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SCP-038-IT during initial containment.

Item #: SCP-038-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-038-IT must be contained inside a standard security safe located in the Safe Containment Zone of Site Nettuno. In case of biological tests or other uses, access to SCP-038-IT has to be authorized by an Head Researcher in order to avoid further damage and/or deterioration of the object.

Inside the safe, SCP-038-IT must me kept on a grid coated with polyethylene, bitumen and polyurethane (Materials particularly resistant to marine erosion), linked to an automatic disposal system which activates every 12 hours: as per protocol, dumped water is unloaded into the sea, but only after the necessary controls to ensure the absence of anomalous effect have been made. If the properties of SCP-038-IT manifest before the disposal process the system has to be activated manually so that no damage is made to the grid or the containment procedures.

Description: SCP-038-IT is the collective denomination of 111 stones and small crystals found in 2014 in the seaside town of “██████████”, province of La Spezia, Liguria.

The anomalous properties experienced before initial containment then occurred only during tests: SCP-038-IT manifests the ability to produce notable amounts of brine2 when it remains inert for a prolonged period of time, or when it’s already in an amount of water sufficient to manifest the anomalous properties3. The water created/influenced by SCP-038-IT is denominated SCP-038-IT-A and it has a maximum volume of 20 cubic liters and a maximum range of approximately 8 meters from the position of SCP-038-IT4. Moving SCP-038-IT to a significative distance from the area (approximately equal to double the maximum range) will make every anomalous effect found inside SCP-038-IT-A disappear within a couple of minutes.

When the water around SCP-038-IT is interacted with, it exhibits anomalous properties depending on the nature of the entity or object interacting with it:

  • with objects, SCP-038-IT-A tends to generate anomalous organic and inorganic material until it covers the object with a velocity of around 1 kg of mass each second, simulating severe conditions of oceanic deterioration.;
  • with living beings, SCP-038-IT-A tends instead to restore the optimal physical conditions of the chosen organism, always depending of the mass of the entity/volume of mass occupied by SCP-038-IT. When such interaction takes place, an instance of SCP-038-IT begins to deteriorate depending on the biological mass interacting with SCP-038-IT5.

During the initial tests, 5 stones were taken away to over 100 meters of distance from the rest of SCP-038-IT and none of them has manifested anomalous properties since, even when put back near the Anomaly. SCP-038-IT tends also to make other instances appear if their number drops below 5, until the number is superior to 10 units again: however this phenomenon stops randomly, ending up generating a random number of instances after reaching 10 before halting.

SCP-038-IT was brought to the attention of Foundation Agents due to its anomalous properties and was easily identified thanks to it peculiar magnetic properties, which tend, in every circumstance, to bring every stone or fragment of SCP-038-IT to the position shown in the attached image; before being contained SCP-038-IT caused the deterioration of part of a local pier, making it partially collapse: this incident ended up killing two civilians (fell inside SCP-038-IT-A and remained immobilized inside their clothes) and injuring three, drawing the agents of the SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" to the location.

The magnetic phenomenon possessed by SCP-038-IT is constant, and can exercise on the stones a force up to 5 kN, effectively preventing the detachment of the various instances.

Addendum-A1: I kindly ask the assigned staff to use this data table to record the results and the interactions of SCP-038-IT during the main biological tests, as to avoid repeating the same tests by mistake. And no, if you want to get in shape, I’d advise not to ask the Head Researcher if it’s possible to use SCP-038-IT for personal purposes. - Dr. Magalli.

Addendum-A2: On the 22/10/20██, a second instance of SCP-038-IT (denominated SCP-038-IT-2) was identified near ██████, in Tuscany, on a public beach, causing remarkable local mediatic stir due to the same properties found on SCP-038-IT, which led to a clash and subsequent instantaneous erosion of two civilian speedboats6. A rapid response by the Agents of SSM-II “Legio Atlandis” has then identified some elements of the GoI know as “Great Mediterranean’s Eye Cult ”, which were able to obtain the second copy of SCP-038-IT and to flee from the location without leaving any trace. It’s currently unknown if any other copies of SCP-038-IT could exist, as such maximum focus is advised for possible sightings of additional instances. - Dr. Pistillo

They came out of the sea without suits or anything else and caught us completely off guard, what the hell. - Lt. Longo, SSM-II.

We know for sure that they were ready for the recovery of the Anomaly and they even know more than us about it. It’s unknown if they are able to produce additional copies of that Anomaly or not. In my opinion further investigations about their involvement are necessary. -Cpt. Aramini, SSM-II.

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