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Item #: SCP-043-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-043-TH is contained within a 10 x 12 room at Site-██. The room's temperature is to be maintained between -5 and 5 degrees Celsius. SCP-043-TH is to be provided with 5 kg of ice-cream per day. Otherwise, it will lead to a reoccurrence of IC-043 (see Appendix-3), which if it were to happen again emergency security measures will be enacted by site security. As a result of the incident, the vault door leading into SCP-043-TH's chamber has been reinforced, and all interactions with the anomaly are to now be done with Class-D personnel.

No ice-cream is to be served at the site's cafeteria or be brought in by staff. Any violations of this rule will be met with reprimand.

Description: SCP-043-TH is a humanoid entity comprising of vanilla flavored ice-cream. Testing have revealed that SCP-043-TH's 'skin' will constantly secrete ice-cream in a liquid state which consist of sugar, human fat, and vanilla via an unknown method to maintain its shape. The liquid was tested and found to respond normally to changes in temperature.

SCP-043-TH behaves like any other human being. SCP-043-TH would sometimes ask personnel if anyone would want to taste the liquid ice-cream secreted from its body, and it would express satisfaction at those that accept its offer. Subjects that have tasted the ice-cream described it to taste awful, sometimes vomiting after consumption. Some subjects have refused to consume any ice-cream presented to them regardless of flavor and previous preferences. Male subjects have specifically described the taste of SCP-043-TH's ice-cream to be like [REDACTED]. Subjects forced to try other ice-cream has described the taste to be exactly like SCP-043-TH, despite the ice-cream being vanilla flavored or not. In-depth research has found that SCP-043-TH's secretions affect the taste buds of organisms (see Appendix-1).

SCP-043-TH is observed to always be carrying a metallic spoon on its person, which is classified as SCP-043-TH-1. It is pulled out from the belly of specimen where it keeps it when not in use. When staff took the spoon from SCP-043-TH for analysis it was found to have its own anomalous properties. Staff that made contact with the spoon had their bodies slowly transform into ice-cream. Those affected are then referred to as an SCP-043-TH-2 instance. SCP-043-TH will consume any -2 instances if it is able to come into contact with them. It is not clear why SCP-043-TH eats the subjects, but it is assumed that ███████████. Further research is underway regarding the process.

Appendix-1: Test of SCP-043-TH

Test Subject: D-26849
Test result: D-26849 was instructed to taste SCP-043-TH. After D-26849 had tasted it, they puked out a chunk of ice-cream along with a hornet inside the chunk. D-26849 proceed to yell expletives at SCP-043-TH and staff. Next, D-26849 was order to taste ice-cream that the Foundation provided. D-26849 ate and vomited the ice-cream like before. The subject asked if they were tricked into eating SCP-043-TH again. The flavor provided to the subject was strawberry ice cream bought.


Test Subject: D-26850
Test Result: D-26850 was ordered to take SCP-043-TH-1 from SCP-043-TH. D-26850 attempted to take -1, but SCP-043-TH finally retaliated when the subject was successful in acquiring the item. D-26850's hand that held SCP-043-TH-1 then slowly began to turned into ice cream. D-26850 cried out in shock. 3 minutes passed, D-26850 completely transformed into an instance of SCP-043-TH-2. SCP-043-TH then snatched -1 from D-26850 and used it to scoop up D-26850's remains as it melted.

Appendix-3: Event IC-043

It was 2 weeks I heard the angry cries of SCP-043-TH. It banged on the door of its cell for ice-cream to eat. We did give it food but it still wanted more. Some personnel started to feel pity for it, but we must not forget what it is. I then sent a Class-D subject, designated D-22356 into the chamber to communicate with SCP-043-TH if it needed anything. It suddenly became aggressive and attacked D-22356. It forced fed him its liquid with that spoon it carries. 043-TH started to secrete more than usual, dropping piles of half-melted ice-cream on to the floor. It produced so much ice-cream it looked like 043-TH was dissolving. I checked the room temperature and it was at -5 degrees so it wasn't melting. Then, the alarm went off for the liquid was starting to leak out of the cell. Assigned staff within the vicinity at that time reported the substance was coming out of the walls and looked like it was moving towards them. In addition, it had a terrible smell. Personnel then started to evacuate the area. The leak didn't manage to reach anyone. After that, the room temperature was lowered significantly, stopping the incident.

It has been suggested to change the temperature in the procedures from -5 to -8 degrees, and to increase the thickness of the walls. I preferred the changes be implemented as soon as possible. I am tired of people getting grossed out about a resurgence of this liquid again.

- Dr. ██████ Sonnas

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