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Item #: SCP-043-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-043-JP is to be stored in a lockable containment safe in avoidance of direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity. It should be safekept together with a drying agent. In response to Case 043-JP-03, SCP-043-JP is to be handled by a robot.

Any experiments are deferred. See Case Record 043-JP-03 for details.

Description: The appearance and composition of SCP-043-JP is the same as commonly distributed table salt. When a human sprinkles SCP-043-JP on any object, however, abnormal effects are exhibited.

If SCP-043-JP is used on an object, that object (designated as SCP-043-JP-1) will instantly transport into the user's stomach. At this time, SCP-043-JP-1 can be observed moving through the user's mouth and esophagus and to the stomach. In addition, the body tissue expands and contracts abnormally, even when the volume of SCP-043-JP-1 clearly exceeds the capacity of the stomach, containing it completely. This will not injure the user.

If it is not possible for SCP-043-JP-1 to be dissolved with gastric acid, SCP-043-JP-1 will remain in the user's body semi-permanently. In this case, the death of the user would allow the SCP-043-JP-1 to be removed. Attempts to destroy or remove the SCP-043-JP-1 by other means have failed.

SCP-043-JP was recovered in the year 19██ by the foundation, along with the dead body1 of a person that swallowed a table.

Case Record 043-JP-03

After the experiment on 200█/12/10, researcher ████ dropped SCP-043-JP while it was being stored, and the containment safe was transported into ████'s stomach.
Despite the fact that various records show that the lid on SCP-043-JP was tightly fastened, it had come off when it had been dropped. For safety reasons, SCP-043-JP will be handled by a robot from now on.
Attempts to remove the safe from researcher ████'s stomach are ongoing.

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