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Item #: SCP-043-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-043-FR is currently contained at the specialized Site-He-043-FR, situated in northern New Zealand. Site Site-He-043-FR is a traditional military base reassigned to the Foundation that is specially dedicated to the confinement of SCP-043-FR. The site itself is composed of a large variety of military buildings and armament reserves. The confinement cell, the laboratories and associated areas are built underground, beneath the site. The majority of the personnel consists of soldiers from all military branches who have received specialized training about SCP-043-FR, during which they learned to adapt in real time to all forms of unforseen threats and to best handle dimensional disturbances in combat.

The subject must be confined in a 10 by 10 by 10 meter cell with five (5) centimeter thick steel walls. The cell must be compromised of a double-door airlock with five (5) centimeter thick armoring. The cell must be equipped with a video surveillance system in order to be assured of the presence of SCP-043-FR and the absence of overly important dimensional disturbances or AD-FR-00 entities.

The control room must be situated at least one hundred and fifty (150 m) meters from the confinement cell of SCP-043-FR in order to reduce as much as possible the effects of dimensional disturbances and the aggression of AD-FR-00 entities. The Foundation personnel entrusted with maintaining surveillance over SCP-043-FR must imperatively inform the security director each time that SCP-043-FR starts or ends a hibernation phase.

If AD-FR-00 entities manifest or if detected dimensional disturbances become too intense, a group of three (3) D-Classes must be sent into SCP-043-FR’s containment cell in order to assure that the entity has not broken its confinement, and to destroy all traces of invasive roots if necessary. If SCP-043-FR has indeed broken its confinement, a security team must be dispatched in the area around containment Site Site-He-043-FR and attempt to locate SCP-043-FR by eliminating all eventual encountered or reported AD-FR-00 entities. The team must first go to places where roots were reported.

Given SCP-043-FR’s inability to be satiated and due to the fact that the entity does not seem to be endangered by malnutrition, it is not required to feed it.

Correction 043-FR-22-05-1998 : Due to the unpredictable and chaotic nature of SCP-043-FR, the security team must, on a daily cycle, write a report concerning spatial modifications caused by dimensional disturbances. The report must include the inventory and position of displaced, created, or destroyed objects. It must also include an updated version of the map of SCP-043-FR’s confinement zone if any disturbances caused local spatial modifications. Any photographs of the affected zones can be included, but this is optional.

Correction 043-FR-09-01-2006 : Due to the effects of spatial disturbances caused by SCP-043-FR on the human body, the surveillance team must be replaced by another team on a daily cycle. The team which has finished their surveillance cycle must report to the infirmary for a medical exam.

Correction 043-FR-31-10-2011 : Following test 043-FR-26-48-52, SCP-043-FR is now equipped with a GPS impact that permits all personnel members of Site Site-He-043-FR to know the entity’s location during its displacements. ATTENTION: Despite testing and modification attempts, the GPS implant is not able to provide a signal when SCP-043-FR is not in our reality, and provides erroneous data in the case of too strong spatial deformations, and therefore mustn’t be considered systematically reliable, nor as a substitute for conventional surveillance methods.

Description : SCP-043-FR is a humanoid entity in a very advanced state of malnutrition. The object is asexual and presents a large number of major physical malformations; The entity is approximately three hundred and eighty centimeters (380 cm) tall. It displays abnormally long and disproportionate arms, legs, spine, and rib cage, situated in an epidermis in a dried and abnormally strong condition. The entity is lacking a lower jaw and has a particularly sustained hair growth rate, but this is not active except for on the top part of the skull. It has only three fingers on each hand and foot. Its nasal cavity is devoid of external cartilage and its hearing orifices also have minor malformations and possess a slight asymmetry.

Additionally, SCP-043-FR is infected by a sort of abnormally active and resistant black root, which develops on the entirety of the entity. This root belongs to a plant species of the Quercus genus, known by its common name Oak. Analyses have not revealed any abnormalities about these oak roots, except for their black color. This could explain however why the entity’s epidermis putrefies as well as the enormous quantity of water that its organism continuously releases from all of its orifices1. SCP-043-FR also displays a constant obsession for nutrition and hydration, ever since its discovery by the Foundation.

Medical examinations and X-rays have revealed that the loss of its lower jaw is a mutilation, as is the presence of an internal skeleton but of no organs, except a singular one, of unknown nature, resembling a sort of stomach. Its muscles are present but do not consist of ordinary organic material2. However, it was found that this material is capable of exerting a far more intense effort than normal muscle fiber. To date, the Foundation has not been able to explain how the entity can manage to survive or move.

In addition, SCP-043-FR lacks ocular organs, though its empty eye sockets make it seem that they were present in the past. The entity attempts to preserve, and sometimes even take care of with the aid of bandages and fabric, the area around its eye sockets, which suggests that this was also caused by a mutilation. To this day, the entity’s wounds can not be examined precisely3. The Foundation has, however, noted numerous marks from profound lacerations on the entity’s back, of which the depth and the form suggest that they were caused by an object similar to a whip or a chain.

Despite these wounds, a burn outlining a tatoo on the entity’s entire back can be distinguished, caused by a red-hot iron. This tattoo is similar to a type of seal or stamp, which represents a symbol of unknown origin or signification. Click here to see the digital reconstitution.

