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Item #: SCP-041-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All found physical instances of SCP-041-IT are kept in the safety cabinet Min/041 at Site Minerva; all digital istances recieved have been destroyed. The SIR-I "Aureæ Notitiæ" is now looking for any surviving instances. One digital copy is in possession of Dr. Sargenti, memetic agents resercher at Mind and Memetics Studies Division (DSsMM).

Description: SCP-041-IT is a visual memetic agent, to be specific a picture of a smiling [REDACTED] [REDACTED]ing on a [REDACTED]. The image was spread as a meme on the internet, on social networking sites, discussion forums and chats in particular.

SCP-041-IT's effects are hard to classify, since they don't follow a specific pattern; the only common feature is that affected subjects show bizarre and usually violent behaviors towards other people in the surrounding area, which start right after the exposure to SCP-041-IT. Nevertheless, they are not aware of the severity of their actions and in the end they are typically rendered harmless after the intervention of law enforcement agencies.

After exposure to SCP-041-IT, subjects do not come back to themselves; for this reason the Ethical-Moral Regulation Section (SRE-M) has declared that they mustn't be contained by the Foundation, but they must remain in the custody of the Law Enforcement Agencies that will follow a planned procedure for each type of crime the subject committed.

Attachment 041-A — Interview

Below are shown a group of significative cases of subjects exposed to SCP-041-IT and their own effects — the full list can be found in the document 041-K-Cases.log[INSUFFICIENT LEVEL OF AUTHORISATION]. Every subject has been interviewed by a SIR-II undercover agent [REDACTED]; for brevity only steps related to the reason given by interviewees are reported.

Case #04

  • Subject: Amilcare N████████ (2█) from ██████████, province of Cremona.
  • After exposure to SCP-041-IT, made via his smartphone, Mr. N████████ assaulted with an hammer several people in a post office, this resulted in deaths by severe head trauma and brain matter destruction. Mr. N████████ shared SCP-041-IT on his social network accounts. It is believed that such sharing, and the followings, are the cause of cases from #09 through #14.


Agt. [REDACTED]: Why have you done that, Mr. N████████?

N████████: (smiling) Because it was funny! Didn't that make you laugh?

Agt. [REDACTED]: Not at all, Mr. N████████. What amused you, in particular?

N████████: Their funny faces.

Agt. [REDACTED]: "Funny faces", Mr. N████████?

N████████: Yeah, that's right! And that black thing around them, too!

Agt. [REDACTED]: Which black thing?

N████████: The black lines! Don't you see them?

Agt. [REDACTED]: No, Mr. N████████, I can't see any black line.

N████████: But, officer, why are you so concerned?

Agt. [REDACTED]: You killed █ people, Mr. N████████.

N████████: Ahahah!

Agt. [REDACTED]: What's so funny?

N████████: But I didn't do anything to them! They were having fun!


Case #22

  • Subject Silvio T██████ (5█) from ███████ ████████, province of Reggio Emilia.
  • After exposure to SCP-041-IT, according to witnesses reports which happened likely via their smartphones, Mr. T██████, who was in an arcade, started throwing bowling balls on bystanders, causing █ lung injuries death█ resulting in chest trauma and floating rib fracture, █ injured by knee or elbow retroflection and several damages to the building. Afterwards he grabbed a █-year-old child and threw him on the bowling alley towards the pins; the victim, who survived at first, couldn't move away from the pins resetting machine range because of the reported multiple fractures received and caused him lethal injuries. According to witnesses Mr. T██████ kept laughing the whole time, and after throwing the child on the alley he shouted "Strike!" (sic).


Agt. [REDACTED]: Why have you done that, Mr. T██████?

T██████: I wanted to liven the place up, nobody was partying!

Agt. [REDACTED]: I understand. Tell me, please, do you find this is a reasonable motivation?

T██████: Yeah, of course!

Agt. [REDACTED]: You killed several people and a child, Mr T██████.

T██████: (disappointed) Have you no shame?

Agt. [REDACTED]: Excuse me? I should be ashamed?

T██████: Why are you saying this? I did nothing to them!

