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Item#: 042-INT
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78/Site PT4 Leah Richter/[REDACTED] Maria Johnston/Dr. Jean Cezar Phi-45 ("Crisis Monitors")

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-042-INT is currently uncontained and in the possession of PoI-9029. Knowledge of SCP-042-INT is restricted to level 4 personnel and containment operations are to be overseen by a cooperative effort between SCP-EN and SCP-PT. Foundation webcrawlers are to remove any listing or posting about SCP-042-INT on below-the-veil forums and trade sites, a cover story is to be run that SCP-042-INT never existed and dissuade attempts to find it.

Instances of SCP-042-INT-A are to be handled by Joint Task Force1 Phi-45 ("Crisis Monitors"). JTF Phi-45 is to close any instance of SCP-042-INT-A and capture any anomalous beings that may have entered our universe. These beings are to be contained and given separate designations. Special Containment Procedures will be drawn up to accommodate their nature and responsibility for containment will be decided by the directors of Site-78 and Site PT4.

A list of anomalous creatures recovered from SCP-042-INT-A events can be found in Addendum 042-INT/1

Collaborative efforts between the EN and PT branches of the Foundation, in conjunction with GoI-2333 "The Technothaumaturges", are underway in order to find and detain PoI-9029.

Description: SCP-042-INT is an anomalous device in the form of a spheroid contained within a 0.3 m by 0.2m rectangular housing. A 0.6 meter rope has been fitted to SCP-042-INT with an adjustable loop on the free end that allows it to be tethered to an object. Based on recovered documents the addition of the tether appears to have been an afterthought.

Utilizing Technothaumaturgy2 it is capable of provoking discontinuous spatial dislocation.3 of its user or other objects with a vocal command. This command contains the targets of the dislocation and the designated coordinates of the final destination. Still, if the user is not an experienced thaumaturge, these can be entered on the device's control panel. Upon activation, the spherical housing will open and release a burst of Thaumic energy that catalyzes the reaction necessary to dislocate the target.

The anomalous means through which this is achieved are mostly understood.

Using a combination of thaumaturgic processes, the object is capable of creating a one-way relationship between the target's position in space and the energy level of a single isolated electron within the device.

Through this one-way relationship, discontinuities experienced by the electron translate into discontinuities in the wearer's position, effectively 'jumping' through space or 'teleporting'.

The means of controlling the destination of these 'jumps' are poorly understood due to the lack of information acquired on this aspect. However, from what we gathered, the device appears capable of moving a subject to anywhere on the planet.

— Dr. Cezar

A secondary effect of the anomaly is that the displacement of an object through this method results in damage to the fabric of spacetime. The current standing theory states that this occurs due to the creation of "voids" where the wearer (and the volume of spacetime they occupied) are removed. In appearance, they resemble areas of star-filled space. These have been designated as SCP-042-INT-A instances.

Analysis of SCP-042-INT-A instances reveals them to be a form of traversable wormhole through which matter can pass through either side of the "void". Each instance of SCP-042-INT-A connects to one singular universe. Which of these they connect to appears to be random and there is no way of knowing where a subject will end up unless they pass through an instance of SCP-042-INT-A. One can return back to their home universe by returning through the void in which they came.

The amount and size of SCP-042-INT-A instances created through the use of SCP-042-INT is variable but appear to increase the more the device is used. This poses a danger to consensus reality as potentially dangerous anomalies can pass through to our universe. Secondly, larger and larger instances of SCP-042-INT-A destabilize the fabric of spacetime which left unchecked would lead to a cascading effect that would cause an Öß-Class "Multi-Universal Amalgamation" scenario.4

History: On July 6th, 2022 Site PT4 was informed by a contact within GoI-2333, known as "Rigger" who alerted personnel of a potentially dangerous anomalous artifact of Thaumaturgic origin being constructed by Alfonso Anderson, now designated as "PoI-9029". Foundation webcrawlers subsequently found posts on websites that operated under the Veil such as Void about the object, here referred to as SCP-042-INT. These posts were subsequently removed to keep awareness of the anomaly's existence to a minimum.

"Rigger" was then brought to Site PT4 for questioning on PoI-9029's location and his history with the anomaly.

- Interview 042-INT/1:

Interviewer: Dr. Cezar
Interviewed: ████ "Rigger" ███████
Note: Interview conducted in Portuguese. Translated for ease of comprehension.

<Start Log>

Dr. Cezar: Good evening… "Rigger"? Is that correct?

Rigger: Yeah, Rigger. You got it in one.

Dr. Cezar: Thank you for your cooperation. Given the urgency you expressed, we arranged this meeting as fast as we could. Now, could you state why you contacted us, just so we can have it on record?

Rigger: Sure. I called because I was concerned about Alfonso. Still am. He's a novice messing with stuff he doesn't understand, and from what he's posted, it seems it already came to bite him in the ass. I'm hoping that you can help.

