Item #: SCP-042-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Orange Black

Special Containment Procedures: 4299 instances of SCP-042-PT under the jurisdiction of the Foundation are kept in the Containment Chamber 45f of Site PT14. Containment Chamber 45f is a 5 meter edge hermetically sealed cuboid room made of high density polyethylene and submerged in a 15 meter deep hydrochloric acid pool. An instance is kept in the emergency vault 3f of Site PT14 for testing availability. Opening emergency vault 3f requires the personal passwords of three (3) Level 4 personnel and of one (1) Level 5 personnel.

Description: SCP-042-PT are bottle openers. unlike ordinary bottle openers, SCP-042-PT is an universal concept applicator. When an individual holds the artifact and orders the opening of a "closed" item (Doors, cans, bottles, etc.) it will open.1 says audibly a sentence in which the verb open is validly applied to a noun, the extreme logical conclusion of the "open" of the noun in question will occur.

Discovery: A shipment of SCP-042-PT was delivered to the "████ █████ ██" store in ████ ████████, Tocantins, on 18/06/████. The O2I22 intercepted the plans for the delivery and MTF PT██-Α was dispatched to intercept and bring the shipment to containment. A shipment of non-anomalous replicas of SCP-042-PT was delivered to the store on the expected date. Each recovered instance of SCP-042-PT had a copy of the following printed next to the label:

We've all had the difficulty of opening the wine during New Year, and even Hercules himself can't open some of the glasses of olives that are out there. But with the Selective Contextual Lexical ApplicatorTM from Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions Ltda., this is a problem of the past!

Never be locked out of home again! With just one command, the Selective Contextual Lexical ApplicatorTM gets you inside just in time for the game of Flamengo!3

Did you lock the key inside the car? Easy, one sentence and the thing obeys you!

Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions: With our black magic, black friday is everyday.
Disclaimer: Ferdinando's Extranormal Solutions Ltda. does not take responsibility for the possible institution of anarchies or unethical cognitive control caused by users of our paranormal items.

Further use of an instance of SCP-042-PT must be approved by one (1) Level 5 personnel, with no objections from any other Level 5 personnel.

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