Agt. [REDACTED]: According to this… (browses the file) offenses like chest trauma and broken knees and a mangled child. Nothing, you say?

T██████: Of course not. They're flat, what could have gone wrong?

Agt. [REDACTED]: I can't understand what you're saying.

T██████: I am flat, you are flat, too. Can't you see?

Agt. [REDACTED]: No, I can't.

T██████: Let's put this-

While talking Mr. T██████ grabs a paperclip from the file; agent [REDACTED] immobilizes him with a joint. After calling for backup, he leaves the room.

Case #74

  • Subject: Vanessa P████ (4█) from ███ █████████ █ ███████, province of Naples.
  • After exposure to SCP-041-IT, Mrs. P████ placed a rudimentary explosive device in her son's oral cavity, C██████ (1█), whose detonation caused a complete mandibular dislocation, causing him a death by exsanguination. Scratches and bruises have been found on C██████'s corpse, believed to be the result of an attempt at resistance of Mrs. P████. Afterwards Mrs. P████ shared SCP-041-IT on several social networks where she was signed up. It si believed that such sharing, and the following, are the cause of cases #87 through #110.

Agt. [REDACTED]: Why have you done that, Mrs. P████?

P████: (smiling) Because he was always after me.

Agt. [REDACTED]: That's obvious, he was your son.

P████: And so I made him go boom! Ahahah!

Agt. [REDACTED]: He was your son, Mrs. P████! Were you aware of that?

P████: Yeah, what are you saying?! I love him!

Agt. [REDACTED]: You blew his face off!

P████: Yeah, but he's fine, nothing happened to him. Nothing happens to anyone, right?

Agt. [REDACTED]: What are you taking about?

P████: (points to a picture of his son on the desk) And I think you noticed it, he was a cat.

Agt. [REDACTED]: Your son… a cat?

P████: Yes, a cat. A cat meow.

Agt. [REDACTED]: You lost me, Mrs. P████.

P████: You're too tense, officer! Why don't you have some fun? You're a dog, don't you love playing?

Agt. [REDACTED]: A dog

P████: Yes. Does this spiky collar hurt? Ahahah, of course not!


P████: Do you want me to hit you with a hammer?

Agt. [REDACTED]: (standing up, indisposed) We're done here.

Case #131

  • Soggetto Vittorio A█████████ (5█), from ██████, province of Enna.
  • Mr. A█████████ was a regular teacher from ██████ ████████ at the [REDACTED] University of ██████. After exposure to SCP-041-IT Mr. A█████████ followed various students on the campus, then he mutilated them with an axe and caused ██ deaths; when, after a violent hit on a student's body, the axe handle broke, Mr. A█████████ assaulted ██████ B████, a colleague, with a pencil, causing a deep eye injury; Mrs. B████ survived.


Agt. [REDACTED]: Why have you done that, Mr. A█████████?

A█████████: I just wanted to kill some time.

Agt. [REDACTED]: (Exhales slowly) And please tell me, why an axe?

A█████████: Because of lazy students. You know, dry branches need to be cut. (laughs)

Agt. [REDACTED]: I understand. Actually, I don't, but please proceed.

A█████████: After all, officer, I've done no harm.

Agt. [REDACTED]: Why are telling me that you've done no harm?

A█████████: Gee, because they're all flat. Two-dimensional. Nobody gets hurt.

Agt. [REDACTED]: Reports say the opposite, Mr. A█████████.

A█████████: Don't worry too much, they'll soon be okay like before.

Agt. [REDACTED]: I don't think so, Mr. A█████████. I don't think so.

A█████████: You're really flat, you know…?


