Item #: SCP-038-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-038-FR, it should not be in contact with any man-made structures, objects, or artifacts.
SCP-038-FR is confined to the island of [DATA EXPUNGED] where it was found. Precautionary sanitary measures have been taken in the event of any landings on the island, due to its nature reserve status, the presence of pathogenic particles from previous ages is more than likely. No boat should approach the island except for Foundation patrols.

Description: SCP-038-FR is a Megaloceros giganteus measuring 2.5 m at the withers, an exceptional size for this extinct species, and whose antlers (up to 3.75 m wide) appear to be made of pure gold.
SCP-038-FR transforms any materials which have been built, manufactured, or otherwise altered in anyway by Man into its basic form, without any apparent reason, as soon as the objects come into contact with its antlers, no matter the size: the animal has already been observed changing an entire building into sand, rocks, and tree trunks: if part of the object is within the radius of 5m, the whole object will be transformed. When SCP-038-FR performs a transformation, its antlers sparkle.
The transformation is achieved by a contingency of all the similar materials present in the affected object (wood, rock, metals, etc…) and then by permutation of the elements, returning them to their original appearance.
For example, during tests on SCP-038-FR, it transformed a 2 m table made of maple and pine into two tiny trees planted at the location of the table. The concrete soil around the table was transformed into gravel and sand.

The entity is able to walk on water and is sentient; communications have been established with it.

Interview with SCP-038-FR:

Interviewed: SCP-038-FR
Interviewer: Dr. Grym, Dr. Goupil

Foreword: Following reports from members of the Foundation who had been in contact with SCP-038-FR, Dr. Goupil and Dr. Grym were sent to analyze this new paranormal aspect of the entity. They were dressed in foliage and without any recording system, and were equipped only with a stone tablet and a piece of charcoal to record the responses of the SCP. The discussion below was not, therefore, reproduced identically.

SCP-038-FR: What are you doing here, Little Men?
Dr. Goupil: We come in peace to talk to you, here is Dr. Grym from the SCP Foundation, my colleague, and I'm Dr. Goupil and…
SCP-038-FR interrupts Dr. Goupil
SCP-038-FR: No matter what names, no matter what functions the Little Men invent, they are all the same, and pervert the functions He has given us.
Dr. Grym: He?
SCP-038-FR: Before the time of the Little Men, the Balance was not broken, and I was free with my herd. And the Little Men came, endowed with what they shouldn't have had. They broke the Balance. Perverted His System.
I was the strongest of the herd, so He chose me to be one of the Four.
Dr. Goupil: The Balance? The Four? His System? Is that why you transform everything around you?
SCP-038-FR: Go away now.
Subsequently, SCP-038-FR was less inclined to grant discussions with personnel, and did not provide further information.

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