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SCP-040-JP before containment.

Item #: SCP-040-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-040-JP has to be contained within a containment wing that has been erected to cover the whole area of SCP-040-JP. The containment wing is under the jurisdiction of Site-8120. When inside the containment wing, personnel has to be advised to never look inside SCP-040-JP. If it is needed to look inside SCP-040-JP, it should be done through the camera and not directly with the naked eye. If it is necessary to have a direct view, it is advised to use D-class staff. Do not communicate with personnel who has been exposed to SCP-040-JP.

Description: SCP-040-JP is a well located in the village of █████, in the ██████ prefecture. It is surrounded by a wooden house, measuring approximately 5 m wide and 4 m long. The center of the hut houses a stone well presumed to have been built in ancient times, which descends directly underground. The well is abnormally deep and multiple probes have failed to determine how deep the well descends.

Although the hut was originally locked tightly with iron chains and multiple padlocks, they were successfully broken due to deterioration. SCP-040-JP was placed into containment by [REDACTED], 1967.

[Warning: After the incident of 040-JP-001 was detected, the following contents are prohibited for viewing without any memetic countermeasures. In case of accidental exposure, please contact the site director of Site-8120 and request amnestics.]

[End of Memetic Hazard.]

Incident Report 040-JP-001: On ██/██/19██, a large-scale memetic disaster occurred in Site-8120 as a result of this report. It is believed that the assigned staff and the upper staff were exposed to the memetic effects of SCP-040-JP at the time of submission of the report. Exposed personnel was subjected to amnestic treatment or termination. From this point onwards, memetic countermeasures are to be applied to all subsequent reports.1

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