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Item #: SCP-038-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow


Photo taken from SCP-038-PT at a distance of 6 meters.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-038-PT is located at Site PT10 and must be kept in a 14 m x 14 m x 14 m glass terrarium. There must be at least 5 meters of distance between the snake access point and the habitat itself. SCP-038-PT must be fed with rabbits, sheep or medium-sized pigs. If SCP-038-PT starts to fluctuate during feeding hours, one should wait for the anomalous effect to end. An agent, carrying a tranquilizer gun, must be outside the containment area when SCP-038-PT is being fed.

Personnel affected by the anomalous effects of SCP-038-PT should be given amnesiacs.

Description: SCP-038-PT is a creature that resembles an adult snake, of the species known as the Ball Python (Python regius), approximately 3 meters long, which in some way currently unknown, has an anomalous property capable of making SCP-038-PT float. The maximum fluctuation height has not been discovered (although SCP-038-PT reaches the ceiling of its containment), but there is an estimate that SCP-038-PT reaches up to ███ meters in height or higher.

Subjects who stay within a 5-meter radius of SCP-038-PT permanently lose their sense of risk and safety when approaching snakes, and begin to feel greater affection for them. Individuals' minds are affected, making them think that they are "connected with the snakes".

The anomalous effects of SCP-038-PT will pass after the use of amnesiacs or the death of the individual, caused by cardiac arrest.

SCP-038-PT doesn't have DNA from a Ball Python or any known living being.

Discovery: Agent [REDACTED] found SCP-038-PT on 15/10/20██, in ███████, MG, after 2 cases of people who were found dead by strangulation and another 2 due to cardiac arrest. Original story was covered, being said that "there was an infestation of snakes of a rare species at the area".

Two agents went to the area close to ███████ looking for SCP-038-PT after agent [REDACTED] contacted the Foundation, saying he had found "a very cute snake in the sky". Agent [REDACTED] had been found dead by strangulation in an area close to ███████.

Addendum 035-PT-1:

Experiments Report 038-1

Test subject: D-78956

Experiment: D-78956 had been placed in the SCP-038-PT vivarium, and SCP-038-PT had been placed in a small unlocked vivarium, within its own containment.

Results: D-78956 died.

Cause of death: Cardiac arrest.

(See Interview Log 038-3)

Addendum 035-PT-2:

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