Dr. Cezar: Could you tell me a little more about them?

Rigger: Sure, Alfonso came on to the scene… oh about a year ago. He made a lot of noise but never quite got the recognition he was looking for in the Technothaumaturge space.

Dr. Cezar: If he wasn't highly recognized, why did you get involved with him?

Rigger: I thought he had heart, always had these big ideas; would talk about changing the world. I figured if I showed him the ropes, he might be able to make one of them come true.

Dr. Cezar: And I take it one of these ideas is the reason why we're here.

Rigger: Well, yes. He's stubborn. Kept insisting on doing things his way, even when I told him otherwise. And when he started getting results, that's when he really wouldn't listen to me, even when there started to be… unintended effects.

Dr. Cezar: Would you care to elaborate? What exactly did he do? What happened?

Rigger: Ok, so he built a teleporter. However, instead of doing it the "old-fashioned" way, apparating, he wanted to innovate. Something about "new frontiers being pushed". Can't blame him for being excited. I can blame him for being careless though. Basically, he tied the discrete quantization of an electron's energy to an object's position, making it so it could "leap", discontinuously, from one place to another. Little did he know he was ripping space apart as he did so.

Dr. Cezar: 'Ripping space apart?'

Rigger: Well, that's the best I can describe it. He sent pictures. Black tendrils floating in the air, what I assume to be gashes in the fabric of the universe, left where the teleported object once was. It was enough for me to know something was off, and to tell him to stop. But as of now, that's not my biggest concern.

Dr. Cezar: What would that be, then?

Rigger: Eventually he got confident enough to try teleporting himself, despite my protests. An object larger and more delicate than anything he'd tried before. The gash left was equally large. Large enough that something came out of it.

Dr. Cezar: A creature?

Rigger: I think so. He ran away and locked it in the room. Boarded up the door, too. He was scared and didn't know what to do. He called me and explained what was going on. Right then I knew I had to reach out to you guys, even if the idea mortified him.

Dr. Cezar: Understood. We will take the appropriate measures to ensure proper containment of these anomalies. Once again, thank you for your cooperation.

Rigger: Doctor, may I ask something of you?

Dr. Cezar: Of course.

Rigger: Just please don't hurt him. I called because I just wanted to help him. To make him stop doing this, when it can harm him and others.

Dr. Cezar: Don't worry. We have no intention of hurting your friend.

<End Log>

Four members of MTF PT4-39 were deployed in a recovery operation. On 16/7/2022, 0300 hours, officers infiltrated PoI-9029's residence in order two secure SCP-042-PT and PoI-9029 as well as assess the alleged damages to spacetime and the entity mentioned by "Rigger".

Upon entry, PoI-9029 was located and quickly became agitated. The subject refused to cooperate and fled with MTF operatives in pursuit. Their pursuit led them to a bedroom where PoI-9029 was putting on SCP-042-INT. The subject was instructed to stand down and remove the object, after which he verbally attacked the officers, activated the device, and disappeared.

Following the subject's disappearance, damages to spacetime were observed, in the form of three-dimensional voids in space, designated as instances of SCP-042-INT-A. Two operatives remained in the bedroom, watching for potential foreign entities, while the remaining two explored the house further.

Inside a boarded up door in the house was a workshop containing 17 instances of SCP-042-INT-A similar to the ones previously identified. Inside an entity resembling a shark nd attacked the operatives located there. In the ensuing combat, one operative was injured, and the creature was subdued through blunt trauma.

Before Thaumaturgic specialists assigned to the task force mended the SCP-042-INT-A instances through the use of spacetime thaumaturgy. No further developments have been observed, and the location has been deemed non-anomalous.

A logbook was found among the objects in PoI-9029's residence. The following are some excerpts relevant to SCP-042-INT:

- Document 042-INT/1:

Idea collection:
- Electric/Thaumic Energy Storage
- Non-Chemical Fertilizer
- Dimensional Shelter (deployable and permanent)
- Water Purification Alchemy
- Electron Teleporting

Electron Teleporting Project:

- Observation: Teleporting or apparating is a thaumaturgic system that concerns itself with the displacement of matter through the use of spellcraft, replicating the mystery5 of translocation. Spells are notoriously resource intensive, and heavily dependent on the caster's competence, thus, alternative means of apparating are sought after.

One can normally think of an object's position throughout time as a continuous function. Apparating would present a discontinuity in this function. In classical physics, discontinuities are entirely absent, or simply approximations (like in the case of collisions). Were one to consider more modern physics, however, the concept of quanta, discretization, and true examples of discontinuities arise. If it were possible to tie a macroscopic variable to a discretely changing one, a new mode of teleportation would be possible.

- Justification: More accessible teleportation would present a great benefit to logistics and transportation worldwide. Adjacent problems such as pollution and cargo loss would also be addressed.

