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A sample of SCP-041-UA, with the visual threats sanitised.

Item #: SCP-041-UA

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Memetics and Informational Threats Division is to contain at least one sample of each SCP-041-UA iteration on a secure, encrypted and disconnected data storage device. SCP-041-UA may be accessed only for research purposes, subject to approval by at least two 3-level personnel. The access is to be conducted only on computers disconnected from any networks.

Bots programmed to detect and delete SCP-041-UA must be running on all Internet resources that allow image sharing. The Information Technology Department is to monitor their performance on a monthly basis and, subject to new iterations of SCP-041-UA, ensure that the bots are updated accordingly.

The Foundation's agents in medical facilities are to constantly monitor patients for possible exposure to SCP-041-UA.

All information on persons that have shared or may have been affected by SCP-041-UA is to be transmitted immediately to the External Relations Division of the closest site, for their subsequent isolation and, if exposure to BIOCONTROL-D4-041-UA is confirmed, euthanasia. Disinformation protocols: "COVID-19", "Food poisoning", "Natural causes". In case of exposure of employees or other persons valuable to the Foundation to BIOCONTROL-D4-041-UA, they must be immediately taken to the nearest properly equipped Foundation facility for medical and psychological assistance and observation. Requests for euthanasia from these individuals are to be processed according to the standard procedures.

In the case of SCP-041-UA broadcast on the national or local television, the respective site directors or the Branch Director must ensure the implementation of the Blackout-F Protocol1. MTF “Contra spem” must ensure subsequent confiscation and/or destruction of affected data storages.

Updated on 05.01.2020: Intelligence Agency of the SCP Foundation in Ukraine coordinates the efforts to locate the persons connected to GoI “P.O.R.A.”2. All information about the sources and platforms of SCP-041-UA dissemination is to be shared with the aforementioned agency. Persons that have been classified as type “Z” by the Razumkov-Voron questionnaire are not allowed to engage in containment procedures.


Foundation’s first contact with SCP-041-UA. The memetic agent was received by Dr. R████’s niece. As the former considered her message to be a joke, her life and the life of her child could not be saved.

Description: SCP-041-UA is a complex visual destructive memetic agent, currently observed only in raster, artistically processed images of the sixth President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, distributed in the Internet.

Testing and successful replication of the memetic agent have confirmed that it consists of three independent elements, formed by combinations of pixels of a special shape and colour. Although, taken separately, they do not pose a particular threat to humans, in combination they achieve a synergistic effect and, since the first recorded case on September 1, 2019, have already led to the exposure and death of more than twenty thousand people3.

Components of SCP-041-UA:
BIOCONTROL-A2-041-UA4 – is located in the upper right corner. Forces the affected subject to view the complete image on which it is applied.

PROSELYTE-T2-041-UA — is located near the left border of the image, closer to its centre. Causes a strong desire to spread the image on which it is applied. In the absence of repeated exposure, the effect usually subsides after 30-40 minutes, but the effect of BIOCONTROL-A2-041-UA universally leads to continuous exposure.

BIOCONTROL-D4-041-UA — is located near the lower border of the image and is atypically large (most likely due to the complex nature of its effect). It stimulates the ventrolateral and suppresses the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus, additionally causing persistent dyskinetic constipation. In combination these soon lead to rupture of the intestine and death from acute peritonitis; on the later stages, rectal prolapse may be observed in affected individuals. The duration of the effect has not yet been identified. Drug treatment of the constipation has shown near-zero efficacy; the only way to effectively maintain the long-term survivability of the affected subject is currently considered to be surgical removal of faecal masses, colostomy and full transfer to the parenteral feeding. Approximately 27% of civilians and 83% of the Foundation’s employees who were exposed to BIOCONTROL-D4-041-UA were found to be immune to its influence. Reasons for this are yet to be identified.
Updated on 05.01.2020: Document 041-UA-D-1 (see Addendum 4) has indirectly confirmed the hypothesis of the Head of the Site ██’s External Relations Division, A.D., on the socio-political profiling of BIOCONTROL-D4-041-UA’s victims. Special containment procedures have been updated.

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