swimming, circular tail and absence of a dorsal fin),
  • Longer legs allowing easier terrestrial locomotion.

SCP-036-FR is capable, using an organ located inside of its throat, of creating violent suction, attracting all objects caught inside of it to its mouth and then to its digestive tract. The exact process through which the organ produces this suction remains unknown.

This suction is based on the creation of a violent pressure differential in SCP-036-FR's mouth and has an action radius of around ten meters. It has been calculated that its power is equivalent to that of a 230km/hour wind.

As of right now, although buildings and objects attached to the ground can stand this suction power quite well, living beings inside of the action radius will eventually end up in contact with SCP-036-FR's mouth.

SCP-036-FR's muscle and bone structure is extremely hard and resistant (collision resistance has not been evaluated), specifically near the cranium, face and jaw. When any object comes in contact with SCP-036-FR's mouth, suction does not cease, and in fact, is used by the entity in its feeding process. In the case the object is too big and gets stuck, suction continues until the object breaks and can be attracted towards SCP-036-FR's digestive tract.

All objects attracted into SCP-036-FR's stomach will then be compressed and shredded by the muscles of the organ, apparently capable of producing a pressure force over 280kg/cm, until formation of a boulder of material which can be digested by SCP-036-FR's gastric acid, which has an estimated pH of 0,31. To this day, SCP-036-FR has been able to digest all submitted materials.

The entity was discovered in 19██ on the island of ████████ in the Galapagos archipelago, after a number of suspicious disappearances were reported among the local population.

SCP-036-FR hunts by ambushing in its environment, mainly rocks or bushes, and drawing all close enough preys towards its mouth. The entity mainly feeds on other large reptiles populating the island (other iguanas, turtles, monitor lizards), but may attack humans if starving.

It has not yet been determined whether SCP-036-FR is an isolated mutated individual, or a specimen of a recently appeared subspecies. Research on the island is ongoing.

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