- Objectives: To develop a device capable of apparating objects or users without the use of traditional spells, instead utilizing alternative thaumaturgical and normal technological means to achieve the same objective. More specifically, the discontinuity in the energy level of an electron being excited would in turn cause a discontinuity in the target's position.

- Roadmap:
- Theory Study ✓
- Design ✓
- Acquisition of Materials ✓
- Trials
- Public Release

There appears to be a problem with the method I have chosen.

The excitation of the electrons in the LED is momentary. There is not one discontinuity, but two: one when they are excited, and one when they relax. This presents a problem if you only want to displace yourself in one direction and not back.

In other words, the old maxim of "What goes up, must come down" is presenting a problem. Now, a way of dodging this issue would be with a very large redesign.

The issue could be solved by playing with the law of sympathy6 a bit more. While it is true that "once together, always together", it doesn't mean that the bond must always carry the same relevance. What I'm saying is that we can have the position and the energy level be tied on the electron's way up, but have them be independent once the electron is on its way down.

How does one achieve this, considering we are talking of minuscule intervals of time here between excitation and relaxing? Through two means: phosphorescence and chronomancy.

Phosphorescence is a natural phenomenon where excited electrons do not immediately relax to a lower energy level, due to a "forbidden" transition in energy. This is the basis for "glow-in-the-dark" tech, which continues to glow long after the light has stopped being applied to the material.

Chronomancy is the thaumaturgical system that is concerned with time manipulation. Through the replication of the mystery of stagnation, it is possible to set objects still in time, even if one would expect them to continue moving due to physical forces. This can be held for just a moment, in order to ensure the electron stays excited long enough for the decoupling, since phosphorescence alone may not take long enough. With the small size of the target and the small duration of the spell, it is expected that background thaumic energy may be enough to power this feat.

Mark this day in history, for today I have succeeded!

After countless attempts, I ran out of dead ends. The rubber ball has been apparated! From one side of my desk to the other. Small, sure, but scaling up is often the easier part of things. Once you know how to do one meter, you know how to do two.

I thought I had misplaced it at first, or it was just a trick of the mind. But sure enough, it wasn't a spoof. It is in fact reproducible!

The only problem seems to be these black specks left behind where the ball once was. Not entirely sure what's the deal with them. I can't seem to touch them, nor do they move. I hope they just vanish after a while.

They aren't vanishing.


If someone finds this, do not open that goddamn door. Something came out of it. Something is wandering the workshop. I don't know what it is. I don't care.

Oh God, I can still hear it.

Addendum 042-INT/1:

The following is an abbreviated list of beings recovered from SCP-042-INT-A instances with notes provided by Site-78's Maria Johnston.

Date Recovered Designation Description Notes
16/7/22 N/A (1) Deceased entity resembling a member of Carcharodon carcharias.7 Our Department of Extra-Universal affairs claims this entity came from a dimension containing an organization called SPC, but I wouldn't hold my breath. A breach could have simply opened in the ocean of any universe and this thing slipped in.
25/7/22 SCP-PL-186 [REDACTED] While the knowledge of what exactly came out of the breach is restricted, it can be spread that it originated from within SCP-PL-186, and was recovered without incident. This demonstrates that pocket dimensions are also within those that SCP-042-INT can reach.
29/7/22 SCP-007-PT-1 (1) Female of Arabic Descent Subject was apprehended after an hour of wandering around downtown Cheyenne. She expressed confusion about the Christian-dominated world she appeared to be in and asked to be taken back to [MEMETIC HAZARD EXPUNGED]. Anyone she told about her home was amnesticized as per SCP-PT-007 protocol. I am not privy to know where she claims to be from but it appears that SCP-PT has dealt with visitors from her universe in the past.
31/7/22 PoI-7015-7021 (6) Male humanoids wearing modified SCP-JP uniforms. All entities are low-level Thaumaturges. These appear to be a part of an alternate SCP-JP MTF from what we can gather from their uniforms. From interviewing then, we've come to learn they are from a world where the Japanese Empire persisted into the modern day. Investigations into this alternate timeline are ongoing.

Addendum 042-INT/2:

During the timespan of July 25th to the 31st, there were at least nine documented instances of SCP-042-INT events occurring within the Continental United States, confirming that PoI-9029 was operating in the region.

In light of these events, Site-78's outreach program contacted Site PT4, offering its services to help contain SCP-042-INT and apprehend PoI-9029. A meeting thus occurred between the two parties to discuss the anomaly. As the head of Research on SCP-042-INT, Dr. Cezar was chosen to represent SCP-PT in the proceeding and Site-78 Director Leah Richter and Researcher Maria Johnston spoke on behalf of SCP-EN.

For the ease of both parties, the following interview was conducted in English.

Video Conference Recording

2/8/2022 14:00

[Richter joins the online meeting room, followed by Cezar and Johnston]

Cezar: Hello? Is this thing working?

Johnston: Yes, hello doctor. I can hear you just fine.