Case #147

  • Subject Attilia D█████ (2█), from ██████, province of Fermo.
  • The girl has been found dead in the countryside of ████ ███, ██, after several traumas to ankles, knees, abdomen, chest, shoulders, face, temples and forehead; traumas caused several internal bleedings and bone fractures which led Mrs. D█████ to death in approximately 2-3 hours. The girl has been recognized by her belongings, since her face was deformed to the point where it could not be recognized. Bruises were caused by several impacts on the near wall where the girl has been found; it seems obvious according to post-mortem analysis that Mrs. D█████ made those bruises herself, apparently by throwing herself several times against the wall until her lower limbs caused a damage which prevented her from walking. On the wall was drawn, quoting agent [REDACTED]'s words, "An utterly black rising sun". Nearby a bucket of black painting and a big brush were found. On Mrs. D█████'s smartphone a digital instance of SCP-041-IT has been found, and a personal diary in a digital format in which, summed up, claimed that she wanted to "run away from the monotony and the incomprehension". It is believed that Mrs. D█████ shared SCP-041-IT several times, causing, by additional sharings, cases from #159 through #476.

Attachment 041-B — Analysis
A digital copy of SCP-041-IT has been sent from Dr. Sargenti to the IAG1 ROWSANNAH, for a biological type evaluation.

Dr_Sargenti:/> Request for ROWSANNAH system.

Dr_Sargenti:/> I require a biological analysis on SCP-041-IT.

ROWSANNAH:/> Good morning, Dr. Sargenti.

ROWSANNAH:/> What is this?

Dr_Sargenti:/> It's a picture with memetic effects. I want an analysis on the expected neurobiological effects, after an exposure of an average human on the picture itself.

Dr_Sargenti:/> I'll send it to you.

Broadcast file to destination(s):
▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 100%

ROWSANNAH:/> I received the digital file of SCP-041-IT, Dr. Sargenti.

ROWSANNAH:/> Analysis ongoing…………………… COMPLETED

ROWSANNAH:/> The picture labeled as SCP-041-IT is just a group of bidimensional pixels with a matrix organization, that reproduces what a human being would call [REDACTED].

ROWSANNAH:/> It can't have any effect on a neurophysiological level, nor trigger any of the effects listed in Documents 041-A and 041-K-Cases.

ROWSANNAH:/> I recommend to file the picture SCP-041-IT as abnormal and send it to the memetic experts.

Dr_Sargenti:/> All right, thanks, Rowsannah.

Dr_Sargenti:/> Destroy the digital copy I sent you.

ROWSANNAH:/> File destruction ongoing…………………… COMPLETED

Attachment 041-C — Test
Following, summary of the tests described with SCP-041-IT. Full reports are in the document 041-T-Test.log[LIVELLO DI AUTORIZZAZIONE INSUFFICIENTE].

Test #1

Dr. Sargenti requested a test on himself with SCP-041-IT.

Request for testing has been denied.

Dr. Emanuele Bigotti
Director of SRE-M | -IT Branch | SCP Foundation

Test #2

Dr. Sargenti requested a test on 4 class-D personnel. Effects were similar to those observed on the subjects exposed to SCP-041-IT, although with the same randomness. Administration of amestics showed to be effective on reverting completely SCP-041-IT's effects on 100% of the cases.

However, all class-D personnel were not be able to define the effects while they're under them, and after the administration of amnestics they couldn't remember anything. All of them, however, while under SCP-041-IT's effects, talked about "a flat world" (sic).

Dr. Sargenti requested that all of the subjects under SCP-041-IT's effects were subject to amnestic inoculation to get back to their original behavior.

Request has been denied-

The discovery that we can "cure" SCP-041-IT's effects is comforting, but for this reason, unfortunately, all civilian subjects who have been affected by SCP-041-IT, as Ethical-Moral Section we decided that we won't "cure" them from SCP-041-IT's effect. If they were to come to their senses and realize what they've done it would be worse, wouldn't it?

We're doing them a favor.

Dr. Emanuele Bigotti
Director of SRE-M | -IT Branch | SCP Foundation

Test #3

Dr. Sargenti requested a test on the IAG-IT-001 gynoid… DIVINA.

DIVINA has been placed in a reinforced containment chamber to avoid any damages caused by the high offensive capacity even if lacking of equipment, and it has been exposed to a printed copy of SCP-041-IT.

Although the hardware of its IAG had a neural structure similar to that of a human brain, DIVINA didn't receive any of the effects after the exposure; further testings gave negative results about the presence of any damage or malfunction.

