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Laser scan of the internal structure of SCP-045-IT, lateral projection.

Item #: SCP-045-IT

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following the neutralization of SCP-045-IT and the analyses on the objects labeled as SCP-045-IT-Ogg — from which they resulted to be completely inert —, SCP-045-IT and the area around the locus-045 are suitable to become archaeological touristic attractions. To that extent, the Historical-Archaeological Subdivision is considering to hand-off its management to the Sovrintendenza ai Beni Archeologici.

The items labeled as SCP-045-IT-Ogg with suffixes from -0 to -8 are contained in the reinforced armoirs from HT/045/0 to HT/045/8 at Site Plutone.

Description: SCP-045-IT is an underground necropolis from the Bronze Age, in the Barletta territory, Puglia, 1.4 km from the area of the ancient Cannae. SCP-045-IT is a little bigger compared to other hypogea1 in the area of the Daunia2 dating back to the same period, extending for 627 m2.

The presence of pumices of volcanic origin in the rediscovered clay pots suggests that they were manufactured not too much time after the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius that took place between 1850 and 1700 BCE.

SCP-045-IT presents presented the anomalous property of being capable to animate objects with anthropomorphic features, henceforth labeled as SCP-045-IT-Ogg. Some instances of SCP-045-IT-Ogg are were capable of producing human vocalizations, and in some cases also to produce correct conversation, and answer asked questions.

Because of the documents of RIDIA that I found in the archive (presented in the Addendum 045-A below), and because of what SCP-045-IT-3 said (presented in the Exploration Log below), I hereby suggest to extend the classification of SCP-045-IT to all the hypogea of the Daunia.

Dr. Bellini

Recovery Log
The first news about SCP-045-IT came to the attention of the Foundation on 201█-06-14, through the online discussion forum www.d██████.it and www.p██████████.it, in which many adolescents talked about a location in which toys, statues, and drawings of anthropomorphic features, when placed on the ground, after a few minutes inexplicably started to emit human vocalizations, often identifiable as of pain.

Geographical location of locus-045.

Differently from similar affirmations — that are discarded because unsubstantiated — Dr. Bellini has retrieved documentation from RIDIA describing an identical phenomenon, also referring to the same area, giving a rationale for the investigation of the phenomenon (for further details see the Addendum 045-A below).

The user of the forums, anyway, started a viral condivision process of the news, and so the majority of the information about it was erroneous or completely invented. Agent Eugenia Manchi of the squad SIR-I "Auræ Notitiæ", pretending to be an adolescent, become a user of the forums herself and was able to retrieve the original information along with the exact position of the place in which the anomalous phenomenon manifested.

On 201█-07-05 at 5:30 PM a research team comprised of Agt. Manchi, Dr. Rogazzi, senior researcher, and Dr. Solipsi, junior researcher, went to the place. When arrived on the scene they found there 5 preteens, of age 11 (4) and 12 (1). The subjects were gathered around a plastic toy reproducing a character from the so-called Power Ranger, of red color, placed on the ground, that was autonomously struggling and was emitting vocalizations similar to rales and gurglings.

The toy (henceforth labeled as SCP-045-IT-Ogg-0) after a few minutes stopped moving and vocalizing and remained inert. Subsequent analyses revealed that it shattered in several points, primarily in the thoracic and ventral area, where the pieces of SCP-045-IT-Ogg-0 dismantled and the plastic presented several small cracks.

The preteen subjects were administered with amnestics and were lead away immediately afterward.

Addendum 045-A (RIDIA Documentation) In the following, a document from the Regio Istitvto delle Italiche Anomaliæ3 (Royal Institute for the Italian Anomalies, RIDIA) referring to SCP-045-IT, which gives a well-founded basis for the investigation of SCP-045-IT.

All indicated places coincide with those where hypogea of the Bronze Age were retrieved in the area of the Daunia, except the last one, which doesn't refer to any necropolis of the area appears to be referring to locus-045 (for further information see Addendum 045-B below).

In the following, it is presented an additional document from RIDIA relative to the investigations on SCP-045-IT of the Institute itself.

In the RIDIA documentation, there is no further mention of SCP-045-IT/Cæsar-291, thus indicating that the investigation on SCP-045-IT was since discontinued.

Test Log
In the following the test log of the experiments carried out in loco by the research team. The objects used for the tests have been labeled as SCP-045-IT-Ogg-x, where x is substituted by the numerical suffix of the related test.

Addendum 045-B (Discovery of the Hypogeum)
Following testing — in particular test 045-7 — Dr. Bellini coordinated the search team in a sweep mission in the area towards where SCP-045-IT-Ogg-7 looked, supported by the use of Charu-CIV mass detectors. Following it was detected, 27 m south-east from the test zone, a subterranean recess with regular walls, of artificial nature. Its position was labeled as locus-045.

And it can only be one thing: an undiscovered hypogeum.

Dr. Bellini

Exploration Log
On 201█-07-08 the SSM-VIII "Subterranea Materia" was mobilized on the locus-045; in exploration were sent Agent Sabina Doria and Agent Simone Accorsi. In the following, the transcription of radio communication during exploring operations.

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