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SCP-045-FR in one of its former confinements.

Item #: SCP-045-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-045-FR is to be contained in a cell dug from a 10 * 10 * 10 meter concrete block. The cell is accessible through a steel door six (6) meters long and tall and thirty (30) centimeters thick.

SCP-045-FR is to be fed on a weekly basis with dehydrated meat and fruits. Any form of liquid should be reported as soon as possible. If the object consumes a liquid, any member of staff must remain outside the containment cell, while removing any object with a volume of less than about five (5) cubic meters if there is one. The entity must be observed through a reinforced plexiglass window six (6) meters thick.

Description: SCP-045-FR belongs to the species of Birgus latro ("Coconut Crab") possesing blue and yellow hues and does not present any abnormality on a physical level. The primary objective of the organism seems to be to identify and consume all the surrounding liquids, regardless of its quantity or position, for unknown reasons. This objective seems to take precedence over primary needs.

After ingesting a liquid, the entity secretes saliva, the chemical composition of which differs from that of its species. Indeed, the molecules of this drool are all different from those found in the drool of another individual of the same species. All attempts to synthesize the product have been successful, but without retaining the abnormal effect of the liquid. The entity always produces an equal or greater amount of drool compared to the liquid ingested. This effect does not manifest itself if it ingests a non-liquid element or if it does not contain one. SCP-045-FR appears capable of surviving without needing to drink and can ingest any liquid without being affected by its effects, whatever it may be. It seems to have no priority with regard to the choice of liquid. The viscosity limit where the specimen considers the object as liquid is unknown, but at first glance appears to be variable.
Since the animal is attracted to the blood fluid of nearby living beings and their various bodily fluids, SCP-045-FR is therefore considered hostile.

The drool secreted by SCP-045-FR has the anomalous effect of, once coming into contact with an object of less than five (5) cubic meters, greatly increasing the cell division of the cells contained in the drool so as to completely cover the object. According to the first tests carried out on ██ / ██ / ████, if this object is more than five (5) cubic meters approximately, the chemical process aimed at covering the object will no longer operate after covering between 20% and 90% of the object. The object enveloped by the slime will weaken and then disappear after eight (8) seconds. Observing or feeling the liquid does not trigger the effect. The foundation does not know to date whether the objects enveloped by the slime of SCP-045-FR are, after disappearance, destroyed or relocated.

Experience report 045-FR-01:

Objective of the test: Have the slime of SCP-045-FR interact with various types of objects and deduce therefrom if the object concerned interferes with the anomalous properties of SCP-045-FR.

Object 1: One (1) steel ingot.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.

Object 2: Two (2) Beef shins.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.

Object 3: One (1) piece of synthetic fiber coat.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.

Objet 4: One (1) grenade with the pin removed.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.
Note: The explosion of the grenade was also absorbed.

Object 5: One (1) 10 * 10 * 1 cm Polonium plate.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.
Note: The radiation had no effect on the anomalous properties of SCP-045-FR or on its health.

Object 6: One (1) Uranium bar.
Result: Fully absorbed. No residue.
Note: The radiation had no effect on the anomalous properties of SCP-045-FR or on its health.

Object 7: One (1) skin sample of SCP-███.
Result: Fully absorbed despite its indestructibility. No residue.

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