Item #: SCP-040-PT

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-040-PT is currently present in a chemical toilet door located at Site PT5 in a containment room only accessible to Level 3 personnel. 5 D-Class subjects must enter SCP-040-PT every day and watch the entire schedule presented by SCP-040-PT-A to avoid the dematerialization of SCP-040-PT and the occurrence of a containment breach.

Description: SCP-040-PT is a theater that can manifest itself in any type of room ruled by a door, as long as it is free of living beings1 and without internal or external observation. The size of the room does not seem to matter for the manifestation of SCP-040-PT, however it will not manifest if the room has any means of looking at it from the outside.

SCP-040-PT has a total of 300 seats divided into 15 rows that are classified from the Alpha letter to the Omicron. All seats, with the exception of Lambda row, are occupied by humanoid entities (referred to as SCP-040-PT-1) but possessing masks with different expressions, apparently made of a metallic compound. Interactions with SCP-040-PT-1 are not possible.

The stage of SCP-040-PT remains with the curtain closed for approximately 10 minutes once a sentient individual enters SCP-040-PT. After this time has elapsed, an 040/∆ event will occur which will proceed in the following sequence:

  • The curtains will open featuring a humanoid entity wearing a reminiscently Greek mask, long dark red-colored garments and a top hat, referred to as SCP-040-PT-A, which will then vocalize a male voice that will say: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the great show of the Ostium Theater!"
  • SCP-040-PT-A will then present the "schedule" of the performances.
  • The curtain will close and SCP-040-PT-A will dematerialize. After a period of 5 minutes, the curtains will open presenting the first performance of the schedule previously said by SCP-040-PT-A.

Upon entry of an individual into SCP-040-PT, an amount equivalent to R$10.00 will be deducted from their monetary possessions. If the amount cannot be paid through cash or credit, something of equivalent value, belonging to the individual in question, will be dematerialized.

At the entrance of SCP-040-PT, there is a stone inscribed with inscriptions, apparently in Greek, on one of the walls that shows the history of SCP-040-PT. (See Transcript/040)

Performances made in SCP-040-PT usually do not have great complexity of actions and have highly diverse themes, never including a central theme. These include humanoids physically similar to SCP-040-PT-A and -1., however there were no performances where the individual who entered SCP-040-PT was involved. After the "The Subject" performance, this information was disregarded. (See Table of performances)

After the performances are over, SCP-040-PT will demanifest itself, leaving a note pasted on the door saying:

We are done with our performances for today, we'll be back again in 36 hours!

This only happens if, at least, there were 5 human beings inside who watched the performed routines completely.

SCP-040-PT will only dematerialize and move from its location if the minimum number of spectators is not reached, leaving a note stuck to the surface of its old access door:

We appreciate your permission to use this venue for our performances!
Date of the next performance: (date of the next manifestation of SCP-040-PT)
Location: (coordinates of the materialization of SCP-040-PT)

Addendum: On 10/01/19, there was an attempt to step onto the stage of SCP-040-PT during a performance, D-910234, while attempting to step onto the stage, was dematerialized and materialized back to their original seat.

Discovery: On 04/12/18, a series of videos were posted on the Youtube video streaming platform showing a chemical toilet with non-Euclidean properties, with an entrance leading to a theater hall; after extensive analyzes, it was concluded that there were no changes to the video. A MTF was sent to the author of the video, who led to the object, SCP-040-PT was contained and Class B Amnestics were applied to the author of the video.
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