SCP-043-FR is, due to the mutilation of its eyeballs, completely blind, and therefore finds its way around its area by olfactory means and by a very advanced perception of vibrations. The maximum range of its perception is uncertain due to relating to too many factors for the Foundation to define, to date. The entity predominantly gets its bearings in a quadrupedal position, but has occasionally locomoted in a bipedal position.

The entity shows a mental age of around eight (8) human years and displays a very unstable psychological state. SCP-043-FR displays highly unpredictable behavior, ranging from fearful and territorial to blindly aggressive. The entity follows an alternating cycle between phases of profound hibernation and intense activity. The subject hibernates generally between a duration of around one (1) week and two (2) months. Phases of activity generally have a duration of between four (4) weeks and six (6) months. Periods of hibernation and activity are entirely random and cannot be predicted. SCP-043-FR only prematurely interrupts its phases of hibernation if AD-FR-00 manifest in its surroundings.

SCP-043-FR is the source of a very strong inter-spatial disruption, which provokes a massive fluctuation in the Humes level in the affected area (from ███ humes to █,█ humes), resulting in the deformation and quasi-permanent instability in the area around the entity, and on all dimensions of our reality.

The entity displays a sustained tendency to howl, often described as long, resounding and piercing. First considered purely behavioral, the Foundation now believes that these repeated howls may be directly tied to the spatial disturbances, with recent ones systematically provoking a considerable fall in the Hume level in the audial radius of the howl, as well as powerful electromagnetic disturbances which could damage electrical installations.

The nature of disturbances provoked by SCP-043-FR is unpredictable and has extremely hard to predict effects. The anomaly maintained by SCP-043-FR regularly provokes what seem like “collisions” between multiple parallel realities, thus making some elements of affected realities “jump” in the manner of multiple pieces of tracing paper stacked on top of each other on top of an opaque piece, provoking serious deformations and modifications in the space around SCP-043-FR. The effects of these deformations generally result in an anarchical reconstruction of the environment from impacted realities, going so far as to challenge certain fundamental laws of physics, space, and time. The collisions manifest in an instantaneous manner and provoke major confusion in subjects who observe the phenomenon, rendering them very difficult for a human eye to observe4.

The Foundation has observed that after a duration of around ██ minutes of uninterrupted disturbances, all areas affected by inter-spatial disturbances from which SCP-043-FR suffers also have the effect of greatly promoting the growth of the root that inhabits the entity. This root spreads out until all affected objects and organisms are completely covered. This entity provokes a degradation, then an extremely rapid putrefaction, of all material with which it enters into contact.

Once in this phase of growth, the spatial disturbances become increasingly more localized and intense, which will lower the Humes level (now around █,█ Humes), increasingly deforming space in specific points until a direct physical connection is established between the parallel realities affected by the disturbances. This connection often takes the form of a hole, a tunnel, or a fault difficult to differentiate from an ordinary seismic phenomenon, with the exception of the massive presence of putrified black roots which covers it. The entities of SCP-███-FR, scientifically named Allo Detractionis, of the designation AD-FR-005, rapidly emerge from the connections established by the black roots to reach the space affected by the collision between realities.

AD-FR-00 entities are very varied as well in their form as well as in their behaviors and their intelligence. They all, however, have a common objective, which consists of trying to locate and destroy SCP-043-FR. However, it has been noted that the latter is actively trying to combat them and guard against the repeated attacks from AD-FR-00.

Additionally, the Foundation has observed that SCP-043-FR is, just like all material that comes in contact with the roots, affected by these intense spatial disturbances, making the subject regularly “jump” out of our reality. The Foundation is, to this day, unaware if the entity has any control over these phenomenons. However, what has been established with certainty, is that SCP-043-FR actively takes advantages of these intensive interdimensional “jumps” to move, hunt, flee, and gather material across multiple parallel realities. The objects that the subject retrieves are, generally, made of metallic materials such as scrap iron, carpentry materials such as wood planks, and organic materials such as bones. SCP-043-FR stocks that which it recovers inside its stomach pouch6, and regurgitates them to have access to them. The materials recovered by the entity are generally used for designing rudimentary weapons and armor, as well as a grand number of traps with varying forms and effects. The latter is generally disposed of in the spaces infected by interspatial disturbances.

Following Experiment Log 043-FR-██-██-19██, the Foundation has been able to find out that the organisms that have been in contact with the black roots will bear, at their eventual return, similar traits to SCP-043-FR : They will be the source of constant spatial disturbances, will make unpredictable anarchic shifts outside of our reality, and will provoke the manifestation of AD-FR around them. After ██ hours, these organisms can themselves also be, similar to SCP-043-FR, subject to a massive growth of black roots within their bodies, an abnormal deformation of their body and an accelerated putrefaction, though they will not die, the subject’s Humes levels will be, from then on, too unstable to maintain a physical form with consistant properties.

The consequences for an organism that had been in contact with the black roots have not been observed before in their entirety, however, the effects noted in affected Class-D subjects, upon their possible return to our reality, include: Intense fatigue, nausea, vomiting, total loss of temporal and spatial bearings, partial or complete loss of motor and/or cognitive functions, extreme permanent paranoia, loss of social capacity, Cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, internal hemorrhaging, partial or total destruction of the skeletal structure, destruction of muscle fibers, destruction of cellular membranes, loss of vision, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. To this day, █ out of ██ D-Class subjects have been retrieved by the Foundation after their exposure to disturbances caused by SCP-043-fR. Only █ out of ██ subjects have still not manifested side effects following these tests. All exposed subjects who have returned to our reality have manifested at least one side effect following tests.

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