Richter: Likewise.

Cezar: It's an honor to be speaking with you, Researcher Johnston. We've heard a lot about your work with MTF Omega-458. It would be easy to say that Japan owes you for containing SCP-7110.

Johnston: You flatter me, Dr. Cezar, but alas we don't get thanks for the job we do, even if occasionally it borders on the heroic. Alas, it seems like world-ending threats are always falling into my lap, like this SCP-042-INT object we contacted you about.

Richter: We hoped you could shed some light on this PoI-9029 and his potential motives. We've dealt with a few foreign GoIs at our site but the Technothaumaturges are a new one.

Cezar: Certainly. I don't think that PoI-9029 means any harm…. at least not intentionally. The Technothaumaturges have always been friends of the Foundation and PoI-9029 never did anything to expose the Veil or do harm before this.

Johnston: I'm sure he means well but I fear that with the rise in Thaumaturgic ability in the past year, this situation could get a lot worse. For example, just a few days ago, an instance of SCP-042-INT-A opened here in Wyoming and released a group of Japanese Thaumaturges claiming to belong to the Japanese Empire.

Cezar: Empire? You mean like… Pre-WW2?

Johnston: They claim they won it, but that's beside the point. I think it’s only a matter of time before something comes through that we can't contain.

Richter: If PoI-9029 won't listen to reason then we need to be prepared to put them down.

Cezar: That is a little extreme of a measure, Director. Like your site's motto, it seemed PoI-9029 is doing this for the Betterment of Humanity. I thought you'd at least be a bit more understanding.

Richter: Thaumaturgy is a dangerous and unpredictable thing, one that even anomalous science can hardly quantify. It's a big risk letting these "Technothaumaturges" run unimpeded in your country.

Cezar: Pardon me, Director but don't you have a Thaumaturge in MTF Omega-45? An SCP object at that? It sounds a little hypocritical to me.

Richter: We keep SCP-7261-1 on a tight leash, don't presume to tell me what goes on at-

[Johnston clears their throat loudly.]

Johnston: We can discuss how our branches should be handling rogue Thaumaturges later. We should discuss our proposal for a joint task force.

Cezar: Agreed, I'll put that little remark aside for now. I was reading the file on what you proposed. Phi-45 was it?

Johnston: Yes. Phi-45 will handle the tracking and containment of SCP-042-INT and any entities that come from SCP-042-INT-A instances. This task force will be made up of a few members of Omega-45 and representatives from Site PT4 with the requisite training.

Cezar: And who will hold responsibility for containing the anomaly itself?

Richter: Site-78 is more than capable of shouldering that burden, we have an Adamantite case here with 042-INT's name on it. You just supply us with the extra manpower and we'll take care of it.

Cezar: I'm surprised you aren't just shipping your problems off to us small fry here in Portugal.

[Dr. Cezar laughs.]

Johnston: Oh yes, standard American behavior passing the buck, but not here at Site-78. We'll keep this teleporter from getting into the wrong hands.

Cezar: Excellent. I'll talk to my Site Director about the Phi-45 proposal and I'll send a list of specialists we can send to assist. The one thing that I will ask is that you attempt to bring PoI-9029 in alive.

Johnston: I'll try my best Cezar but Director Richter is very strict on…

Richter: Liabilities to my staff. The safety of our men comes first over apprehending PoIs. Understood?

Cezar: Loud and clear.

[Richter and Johnston disconnect, followed by Cezar]

A Joint Task Force under the code name Phi-45 "Crisis Monitors" was formed a few days later under the supervision of Researchers Cezar and Johnston. John Cassington, a veteran of MTF Omega-45 was chosen to head the squad alongside PT officer First Sergeant Beatriz Candido. Both had prior experiences dealing with hostile Thamauturgic elements in the field, with Beatriz specifically specializing in negotiation with hostile PoIs.

Several Thaumaturges specializing in "apparition" were brought in to lend their expertise from SCP-PT with Director Richter authorizing SCP-7261-1 to assist with recovery efforts. SCP-7261-1 showed the Thaumaturges of Phi-45 a ritual using items recovered from PoI-9029's home and a sample taken from an SCP-042-INT-A event to track the anomaly to a safe house in the woods of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The following log was taken from the body camera of First Sergeant Candido during Phi-45's deployment to PoI-9029's safe house.

Deployment Log 042-INT/1:


[The staging area for the Phi-45 operation can be seen. Sergeant Cassington is seen checking Reconnaissance drone footage. SCP-7261-1 a.k.a Agent Avalerra walks into the frame and begins to address First Sergeant Candido and Cassington.

Cassington: Ah, Avalerra. Status report.

Avalerra: The engineers have SRAs active along the perimeter of the safe house. I and the rest of the Thaumaturges have reinforced that line with our warding spells. He's boxed in.

Candido: Avalerra? You don't refer to her by SCP designation?

