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Item #: SCP-038-UA

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The exclusion zone of 1 kilometre must be established around every registered instance of SCP-038-UA; in view of constant movement of instants of SCP-038-UA it is recommended that exclusion zone must be not less than in 3 times widely. All operations in exclusion zone must be executed by the personnel class D. MTF "Ether Watchers" must to collect, analyse and, is it necessary, hide every information concerning registered bursts of gravitational and electrical radiation, and report to authority of Site UA-166 about every suspicions about new instances of SCP-038-UA. MTF "Gossip Writers" must monitor messages about manifestation of SCP-038-UA, and, is it necessary, execute Veil Protocol. Assigned personnel must monitoring of activity of every registered instance of object, and record all occurrences of activation of instances of SCP-038-UA to protocol 038KwBlaHo.

Description: SCP-038-UA - is the ██ exemplars of object, every individual instance is denoted further as SCP-038-number-UA, that located in different places of Earth. In inactive state every instance SCP-038-UA is microscopic object1, with zero gravitational mass. The inertial mass of registered instances of SCP-038-UA is in range of 108 to 1017 kilograms. Also, usually exemplars of SCP-038-UA posses with electrical charge, which is equal to approximately of hundreds of thousands elementary charges. Some researches suppose, that may exist exemplars of object, that have magnetic charge, but there are no such registered instances. Also supposed, that exemplars of SCP-038-UA must have angular momentum, but for the current time it is impossible to measure it2.

At irregular periods every exemplar of SCP-038-UA become active on short time moment. In active state gravitational mass of object grows sharply, and, looking at all, become equal to inertial mass3. The active period lasts 10-12 … 10-5 seconds. Till the active period, instance of SCP-038-UA have all qualities of black hole with such mass, attract and consume all located nearby materials. The sharp change in the gravitational field around the object causes the formation of gravitational waves, and the gravitational field itself has a high power and is characterized by large tidal forces4. In the moment of activation gravity field all substance, that situated around, drastically deformed and severely collapse, which leads to head and release a large amount of high-frequency radiation. After returning object to inactive state all heated and collapsed substance, which was not consume by SCP-038-UA, goes into normal state in process, that similar to thermonuclear explosion. All this factors lead to destruction in locality around the place of the activation of SCP-038-UA.

Also found that instants of SCP-038-UA can wander with velocity, that average equal to some millimetres per second, and in that's why place of new activation of SCP-038-UA can be far from previous one.

Addendum 038-X: Was made proposal to placed near the instances SCP-038-UA similar-sign charged object with high electrical capacity. If it will be consumed by instance of SCP-038-UA, electric charge of it must grow up, and this will make more easy to observe and even control movements of instances of SCP-038-UA with powerful electromagnetic field. Also considered possibility to move objects by [CLEARANCE LEVEL 4/038-UA REQUIRED]

Addendum 038-T: Also considered proposal about possibility to destroy must dangerous instances of SCP-038-UA. Related to this proposal project "White Bung" on this time [DATA EXPUNGED; CLEARANCE LEVEL 4/038-UA REQUIRED]. Was successfully completed [DATA EXPUNGED; CLEARANCE LEVEL 4/038-UA REQUIRED].

Should remember that when normal black hole consume substance, it grow up. And, looking at all, SCP-038-UA grow in similar way. We don't know, how many instances of SCP-038-UA existing in the vicinity of the Earth. We don't know, that maximal mass and that maximal period between two activations can have instance of SCP-038-UA. Activations of this objects look like eruption of volcanoes or earthquakes, about that we cannot know, in what place and moment they will occurred, and how powerful they will be. What's why we must develop more effective countermeasures to activity of this objects.

For security reasons extremely undesirable for the information concerned to project "White Bung" fall into the wrong hands, because technologies that are involved in it can cause extremely big damage, if they will used carelessly or with evil intent. But you all must know, what even that staff, that will not have access to any information about project "White Bung", can give to us invaluable help for the success of project.

- Dr. Orlovsky, supervisor researcher of SCP-038-UA, Site UA-166

Personnel with access level 2/038-UA or more are allowed to read extraction from the protocol 038KwBlaHo

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