Test #4

Dr. Sargenti requested a test on himself with SCP-041-IT, stating that thanks to his preparation in memetics he might be able to resist partially on SCP-041-IT's action and give further informations on it; if the test was to be successful or not, an amnestic inoculation would have nullified SCP-041-IT's memetic effects.

Request has been approved.
I hope you know what you're doing, Dr. Sargenti.

I'm attaching the disclaimer, send it back countersigned, please.

Dr. Emanuele Bigotti
Director of SRE-M | -IT Branch | SCP Foundation

Dr. Sargenti has been locked in a containment chamber, watched over by 5 agents of the SSM-V "Firmitas Mentis", including Captain Cappabianca.

Soon after, Dr. Sargenti auto-exposed himself to a printed copy of SCP-041-IT.

Below are the extract of the audio-visual recordings of the test.


Dr. Sargenti: What?!

Capt. Cappabianca: (signals to his crew to stay away) What do you see, doctor?

Dr. Sargenti: It's… a beautiful sensation!

Capt. Cappabianca: Be more specific, please.

Dr. Sargenti: There is no pain, there is no suffering! (starts laughing) This is so freeing! (screaming) I'M FREE!

Capt. Cappabianca: Doctor, stay focused, please.

Dr. Sargenti: (turns to Capt. Cappabianca) You!

SSM-V draws their weapons.

Capt. Cappabianca: Please, keep you distance, doctor Sargenti!

Dr. Sargenti: Don't be afraid, I know that I mustn't do anything, it would be too dangerous! Anyway you wouldn't get hurt! (shakes his head) No, no, no…

Capt. Cappabianca: Please, explain.

Dr. Sargenti: I'm flat! You're flat! The entire world is flat!

Capt. Cappabianca: You lost me.

Dr. Sargenti: I'll make you see…

Dr. Sargenti approches Capt. Cappabianca.


Dr. Sargenti: Ahahah, come on, isn't it fun? (shakes his head violently) No, no, no…!

Capt. Cappabianca: Stay focused, doctor!

Dr. Sargenti's finger follows the outline of Capt. Cappabianca.

Dr. Sargenti: The black line, don't you see it? (shakes his head) Of course he can't… It is so black, black, black! All around him! You're flat and you have a black outline!

Capt. Cappabianca: Please, continue.

Dr. Sargenti: You're drawn!

Capt. Cappabianca: What…?

Dr. Sargenti: The entire world is flat, and drawn! it's a cartoon!

Capt. Cappabianca: Please explain.

Dr. Sargenti: Can't you understand?

Capt. Cappabianca: No, I can't, doctor Sargenti.

Dr. Sargenti: The world I live in is now a cartoon! (shakes his head) SCP-041-IT…!

Capt. Cappabianca signals to his man to lower their weapons.

Capt. Cappabianca: I fear… I fear I understood a lot of things about report K.

Dr. Sargenti starts laughing and jumping all around, waving his hands in the air mimiking a bird.

Dr. Sargenti: Ahahah! You can't get hurt… in cartoons nobody gets really hurt…!

Capt. Cappabianca: I think that with this we have enough elements.

SSM-V agents leave the containment chamber. Dr. Sargenti gets prepared for an amnestic inoculation.

After amnestic administration, Dr. Sargenti didn't remember anything about the test, but he has recovered completely and doesn't show any side effects.

I watched the recording… Was that me? Very interesting, but this is crazy…! I thank captain Cappabianca and the others for not punching me back there, because I would have done that if I were them.

Dr. Sargenti

S5 Superintendence Comunication

Civilian and military personnel is advised to pay attention to any virtual leases on which memes are shared; the actual range of SCP-041-IT's spreading is currently unknown, if not only partially.

In the event of an accidental exposure to SCP-041-IT by them or others, immediately contact the SPeV personnel if on-site, othewise anyone in contact with the Foundation during the off-site permanence.

In case of a personal accidental exposure, do not give in to your istints, and try to replace the positive thoughs from SCP-041-IT with negative ones.

Remember that the chance of an accidental contact with a SCP-041-IT istance is deemed not negligible.


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