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Photo of SCP-043-PT being prepared for containment.

Item #: SCP-043-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-043-PT must be kept in its box with reinforced electrostatic shielding. A television set needs to be kept close to containment devoid of any power source. Occurrences of security breaches and leakage of anomalous effects must be redirected to the television in question. The protocol described in this file has information about the entire procedure in cases of containment breach. Foundation agents in alert status 3 must proceed to the affected area and record any occurrences caused by SCP-043-PT.

Description: SCP-043-PT is an electronic device denominated Master System, a series of household appliances produced by the Tectoy company in Brazil. It has a controller that is not compatible with the device of the original line. Its power cord appears to have been cut by a heavy blade tool for unlogged reasons. SCP-043-PT communicates with other electronic devices via an unknown magnetic wave. The wave is capable of neutralizing with some difficulty the insulation caused by the shielding of its box. No containment method tested achieved the efficiency of 13% reduction in the activation periods provided by the electromagnetic coating.

Upon entering into communication with the device closest to its confinement, SCP-043-PT generates images of a recreation software, requiring the participation of a player. The message “Press Start to start” is displayed on the screen unti someone gives the corresponding command from the controller. As a result of this initialization, the alternatives “Start” and “Options” are displayed on the screen.

Within options, the following settings can be identified:

  • "Lives" - Any attempt to change this configuration key results in the message “The current organism prevents changing this value”
  • Level - This options allows the values “Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare”. The current norms in place at the Foundation ratify that only the "easy" configuration should be selected. Any change from this value to "Normal" or "Hard" for data acquisition purposes must be authorized and justified by level 03 or higher personnel. The "Nightmare" mode is expressly prohibited due to environmental impacts and its possible threat to the human condition globally.
  • Controls - Guideline for button function changes. Prohibited from use due to harmful side effects to the victim's life. Exchange of place between limbs and organs are some of the results obtained by changing this value. Humans appear to be the primary target of SCP-043-PT and are incapable adapt to changing these values.
  • Copy's authenticating serial - Value for conferring only. After activating, a series of data is displayed on its terminal. The data was identified as a compilation of information about the physical, legal and other as-yet-unidentified information about a specific individual, changing with each activation. After analyzing the data, it was discovered that they refer to real and living people. How the entity acquires this information is unknown. The person referred to in the code is exposed to the peculiar effects of SCP-043-PT, and all commands given by the player are now executed by the affected person.

Instructions for reading the file: The files 1-A and 1-B must be read simultaneously. Due to a electromagnetic overload of unknown origin when entering the data into the system, the addendum of the report of the field team was divided into two parts. In cases where the workstation you are using does not support the load of the reports, it is recommended to use pre-defined workstations within the laboratories of the Foundation. Viewing these logs on computers or any type of media viewer off-premises is discouraged and punishable in accordance with the Foundation's articles and laws currently in effect. Appearance of some invalid characters generated by magnetic interference during reading is considered part of standard procedure.


Photo extracted during experiment.

Aware of the damage and risks caused by SCP-043-PT, a major investigation was dispatched. Logs about supposed events lead to believe that there are more instances of the object around the world being used. Events such as sleepwalking, people claiming not to remember how they ended up in certain places, temporary amnesia, are behaviors with certain connections to SCP-043-PT. Two cases under investigation by the Foundation drew the researchers' attention to an alleged extension of the effects of SCP-043-PT.

Due to a breach of the security protocol, the unauthorized access of the daughter of one of the Foundation's researchers was detected at a workstation near the containment room of SCP-043-PT. She installed a recreation software called “The Sims” and spent 22 minutes using the terminal before having her unauthorized access detected by security. During the final moments of its use, she would have removed the ladder from the pool of a character of the software, causing death by drowning.

Within a margin of error of 3 minutes, Carlos Montanher was found at the same time, dead in the backyard of his house in the swimming pool. An autopsy by the local police revealed the failure of the arm muscles and exhaustion, cause by a long period of physical exercise. Although old photos of the crime scene reveal a staircase leading to the swimming pool, it wasn't recorded in the photos of the case-files of the investigation process.

Under the authorization of a class 04 personnel, a player selected the difficulty mode “nightmare” for data collection purposes. The game created a swarm of locusts that attacked a plantation in a rural sector west of São Paulo. When the player failed to complete the challenge, the message that a time limit had been activated and that a ███████ would collide with the game scenario popped up, the player quickly threw themselves into a hole and caused the end of the game.

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