Extraction from the list of instances SCP-038-UA
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In this extraction of protocol 038KwBlaHo presented information concerned to the most prominent instances of SCP-038-UA:

Attention! You are viewing version of file from 31.03.2017, and submitted information may be outdated. You can accept to fresh and more full version of this protocol you must send to supervisor researcher query QUERY038-UA-kwblaho-8actual.

Number of instance Mass, kg Location
SCP-038-1-UA $5.39 \cdot 10^{14}$ [REDACTED], forest area in [REDACTED], Canada. From the moment when instance was discovered, it is placed at the height of several decimetres above the ground.
Amount of registered object activations: 24;
Time between registered activations: 7 … 414 days;
Period duration of activation: 10-9 .. 10-7 seconds.

Description: In ██.██.19██ instance activated to a time, what was estimate average in 10-7 seconds, which led to formation a pit ██ meters in depth and devastation of the forest in the big area. Message about unusual explosion in forest and disappearing a big amount of the ground attracted attention of the Foundation, and area was taken under surveillance. Last, during next year, the █ new activations of object occurred, which lasted average 10-8 .. 10-9 seconds, and general qualities of object were defined by observation of this instance.

Note: This is the first instance of SCP-038-UA, which was put under containment.

Number of instance Mass, kg Location
SCP-038-10-UA $4.30 \cdot 10^{13}$ Lake [REDACTED], Kazakhstan.
Amount of registered object activations: ██;
Time between registered activations: 100 … 1486 days;
Period duration of activation: 10-9 .. 10-7 seconds.

Description: Most part of time instance 038-10 situated in the water of Lake [EXPUNGED] in a depth from 0 to 4 meters. It is considered that until discovery, 038-10 become a cause of disappearance of subject [PERSONAL DATA EXPUNGED], which in ██.██.████ went to fishing on the boat in the Lake, and did not return to home.

Number of instance Mass, kg Location
SCP-038-11-UA $8,05 \cdot 10^{8}$ Factory [REDACTED], Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian.
Amount of registered object activations: ████;
Time between registered activations: 10 … 240 hours;
Period duration of activation: 10-12 .. 10-11 seconds.

Description: First registered activation of instance related to incident, which occurred in ██.██.████, when [PERSONAL DATA EXPUNGED] was suddenly died. Autopsy of corpse showed that subject's liver was fatally damaged. Also his body have many burns and wounds of viscera. This event attracted attention of agent of Foundation, that worked in morgue undercover. Further studies of corps and location showed that death caused the instance of SCP-038-UA, which activation lasted during 10-12 seconds. Factory was bought by Foundation, and all witnesses of incident was amnested.

Number of instance Mass, kg Location
SCP-038-25-UA $- 7.9 \cdot 10^{10}$ Polygon 80-38whh
Amount of registered object activations: 185;
Time between registered activations: 11 … 285 days;
Period duration of activation: 10-10 .. 10-8 seconds.

Description: The only known instance of SCP-038-UA, which is the "White Hole". In the time of activation it generate antigravity field, that doesn't attract, but pushes away every substance.

Note concern incident ISCP038wham: After examining the effects of activation number ██, [EXPUNGED] was found, which later was identified as AM-████, and which after █ days lost his abnormal qualities.

Concern incident ISCP038wham. I do not think that AM-████ got to us from some "parallel world".

First of all, let's answer to question. What is "white hole"? Shortly, this is "black hole vice versa". Somebody can say that is mean if the black hole consume substance, and that's why white hole must to produce it. But not. Black hole produce gravity field, that attract every substance near the hole. And consuming is the only consequence of unlimited capability to attract substance. What's why white hole must only pushes away every substance near the hole. It does not follow at all that if there is not substance near the white hole, then it must push it from itself or create it in another way.

When I was still in university and met ideas concern searching white holes in space, I proposed to search them not among the bright and powerful sources of radiation, but in the interstellar empty. Origin of this huge voids can be related with sources of repulsive antigravity field.

Concerning to AM-████… I don't think, that this Anomal Item was throw to us though instance 038-25 from some parallel world. It can be appear from the influence of abnormal gravity to the around materials or to be there accidentally. Or even lost there by some Group Of Interest, that is also interested to 038. We cannot know for sure. Whatever it was - we must not forget Occam Razor and not need to imagine speculative hypotheses.

- Dr. Orlovsky, supervisor researcher of SCP-038-UA, Site UA-166

For access to fragment number 50 of protocol 038KwBlaHo access level 3/038 required.

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