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SCP-045-PT-J after its capture.


SCP-045-PT-J sensualizing for the photo.

Item #: SCP-045-PT-J

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-045-PT-J is currently located in Site PT13's Object Storage Sector. The reason for this was to separate the object from Dr. █████, after he fucked things up caused an accident. Currently, there are no instances of SCP-045-PT-J contained, and all have been neutralized after Incident Log 045-1-J. It is strictly forbidden to create new instances due to the shit tragedy made by Dr. █████.

Description: SCP-045-PT-J is a microwave from the brand Dako. The object has the anomalous ability to mutate food and turn it into killer monsters from trash movies, with mainly eyes and a mouth in the instance, and previously nonexistent limbs, varying between arms and legs, paws and tentacles.

The mutation process consists of placing any food inside SCP-045-PT-J and heating it up. When this process is finished, the food is mutated. Interrupting this process will cause an unfinished mutation and the rotting of the food-instance.

Dr. ████████ after seeing sexy photos of SCP-045-PT-J.

Discovery: SCP-045-PT-J was first discovered by [IMPRONUNCIABLE], who bought the object at one of the so-called "Untidy's Fairs", in downtown São Paulo. The seller demanded that the object in question should not be used for its normal functions, but be used as a "relic object", or junk. Obviously, the bastard subject didn't listen to the seller, which caused the creation of the SCP-045-PT-J-01 instance and the loss of his right arm.

The Foundation was contacted by local Agents, and subjects in addition to [IMPRONUNCIABLE] received amnestics and the instance was contained.

Addendum 045-1: Conversation between Dr. █████ and Dr. ████████ about SCP-045-PT-J.

Dr.█████: (Talking about Document SCP-045-PT-J) Dr. ████████, why is the subject's name censored?

Dr. ████████: You can pronounce it, yes, but I don't want to invoke Cthullu as a consequence.

Dr.█████: (Talking about SCP-045-PT-J's instances) This one scares me, especially the sausage. Wait, are you recording this?

Incident Log 045-1-J: Dr. █████, after the conversation described in Addendum 045-1, accidentally disconnected the cable that connected SCP-045-PT-J, which was being tested at the exact moment. Dr.█████ saw the shit he did tried to resolve the situation by reconnecting SCP-045-PT-J's cable. At the same time, the instance that was inside the object attacks Dr. █████, knocking down the other instances. Unfortunately or not, Dr. █████ lost his left hand in the process.

As a means of defense against the breach of containment of the SCP-045-PT-J instances, members of the not so Mobile Task Force PT55-ω ("I'm Lovin' It") positioned themselves to take down, and taste, the anomalies.

All instances were neutralized.

"Damn, these guys were really hungry."
Dr. ████████ after caging hungry fat people for a few days.

"It was rubbery."
MTF PT55-ω agent on SCP-045-PT-03 instance.

Addendum 045-2:
Note: Authorization from the Director of Site PT13 to terminate Dr. █████ after Incident with SCP-045-PT-J. - Dr. ████████

Dr. █████.

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