Cassington: Unlike Director Richter I refuse to dehumanize her like that. Speaking of which, you two should probably be introduced. Beatriz, this is Michaela Avalerra.

Avalerra: Pleased to meet you. Despite what you might have read in my file, I don't bite.

[Candido shakes hands with Agent Avalerra.]

Candido: It's good to see someone in the English Branch with a more 'liberal' view of things. I get the feeling the higher-ups hear the words 'POI' and 'anomalous' and instantly human rights are out the door.

Avalerra: If Richter had her way, I'd still be locked firmly in my cell. Thankfully, I'm useful… for now.

Cassington: On that topic, I wanted to ask. Sergeant Candido, how do you want to approach this?

Candido: I get the feeling there's more to that question. What did Richter tell you to do?

Cassington: …Put him down if he didn't come quietly. I'd rather it not come to that, he's caused us a lot of headaches but he's barely out of his 20s.

Candido: Agreed. Director [REDACTED] thinks that we could put him to work in our Paratechnology division, so that's what I'm going to try and do. I say we approach carefully, weapons holstered. I'll try and talk to him, and see if I can't get him to cooperate.

Avalerra: Finally, a gringo with some sense. Should I get the men ready to move?

Cassington: We go in fifteen, that good with you Candido?

[Candido is heard grunting affirmatively.]


[Camera's low light vision is activated. Sergeant Cassington and Agent Avalerra are seen in the periphery of the camera as Candido approaches PoI-9029's cabin. Candido tries to open the door to find that it's locked.]

Candido: Anyone good with a lockpick? Or have one?

Avalerra: We're more used to kicking doors down but yeah, I got one. You pick up a few things living in Tlaxcala.

[Avalerra moves to work the lock, getting the door open within a minute and a half. Candido enters with the rest of Phi-45. Agent Cassington flips a nearby light switch and the lights turn on. The cabin is in a state of disarray, papers and pieces of tech are strewn about everywhere. A few of the Thaumaturges accompanying Candido's team pass by to examine the documentation.]

Avalerra: Seems our friend's been trying to work on precisely moving between universes rather than just apparating around our own.

Cassington: Does he have it down yet?

Avalerra: Nooooooope. It's about as random as those tears. It seems if he's got something from that world he can lock the device's signature on it like a standard apparition spell. He's got a few here… a place of endless night, Earth where nazis rule the world, a world with no anomalies

Candido: That makes two worlds where Axis Powers won WW2. Makes me wonder what other horrible history what-ifs could exist out there. Anyway, leave the documents and tech to the rest of the 45s. You and Cassington are with me. Let's find our PoI.

[Candido, Cassington, and Avalerra move through the Cabin further until reaching what appears to be the bedroom.]

Candido: (In Portuguese) Alfonso Anderson? Are you in there? We're with the Foundation. We come in peace. We just want to talk. Or maybe English can be easier? My friends here would like to talk as well.

[A moment passes and no response is heard. Avalerra draws her Gauss sidearm and Cassington does the same with his Gauss rifle.]

Candido: Easy. He's probably just asleep.

Avalerra: (whispering) With all the noise we made?

Candido: I'm going in, guns down.

[Candido opens the door and flicks the light switch on. PoI-9029 is lying on a bed facing away from Candido. Slight mumbling can be heard.]

Candido: Alfonso? I need you to wake up.

PoI-9029: … Nem fudendo.

[The area around the bed begins to warp and distort, turning in on itself and twisting away to reveal a 2m x2m void. PoI-9029 has disappeared and comms open with chatter.]

Technician: (Over comms) One of the SRAs is down! Requesting engineers to the Southeast!

Thaumaturge: (Over comms) M-multiple reality breaches in all sectors of the containment area! We need all available thaumaturges to begin sealing operations.

Cassington: Damn SRAs.They never work when you want them to. Avalerra get this breach sealed before-

[A voice calls for First Sergeant Candido through the instance of SCP-042-INT-A before a 2-meter humanoid comes through the void. Candido takes a few steps back as the entity comes through. The entity appears to be human but with large gelatinous tumors across its frame. Its body shifts by the second, and a human face can be seen peeking under a large collection of adipose where a human head would be.]

Candido: M….mom?

Entity: Dear… it's so good to see you. Do you want to come into the sun with me?

Candido: S-sun? Mom, what's happened to you?

Entity: I've seen the light and it feels so good and you will too.

[The entity lunges towards Candido and is met with Gauss fire from Sergeant Cassington's weapon. The resulting shots liquefy and burst through the shifting mass of flesh but the entity is able to anomalously regenerate these portions. First Sergeant Candido starts to back up faster as Avalerra and another thaumaturge pass by chanting. Water vapor in the air around the entity begins to become visible and with a hand motion and clap, it thaumaturgically solidifies around the creature, encasing it in ice.]

Candido: H-holy… thanks Avalerra.

