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Item #: SCP-046-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-046-FR is located in Mesopotamia, 20km underground in the Mountains north of Mosul. The only entrance to the underground cave where SCP-046-FR is located must be blocked by the Foundation force under the guise of an uranium exploitation, in accordance with local authorities. The access to the cave itself must restricted to testing and experimentations only, as well as the securing of the zone (the cave being 2 km long, an hundred meters tall and 1 km wide).
Any form of hostility against SCP-046-01-FR, SCP-046-02-FR or any of their creation is prohibited unless a counter-order is sent by level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-046-FR is divided in two items: SCP-046-01-FR which seems to be a wooden boat of considerable size, and SCP-046-02-FR, an entity resembling an old man carrying a mallet on its belt and a crook in his hand, both made of pure gold.
When SCP-046-02-FR enters SCP-046-01-FR, he’s able to summon any animal or plant of a non-extinct species. The number of SCP-046-02-FR’s creations seems however limited: indeed, the number of animal lifeforms inside the cave never exceeded 50.

SCP-046-02-FR’s crook can light up, and after analysis, emits radiations catalyzing the reactions allowing for the regenerations of biological organism at a rate nearly a thousand times faster than normal.
When SCP-046-02-FR’s hammer is put in contact with water, he instantly purifies the watering hole. Tests have proven that the hammer is sending a wave turning all pollution residues into H2O, by duplicating or eliminating the subatomic particles building them.

If SCP-046-02-FR strikes his hammer onto the farthest wall from the cave entrance, the wall will turn into a portal, by which the created animals rejoin their appropriate natural habitats. The phenomenon leading to the creation of the portal, despite the numerous tests, is still unexplained. Nevertheless, it is supposed that the tools of SCP-046-02-FR may interact in an unknown way with matter.

SCP-046-02-FR is also able to talk with his creations and to use them to defend the cave from potential aggressors.

Any harm done at SCP-046-01-FR, SCP-046-02-FR, or one of the latter’s creations will anger SCP-046-02-FR. He will then uses his creations to attack his aggressors.

The cave where is situated SCP-046-01-FR is covered by vegetation and has a watering hole, apparently supplied by a phreatic table.
It seems that the presence of SCP-046-01-FR allow the fauna and the flora to flourish and stay healthy without the need to eat. Class-D personnels sent without food in the cave have proven that this effect is not limited to SCP-046-02-FR’s creations but in the contrary, extends to every lifeforms inside the cave. Theories on the role of SCP-046-01-FR in this anomaly were established, but, unless the discovery of a magnetic field around SCP-046-01-FR, no other test could be conducted to prove that theory, most of the experiments made leading to the anger of SCP-046-02-FR who considered that SCP-046-02-FR could “potentially be harmed”. The ceiling of the cave is filled with light-producing crystals, allowing it to be well lit.
SCP-046-02-FR seems to keep this environment permanently inhabited by several of his creations.
The animals, predators included, having no need to eat, are totally inoffensive as long as no harm is made to them, SCP-046-02-FR or SCP-046-01-FR.

Addendum 046-01-FR:

The original report was received by Agent Neremsa, through a transmission from Dr. Grym. Here are the content of the aforementioned transmission.

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