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SCP-042-CS before containment.

Item #: SCP-042-CS

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-042-CS has to be contained in a Level 3 Humanoid Containment Chamber, with at least two (2) guards armed with a knife and a machete, that have to watch the cell, so that nobody comes in, or gets out. Carbon Oxide, that SCP-042-CS breathes has to be pumped in at all times. SCP-042-CS must wear a muzzle that disables any possible means of verbal communication and while being questioned, at least three guards must be ready to silence the subject, should it try to say a "curse" in a unknown language. The unknown language SCP-042-CS is using is being researched, but aside from a few similarities with nordic languages we have found no match.

SCP-042-CS has to be fed at least two (2) kilograms of beef, or it will get into a state of aggression. When aggravated, SCP-042-CS is hard to contain its horns grow in size. It has been observed that SCP-042-CS feels immense pain, which accelerates the aggravation even more, but giving SCP-042-CS meat calms the subject and it becomes cooperative again, but personnel should never fully trust SCP-042-CS since it will always try to escape if given the chance.

If SCP-042-CS escapes a team of agents has to be deployed and stop SCP-042-CS at any cost, disable the movement and vocalization of his "curse".

Description: SCP-042-CS is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.12 meters in height, "beard" from an unknown organic tissue and four horns, two small horns are on its forehead and two large horns on top of its head, that can grow or retract from its skull and can grow to a size of 1.5 meters. Those horns are made from very hard bone. Where or how the horns retract into the skull of SCP-042-CS is unknown. When calm, the horns of SCP-042-CS measure at approximately 40 centimeters. Smaller horns on the forehead are black and secrete a dark venom that is poisonous to any organism and gets in through skin contact, but it seems that main weapon SCP-042-CS uses are two large main horns, that it uses to run into people, like a ram.

SCP-042-CS is able to run as fast as 80 km/h and then hit its target, which leads to immediate death, in 94,7% of the cases. When calm SCP-042-CS moves slower than the average human but after an attack, SCP-042-CS has to rest for at least 1 minute, before attacking again. Agents are advised to not shoot or try to attack SCP-042-CS but to jump away, or run because the skin of SCP-042-CS is bulletproof, but knives and other bladed weapons are more effective.

SCP-042-CS can heal extremely fast, but it has admitted, that it is not immortal and can in fact die. After being captured, it had stated multiple times, that being caught by "this species" is a disgrace and it deserves to die. SCP-042-CS has stated that the only way of dying, is to stab him into his heart, which is located on its back, under a protective armor. After searching its body, it has been confirmed that an organ similar to a heart is located on its back.

If SCP-042-CS is allowed to speak, it is possible, that it will try to speak in a unknown language and then emit a deep sound, that can terminate any subject less then 12 meters away from SCP-042-CS. No material has been found to stop this sound, and by using vibrations, SCP-042-CS can disrupt the structure of organic tissue and any person hit by the sound will "melt". No other materials are harmed by this sound and it is certain, that SCP-042-CS is targeting only organic matter.

Test on tissue of SCP-042-CS

Several experiments have been conducted using different samples from SCP-042-CS, even though we have learned new information about the physiology of the subject, we are not yet able to recognize any of the materials, found in the body of SCP-042-CS.

Interview with SCP-042-CS

Two days after SCP-042-CS has been captured, it has been decided to take off the silencing mask and try to interview SCP-042-CS. SCP-042-CS has been very docile and Dr. Arnes went into the room, alongside with four agents, that took off the mask from SCP-042-CS

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