Avalerra: No problem. You did good too, Nadalia.

[The thaumaturge next to Avalerra, identified as Corporal Nadalia Lacerda salutes to her, shaking slightly.]

Nadalia: You too, Miss Avalerra. Are we going to give chase to the P-O, I mean Alfonso?

Candido: Do we have a way of following him? He could be anywhere here or in another universe.

[Avalerra pulls a baggie from a pocket on her vest. It contains a lock of hair. She then approaches the frozen entity and breaks off one of its many arms.]

Avalerra: Ugh, this thing reeks of Ozone but it'll get the job done. I brought plenty of his hair samples that we took for his home for an apparating ritual, plus this creature here has an Echo9 from the device. I can follow him.

Cassington: (Over comms) Johnston do we have permission to follow? We may be traveling into another universe.

Johnston: Directors have given the go-ahead. Find that POI and quick, command is getting a little antsy.

Cassington: Candido, you good?

Candido: Yeah I just…. didn't think that a version of someone I knew would come through.

[Candido turns to Corporal Nadalia.]

Candido: Nadalia we might need you for this, I know you seemed nervous when that creature came through but…

Nadalia: I gotta get the field experience somehow. I'm ready to go.

Avalerra: One last thing, in case we get separated.

[Avalerra hands Candido a baggie and a small device with input holes and a button.]

Avalerra: This is a one-use device, our boys in the lab cooked up. It'll allow you to give chase to Alfonso. Just put the hair and something from a "-A" inside of it and press. Or alternatively, if you need to get back; there is a return button which I've calibrated to get you back to this spot.

Candido: Got it, let's get going before he gets any farther or jumps again.

[Candido huddles together with Avalerra, Nadalia, and Cassington as Avalerra begins to chant and a bubble of Thaumic energy surrounds them.]

Avalerra: I'm going to warn you. Traveling dimensions can be a tricky thing and you'll see some freaky stuff. Just keep your composure and you'll do fine.

[The bubble collapses in on the group and the room disappears. Candido appears to be falling as various locations flash within view of the camera. A large megalopolis on a red planet turns to a rocky barren waste with a Foundation site nearby. This vision falls away to become a city filled with automatons before coming to a stop as a metal thud is heard.]

[Candido groans as she pulls herself up, now inside of a metal hallway.]

Avalerra: Shit. Shit. Shit!

Candido: Av… Avalerra? Wh- am I on Earth? I think I saw… Mars? Are we in space?

[Candido turns as they stand up and Avalerra, Nadalia, and Cassington are seen in various states of discombobulation. Avalerra is covering her nose and looks nauseous.]

Avalerra: Anomalous shit! We're not in space. This is an Acroamatic Abatement facility, all sorts of anomalous crap is flowing through these pipes and it stinks.

Candido: You didn't answer my question… was I in space?

Avalerra: Probably? You're protected from any outside interference while traveling… usually. It's like you're not actually there, just a passing observer.

Candido: Right. I forgot your nose is more sensitive than ours. But the real question is… which Acroamatic Abatement facility are we in?

Avalerra: Probably don't have to look far. You Foundation types plaster your damn name and logo on everything.

Nadalia: She's got a point you know.

Cassington: Noted and agreed. Let's get moving. Alfonso's has to be in here somewhere.

[Candido and Cassington take lead, rounding the corner to find a Foundation marking on a nearby wall.]

Cassington: Foundation Site-43 Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D. Canada eh?

Richter: (Over comms) JTF Phi-45, this is Richter. You need to get out of there right now.

Candido: Director Richter? Our comms still work here? And you're watching us?

Richter: I have my ways, Sergeant Candido. And if you are in AAF-D and those red lights are going off? It's September 8th.

Nadalia: S-september 8th? What happens on September 8th?

Richter: The worst containment breach in Site-43 history. Had I not been sick that day, we wouldn't be talking. You need to find PoI-9029 and get out of there ASAP. Do not let any orphic outflow touch you and don't interfere with anything you see happen.

Candido: Copy, let's move 45s.

[Candido and the group continued through the hallways of the facility, walking fast and following the arrows to the exit. At the end, PoI-9029 is spotted trying to climb the stairs out of the section.]

Candido: Alfonso! Wait! Please just hear us out.

PoI-9029: Hear you foundies out? Nah, you just want to take MY invention for yourselves. This isn't the type of universe I was looking for but I'll find another.

Cassington: We're on your side Alfonso. We have no ill intentions with that device, we swear.

PoI-9029: My inventions don't deserve a place in your cages. No fucking way.

[SCP-042-INT releases a spray of phosphorescent energy before a spatial distortion replaces PoI-9029 with an instance of SCP-042-INT-A as a wave of color bathes over the camera. The resulting void erupts with a wave of multicolored effluence that rushes toward Candido. Nadalia rushes in front of the group and casts an Abjuration field that stops the incoming fluid in its place.]

Candido: Avalerra, get us out of here!

