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3D reconstruction of a single SCP-037-IT molecule from crystallographic analysis. The high-affinity binding site is shown in green.

Item #: SCP-037-IT

Object Class: Neutralized Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-037-IT are contained in biocontainment locker Asc/L-7/037 of lab Asc/L-7 in the Level II biosecurity wing (biosec-II) of the BCF; level 2/037-IT clearance is required for handling of SCP-037-IT. [ARCHIVED]

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-037-IT are contained in bio-secure airtight locker Asc/P-21/037 in the Level IV biosecurity wing (biosec-IV) of the BCF1, in Site Asclepio; level 4/037-IT clearance and standard biosec-IV hazmat gear are required for handling of SCP-037-IT.

Addendum following incident 037-IT-B
Any other sample of SCP-037-IT found on-Site must be destroyed via incineration, following protocol Mātariśvan-1.

Monitoring for occurrences of SCP-037-IT must be conducted worldwide; hospitals and healthcare facilities are to be given higher priority. In case of a new occurrence of SCP-037-IT, the affected area must be sanitized; the extent of such procedures must be sufficient enough to thoroughly minimize any risk of biocontamination and to avoid, at any cost, an SCP-037-IT outbreak that could develop into a pandemic.

Description: SCP-037-IT is the designation for a sample of heterogeneous cell types collected from SCP-037-IT-0, mostly comprised of connective tissue. [ARCHIVED]

Description: SCP-037-IT is an infectious mutant isoform of the human PrPC protein, normally found on cell membranes.

SCP-037-IT is able to change the structure of normal human PrPC, effectively turning each PrPC protein that comes in contact with into a new molecular instance of SCP-037-IT.


Confocal microscopy image of the tubular structure of SCP-037-IT-S.

Many interconnecting molecules of SCP-037-IT form a microtubular crystalline structure that will spread evenly throughout the body, called SCP-037-IT-S.

A single instance of SCP-037-IT is sufficient to infect an individual; immediately after infection new copies of SCP-037-IT will begin to accumulate inside the individual's body, growing over time into an instance of SCP-037-IT-S.

SCP-037-IT-S possesses resonant properties at a frequency of 194.7 Hz. When exposed to such a frequency, SCP-037-IT-S will amplify the vibration, until it reaches a critical point when the entire structure of SCP-037-IT-S violently ruptures.

Such an event invariably results in spontaneous organ detonation that completely shatters the infected individual's body. In the process, instances of SCP-037-IT will be spread into the atmosphere; this may infect new individuals, and is the primary mechanism through which SCP-037-IT spreads.

SCP-037-IT-S is also capable of autonomously generating a vibration with a frequency of 194.7 Hz, which can auto-trigger a resonance and subsequent rupture event. The cause behind this remains unknown.

Vibrations in an infected individual can be perceived by other infected individuals in the vicinity who have also developed instances of SCP-037-IT-S, triggering the resonance effect in them as well. This will initiate a chain reaction resulting in the spontaneous detonation of all nearby infected subjects.

Until collapse of the SCP-037-IT-S structure, infection by SCP-037-IT is completely asymptomatic, excluding occasional brief occurrences of a subtle vibrating sensation in different parts of the body, hunger, weight gain, and, in rare cases, diffuse abdominal pain.


Picture of SCP-037-IT-0, recovered from her Facebook profile.

Recovery Log
The first instance of SCP-037-IT-S was recovered on 201█-07-03 in the ███ ████████ Hospital of ██████, in the province of Piacenza, Italy. Foundation Intelligence and Research Division (SIR) agents in the area were alerted by a call made to the local fire department by hospital staff about a sudden explosion.

The event occurred in Patient Room 710, which was completely destroyed by the detonation. No traces of flammable substances or high explosives were found, there were no pressurized containers or wall tubes in the room, and there were no burns or scorch marks on any of the wreckage.

Before the explosion, many witnesses claimed to have heard a strange humming noise echoing through the hospital's walls.

Room 710 held a female of European descent, 19 years old, called Adriana D████, who was admitted for severe abdominal pain. Medical records from the hospital stated that she was constantly feeling very hungry lately and had experienced a sudden weight gain of ~5 kg.


Hallway outside room 710 of the ███ ████████ Hospital after the spontaneous detonation of SCP-037-IT-0.

On 201█-07-02 at 10:13 PM, an explosion occurred at room 710; examination by agents from SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" revealed the source of the detonation to be the patient herself. The resulting pressure was so severe that only a total of 2.7 grams of intact biological material was retrieved; the room itself was completely destroyed, and two external walls collapsed almost entirely.

The following is an excerpt of the interrogation of Mr. Alfredo Panicucci, a nurse employed at the hospital, by Agent Eugenia Manchi, who was posing as a local law enforcement agent, 3 days after incident 037-IT-A.

Adriana D████, being patient zero, has been designated SCP-037-IT-0.

On 201█-07-04 at 1:00 AM, the SIR squads sanitized room 710; as a cover up, the operation was made to look like a second explosion happened in the same room.

Incident 037-IT-A

Incident 037-IT-B

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