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Item #: SCP-043-EL

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immovable nature of SCP-043-EL, Site-192 was built on the coast of the island of [DATA EXPUNGED] at a distance of 10 km from the object. A 4 km x 4 km area has been created around SCP-043-EL in which no vessels are allowed to enter. Within this area a vessel from Site-192 must deposit 1 ton of organic matter (meat or fish) every 2 weeks. If SCP-043-EL-1 breaches containment or disappears from the area, all vessels within 15 km of the object must be recalled and inspected for damage. After a period of 32 hours a vessel with trained divers from Site-192 must inspect any damage to SCP-043-EL.

Description: SCP-043-EL is a metallic black cube with dimensions of 5 m x 5 m x 5 m, consisting of an alloy of iron, titanium and [EXPUNGED]. The surface of the cube has several holes at random points, from which instances of SCP-043-EL-1 emerge. These instances have a squid-like external appearance, however, while most of the body is organic, their tentacles are mechanical. The purpose of SCP-043-EL-1 is to transport organic matter (fauna and flora) to SCP-043-EL. It is unknown if this is for the purpose of feeding on the object, collecting and analyzing data, or if it is simply an instinct. If the instances fail to collect enough organic matter, they enter a manic phase for about 32 hours, in which they will try to collect and transport any material to SCP-043-EL, even inorganic objects such as rocks and metal. After 32 hours all SCP-043-EL-1 instances will retreat into the cube, where they will remain for another 4 hours. After this time period they return to their normal behavior.

Discovery: SCP-043-EL was discovered by the Foundation on ██/██/19██, however written records discovered on the island suggest the existence of SCP-043-EL from the 6th century BC. The stories portray the SCP-043-EL-1 instances as demons who would devour their island if they did not satisfy their gods. They believed that they had to sacrifice precious objects in order to appease the demons, however they soon realized that organic matter, such as meat, had a better effect.

Addendum 043-EL-1: New data suggests that there have been changes in the size and structure of SCP-043-EL over time, as stories describe it as "a black object, slightly smaller than a fishing boat". Research is continuing to prove this theory.

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