Avalerra: I… I'll try but Nadalia will have to drop that spell.

Candido: So? We'll be gone by then.

Avalerra: If any of that effluence touches the bubble it could interrupt the spell and shoot us all into the wrong dimensions. You saw the color effect that distortion, something is happening in this place. Something wrong.

Candido: We can't just leave her, there has to be another way.

Avalerra: Do you think that I want to? I'm trying to figure out another-

[The sound of a pipe bursting echoes down the way they came.]

Nadalia: Go. Just leave.

Avalerra: Nadalia…

Nadalia: No time to argue. I know what I signed up for. You taught me well Avalerra and now I'm returning the favor.

Avalerra: Damn it Alfonso…. You two come here.

[Nadalia looks back as Candido stands within the thaumic bubble. She smiles as the bubble collapses and Candido is sent hurtling into the midst of a battlefield. The camera picks up several gilded war machines engaging with forces bearing the mark of the Chaos Insurgency, twisted into a pointed star.]

Chaos Apostate: Death to the Corpse Emperor!

[The current reality breaks like glass into a new one. Candido comes to a stop in a busy market. People around the group look on before continuing with their business.]

Cassington: Why aren't they reacting to us? We just manifested out of nothing.

Candido: I would like to stop getting thrown everywhere.

[Candido stands back up.]

Candido: I wonder what exactly is different about this place. Avalerra… about Nadalia.

Avalerra: About what? She's gone and someone has to avenge her.

[Avalerra sniffs the air.]

Avalerra: He went that way. I smell him.

[Avalerra sprints past the camera at an inhuman speed with Cassington running after her and Candido following suit. PoI-9029 comes into view as he throws a cart in their path. Avalerra leaps through the air overtop as Candido and Cassington have to move around it.]

Man: Hey what did that guy do? He doesn't look like an anomaly!

Man 2: Typical Foundation thugs! Chasing after the little guy!

[A few jeering civilians moved to block Candido.]

Candido: Get out of the way! Foundation business!

Man: What did he do? Probably nothing for an organization that locks up little girls!

[Candido pushed them out away and continued after PoI-9029. A quick right turn led to an alleyway where it turned to a dead end.]

Candido: Alfonso! Don't use that device again! You're going to destroy this world or worse.

PoI-9029: You think I don't know that? This place is so much better than our world, why would I want to destroy it? This is a world where your little masquerade broke. Everyone knows about every little heinous thing you ever did.

Cassington: Why did you bring us here? Sounds like you've been here before.

PoI-9029: Because I was hoping to show you that this chase is pointless. You're in the wrong and I'm in the right. For every horror you keep from the public, you deprive them of magic and wonder. This little device will change the world as soon as I find the right universe with the right tech to make it work.

Candido: You have a noble goal, Alfonso. But the world isn't black and white like that, we do our jobs knowing that we might not be appreciated for the things we do.

Cassington: Take it from me kid, I've been on the front lines longer than anyone, Afghanistan and now the Foundation. Terrible things are done in the name of peace, and I don't agree with all of it. But I don't want you to be another casualty in the name of it. Listen to Officer Candido and just come with us.

Avalerra: You can't be serious, John. This isn't justice. He doesn't even care that Nadalia is gone… but I'll make him care.

[Avalerra started to chant and move her hands in a fluid motion.]

Candido: Avalerra, stand down! Alfonso, it doesn't have to go like this. Just come with us back home, there are plenty of other ways to help people than this.

PoI-9029: You keep your attack dog away from me! Or I'll…

Cassington Avalerra. This is an order! Do not cast that spell!

Avalerra: You heard the director. Our lives over his. He won't hurt any more people. That's a promise.

PoI-9029:: V-vai se fuder!

[A spatial distortion then appeared across the camera's view. When it disappeared, Candido appeared to be in an office building. Screams could be heard from behind as Candido turned around. Avalerra was on fire, calling for help as Cassington was trying to snuff it out with a blanket. When the fire was extinguished, Avalerra's skin was blistered and charred black.]

Avalerra: J-john… please… everything hurts.

Candido: Avalerra! Oh god… what happened?

Cassington: The displacement. Avalerra must have cast her spell just as he activated the device, in his scramble he must have taken all of us with him.

Candido: Avalerra and her spell ended up in the same place. God…

PoI-9029: I didn't mean it! I swear… she was going to kill me!

Cassington: You could have deflected or defended yourself from that spell. I've seen it done. You're nothing but a screw-up, you know that.

[A growling is heard as several as entities resembling humanoids in chairs come skittering from a nearby office.]

PoI-9029: What the- Ai caralho! Nem fudendo!

[Another spatial distortion is seen before the visage of a forest comes clear.]

Cassington: Avalerra!? Avalerra!

[Candido looks around, no one is the forest besides Cassington and PoI-9029.]

Cassington: We have to go back. Take us. Back.

