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Object #: SCP-046-DE

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-046-DE is to be secured in a 10 x 10 m particle-free steel room. This room needsto be accessible only through a airlock with multiple air purification systems to prevent the introduction of additional particles into the containment chamber. One (1) black painted chair needs to be in the center of the room to allow the subject to be in a silent state. Any type of particles in the air are readily noticeable to SCP-046-DE and in larger quantities can awaken the subject from their silent state. Access to SCP-046-DE is only allowed for personnel with access level 3 or higher.

Description: SCP-046-DE is a 2.3 m tall humanoid. It consists of ribbon-like long strands of human flesh, organs and skin. It is completely black. According to genetic analysis, its DNA is largely human and the black coloration is a genetic phenomenon. The subject possesses a deformed human skeleton under its veiled carcass, which is also black in color.

SCP-046-DE is capable of being subjected to massive physical damage. Movements of the subject sound like flesh rubbing against flesh, and are very slow except for neck and throat movements. Most of the time, SCP-046-DE is in its so-called "silent state." If the subject is disturbed by small particles or the presence of a lifeform, SCP-046-DE awakens from its silent state and looks around the room frantically. The following processes are listed as disturbances:

  • Rapid movements
  • Loud footsteps and noises
  • Heavy breathing
  • Sweat dripping on the floor
  • A breeze or particle touching SCP-046-DE

When SCP-046-DE has identified a lifeform in the room by one of these sequences, it will slowly stand up and approach the person with bent head and back posture. If the subject quietly sneaks away or remains still in the room, SCP-046-DE will cross the room to locate the subject. The subject will walk the room several times for a maximum of 15 minutes until he/she sits back in the chair and returns to his/her silent state.

However, if the subject repeats other sequences (see above), such as making loud noises, SCP-046-DE will locate the subject and use its strand-like ribbons to engage and hold the subject. One test subject was held in SCP-046-DE's strands for several days, and died due to malnutrition (see Test Log 046-DE-03). There exists no way to escape from SCP-046-DE's strands, as the subject has so far proven resistant to any physical harm.

Addendum: During the containment breach on ██/██/19██ in Site-DE19, SCP-046-DE broke out in Sector-33 and had a yet unknown effect on other humanoid beings. SCP-046-DE infected SCP-████ [neutralized] with an unknown virus. SCP-████ was found dead in its standard humanoid cell with a ripped open black-colored body. SCP-████'s organs could not be identified or found. So far it is unclear whether they are now contained in SCP-046-DE or have been devoured in some way. Apparently SCP-████ lived on for several hours as a type of SCP-046-DE until it died.

Appendix-02: [REDACTED] After the containment breach, another dead infected speciemen of SCP-046-DE was found. Tattered D-class clothing confirmed that the individual was D-1614, which was hiding in corridor G3 in the restrooms.

Test Log 046-DE-03

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