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Item #: SCP-039-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-039-IT is to be contained in a secure container of sufficient size (a box thirty centimeters on each side) and completely insonorized. Should these conditions become impossible to satisfy, SCP-039-IT is to be destroyed via mechanical solicitation.

For no reason must the object be linked to a functioning telephonic network.

In the event that the object's container is accidentally opened, the first course of action must be to providing apt sound isolation for the object until the restoration of containment conditions. In the meantime, SCP-039-IT must not be interacted with in any way; in particular, it must be at all avoided doing anything resembling the act of “answering a phone call”. Specifically, in the event that SCP-039-IT begins ringing, raising the handset and listening to it is to be considered as an exposure to the anomalous effect of SCP-039-IT, and the subject doing so is to be considered as “infected”.

In the case an individual gets infected, the most preferable solution is immediate termination. If the individual’s termination is against the Foundation’s best interests, they must be confined in such an environment where further contagion on their part becomes impossible. In other words, complete isolation is the only effective alternative to termination, and such an action needs Level 4 approval.

For such reasons, it is recommended that all testing activities involving SCP-039-IT to be carried out by deaf or acoustically isolated D Class personnel.

Description: SCP-039-IT is a central battery, fixed, automatic rotary phone resembling an S62 Siemens phone from the 1960s. The only available information on the model that can be found on the ID plate on the back of the apparatus is a serial number, identifying the object as number 3. It is unknown if other phones with similar anomalous properties are still at large, as the number would suggest.

All analysis on the internal structure of SCP-039-IT has found no anomaly in the components or the assembly of the object. Despite this, the apparatus displays the abnormal characteristic of autonomously ringing from time to time, whether it is linked to an electrical and/or phone network or not. If SCP-039-IT is linked to a network, other phones in the network will begin ringing as well, in accordance with any limitation of the network.

The sole act of answering an SCP-039-IT call, whether through any device linked to the same network or the apparatus itself, infects the answering person with an unknown disease which symptoms have been grouped under a syndrome currently called SCP-039-IT-1. Symptoms include tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, delusional disorders, and an inclination towards self-harm. Furthermore, an infected subject, while not contagious themselves, tends to facilitate exposure to SCP-039-IT to other people around themselves.

There is no known cure for the SCP-039-IT syndrome, be it pharmacological or psycho-therapeutical. Infected subjects show no sign of improvement over time, even after long periods; all available data seems to suggest that the condition is irreversible. Life expectancy for infected subjects is noticeably shorter, mainly because of their tendency to take their own life.

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