PoI-9029: I-I can't. I don't have anything from there.

Richter: (Over comms) Sergeant Cassington. SCP-7261-1's camera feed has gone dark. We're updating her classification to neutralized.

Cassington: No. There's no way she-

Richter: The entities were identified as SCP-078-UA and in her weakened state, most likely she would be unable to fight them off. Finish your mission.

Cassington: Copy that.

[Cassington lunged forward and punched PoI-9029 in the jaw, knocking him and the device to the ground.]

Candido: Cassington, stop! No on else has to die!

Cassington: You couldn't have gone quietly? You just had to kill one of my own?

[Cassington pulled his rifle off his back and Candido stepped in front of him to shield PoI-9029. A spatial distortion occurred and the forest turned the middle of the ocean with PoI-9029 frantically splashing. A single buoy can be seen in the distance.]

PoI-9029: Help! Please, I can't swim!

[A wave splashes against PoI-9029. A few seconds pass before he emerges.]

PoI-9029: It's not waterproof!

[Candido begins swimming over to PoI-9029, as he continues to thrash trying to reach the buoy.]

PoI-9029: Fuck! We're stuck here!

[Candido reaches and grabs PoI-9029.]

Candido: Calm down! Here, hold onto my back.

[Candido swims towards the buoy. Upon reaching it, she and PoI-9029 hold onto it. Both are panting.]

Candido: Where. The Fuck. Are we?

PoI-9029: Zero zero… Origin point… Default coordinates.

Candido: What?

PoI-9029: One second.

[PoI-9029 takes a moment to catch his breath]

PoI-9029: In case of damage, I set the device to return back to default coordinates. Only problem is… I didn't set a default so it's probably at 0 degrees west and north.

Candido: That's null island. We're just off the coast of Africa then. Thankfully, god rest her soul, Avalerra gave me a get out of jail free card. Hold on to me.

[Candido pulls the return device into frame and hits the button. The ocean disappears and Candido now appears to be in PoI-9029's cabin.]

PoI-9029: I… We're back. It.. was for the greater good. I.. did it for the greater good…

Candido: Greater good? I understand you're probably in shock right now but I lost four good officers back there. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook but… I'm wondering if you were worth it.

[Corporal Nadalia and Avalerra apparate into the room, looking worse for wear.]

Nadalia: We're back! I knew I could do it!

Avalerra: I'm never putting my trust in you gringos again.

Candido: N-nadalia? Wh- I saw you…

Nadalia: Die? Nope. I thought I was a goner but a void opened up underneath me and I ended up inside an office building. It was filled with all these horrid chair creatures but once I got fought through them all, I found Avalerra all charred up. Nothing a good healing spell can't fix.

Avalerra: Wait what about Cassington? Is he…

[Cassington soon appeared in the room with them, a look of shock on his face.]

Cassington: Avalerra! You're alive!

Avalerra: Relatively. Good to see you, Jon.

Cassinton: Candido, I… sorry about what happened back there. I just-

Candido: No need to explain. We got him, didn't we? Safe and sound.

[Candido turned to see members of Phi-45 restraining PoI-9029 and taking him out of the room.]

[End recording.]

PoI-9029 was subsequently transferred to Site PT4 for holding until a decision could be made on what was to be done with him. SCP-042-INT was moved to Site-78's Arms and Equipment department for containment.

Addendum 042-INT/2:

A new version of this document is available.

    • _
    Item#: 042-INT
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
    Risk Class:

    Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
    Site-78/Site PT4 Leah Richter/[REDACTED] Maria Johnston/Dr. Jean Cezar Phi-45 ("Crisis Monitors")

    Threat Level: Red

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-042-INT is currently contained within an Adamantite containment case within Site-78's Arms and Equipment department. Knowledge of SCP-042-INT is restricted to level 4 personnel and containment operations are to be overseen by a cooperative effort between SCP-EN and SCP-PT. Foundation webcrawlers are to remove any listing or posting about SCP-042-INT on below-the-veil forums and trade sites, a cover story is to be run that SCP-042-INT never existed and dissuade attempts to find it.

    Instances of SCP-042-INT-A are to be handled by Joint Task force Phi-45 ("Crisis Monitors"). JTF Phi-45 is to close any instance of SCP-042-INT-A and capture any anomalous beings that may have entered our universe. These beings are to be contained and given separate designations. Special Containment Procedures will be drawn up to accommodate their nature and responsibility for containment will be decided by the directors of Site-78 and Site PT4.

    A list of anomalous creatures recovered from SCP-042-INT-A events can be found in Addendum 042-INT/1

    Description: (Please see the previous file for the item description.)

    Addendum 042-INT/3: Interview with PoI-9029

    The following interview was conducted on August 15th, 2022 by Dr. Jean Cezar of PoI-9029. The purpose of this interview was to gain an insight into PoI-9029's current mindset and to discuss the terms of their potential release

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