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Item #: SCP-045-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-045-DE is located at Site-DE18 on level 3 in custody room 324, and is stored in a Class-S3 locker therein, where SCP-045-DE is kept in a customized, padded container.

The golden rings of SCP-045-DE are fixated with fabric ribbons, and the plate of SCP-045-DE is, in addition, covered by a non-transparent cloth. Unbounding or loosening of the fabric ribbons and cloths is to be conducted solely be D-Class personnel.

Research personnel may only view the test courses with SCP-045-DE threw cameras. In course of testing, only D-Class personal is permitted to reside in the testing chamber of SCP-045-DE.

Description: SCP-045-DE is described as being a construct, consisting of three parts, one frame with similarities to a armillary sphere, one plate, and one stand.

The armillary sphere of SCP-045-DE is made up of seven mutually rotatable rings of gold, each 1.20 cm in wide. The outermost gold ring of the SCP-045-DE amilliary sphere is 40 cm in diameter.

In the center of the construct resembling a armilliary sphere, a perpendicular, round, blue disc is located, together with a 1 cm thick gold frame. The 5 mm thick disc with a diameter of 9 cm, is transparent despite possessing a dark blue coloration. On the disk itself, there are seven engraved circles that have differing distances to one another, and feature several unknown, engraved symbols which are present between the circular engravings.

The construct is supported by a 10 cm high gold frame. This is a classic globe rack, with a lateral hanger that encompasses the outermost gold ring of the SCP-045-DE construct. Together with the construct, SCP-045-DE shows a height of 60 cm in total.

When a person hits one of the gold rings of SCP-045-DE, all gold rings of SCP-045-DE will start to rotate for a span of 77 seconds. During these 77 seconds, a bright bluish glow will be emitted from the blue disc. After exactly 77 seconds, all gold rings of SCP-045-DE will be in a vertical position. In the previously blue lighted disk of SCP-045-DE can be observed over a period of 777 seconds, any subject, object or place. For this purpose, the user of SCP-045-DE has to hit SCP-045-DE with any extremity, while the SCP-045-DE user thinks of what SCP-045-DE should depict.

When persons that were present through these 777 seconds, where the anomalous effect of SCP-045-DE was present, see through the SCP-045-DE disc, they will suffer permanent visual impairments. Further testing revealed that it is possible to view the anomalous effect of SCP-045-DE using solely one eye, this has the consequence that only one eye gets affected by the negative effects of SCP-045-DE. In Addition, the anomalous effect of the SCP-045-DE disc can not be filmed or photographed. After the anomalous effect of SCP-045-DE is induced, it can only be reactivated after 7 hours. Furthermore, intensive use of SCP-045-DE can lead to delusions, confusion, and blindness.

The graphological analysis of the found documents that were present the same room where SCP-045-DE was also secured came to the result that the author was only one person. According to the evaluations of the text contents, the person described the events from the present at that time, memories which the previous owner experienced from his own perspective via SCP-045-DE, as well as happenings from the past and future. Some text fragments indicate that the previous owner of SCP-045-DE was capable of seeing into parallel universes and utilizing some form of "Prewind function". In addition, the scope of text pieces exceeds by far the amount of utilizations, before a SCP-045-DE operator gets blinded through the effect. It is theorized that the previous owner of SCP-045-DE could evade the negative effects of SCP-045-DE.

Testing with SCP-045-DE to reflect past, future, or memories could not be analyzed. Due to the test subjects being permanently disturbed after such test trials, through which communication with the test subjects deemed impossible. Additionally, all suffered massive visual imaprements.

Discovery: On the ██.██.████, in the course of restoration works on the temple branch [REDACTED], SCP-045-DE was located in a walled up underground section. SCP-045-DE stood on a stone pedestal in the center of the room, with the pedestal featuring an engraved symbol resembling the Eye of Provision. Next to SCP-045-DE in the room, there were [REDACTED] text pieces written in the Latin language. As both the section, SCP-045-DE, and the Latin text pieces therein were reported, the German department for external affairs became attentive about the reported findings. After closer inspection, the content of the secret room was secured by the German branch of the Foundation. SCP-045-DE was contained in Site-DE18 and the Latin documents were redirected to [REDACTED] for evaluation.

Excerpts of the documents found in the SCP-045-DE place of recoverey:


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