Item #: SCP-046-PT

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-046-PT-1 must be kept under constant surveillance by 11 armed guards with non-lethal weapons, with one of them in charge of monitoring the area through security cameras. A concrete wall measuring approximately 20 centimeters thick and 4.5 meters high, with an electric fence installed, was built around SCP-046-PT-1 for ease of discretion, in addition to a guardhouse to better supervise the containment area through security cameras. Access by any civilian or personnel to the interior of SCP-046-PT-1 except during testing periods is strictly prohibited. Any individual attempting to break into the wall area must be stopped.

Any type of testing involving SCP-046-PT must be approved directly by the Project Head. Testing involving SCP-046-PT is suspended indefinitely.

All guards assigned to protect the containment area of SCP-046-PT must be highly resistant to cognitohazards, and not show any strong interest in books any kind of reading. All guards involved in the project must be rotated after a one-week period to lessen the risk of a containment breach. After what happened in Incident 046-PT-A, guards assigned to protect SCP-046-PT-1 should preferably be dyslexic.

If any individual manages to successfully break into the library, no guards should attempt to follow them, and the resulting SCP-046-PT-3 instance should be carefully collected and then incinerated. Due to the public location of SCP-046-pt-1, preventing frequent attacks induced by its anomalous properties from happening is impossible, for this reason the Stationary Task Force PT13-β "Librarians" was formed to maintain a secure perimeter around SCP-046-PT-1. If attacks to the containment area start to become extremely difficult to combat, or there is a 1 month period between attacks, a D-Class personnel must be sent inside SCP-046-PT-1 in order to "appease" SCP-046-PT. Means of containing SCP-046-PT without sacrificing D-Class personnel are being researched.

Description: SCP-046-PT is the designation given to SCP-046-PT-1, SCP-046-PT-2, and several instances of SCP-046-PT-3. SCP-046-PT-1 refers to an unnamed library located in the [REDACTED] district of the city of São Paulo. The interior of the library consists of a librarian's bench, 4 rectangular tables with 4 chairs each and 11 shelves, forming 10 different wings, each with an information board referring to different literary genres, the genres change each time a new individual enters SCP-046-PT-1 if there is no other individual already in the library. some of the frequently observed genres are "FICTION", "ROMANCE", "COMEDY", "HISTORY", "STUDY", "PHILOSOPHY", however cases of extremely specific "genres" such as "TRUCK REPAIR" and "DEALING WITH COCKROACH INFESTATION" have also been reported. An additional smaller bookcase is located on the outside of SCP-046-PT-1. SCP-046-PT-2 refers to a message written on the wall opposite to the entrance of SCP-046-PT-1, which says "Reading a book is good, and I can read you, too." SCP-046-PT-2 generates a strong cognitohazardous effect after reading. SCP-046-PT-3 refers to all books found within SCP-046-PT-1 or generated by the anomalous effects of SCP-046-PT.

Individuals reading SCP-046-PT-2 directly will feel a strong and uncontrollable urge to read a random book located inside SCP-046-PT-1, usually the chosen book is related to the reader's personal interests.

After reading at least one sentence one word one letter of SCP-046-PT-3 that is not on its cover, the individual is subject to its anomalous properties. In a period ranging from 20 minutes to up to approximately 5 hours after reading, the individual will suffer from several seizures, before losing consciousness, and their body will then spontaneously disappear without a trace. The time before the beginning of the process appears to be related to the distance from the victim to SCP-046-PT-1. At the end of this process, a new instance of SCP-046-PT-3 will be created in the outside bookshelf, with the same anomalous properties. Alternatively, after passing an exact total period of 1 hour within SCP-046-PT-1, the individual will go through the same process. The instance of SCP-046-PT-3 generated through these means refers to a personal story of the missing individual, portraying their memories and characteristics. The story will be written in a narrative way, portraying the missing individual as the protagonist.

SCP-046-PT-2 has no effect on individuals who are illiterate, dyslexic, or cannot understand written Portuguese, nor does it have any effect when viewed through a camera or photograph.

If a new instance of SCP-046-PT is not created for a period of 3 weeks, a random individual within a 10 kilometers radius of SCP-046-PT-1 will suffer from a strong urge to enter SCP-046-PT-1, regardless of whether the individual is aware of the location's existence. This desire will soon become an obsession, leading the individual to trying to invade the containment area at any cost. All individuals that have been affected had a strong liking for reading. If a new instance of SCP-046-PT-3 still is not generated, a new "attack" will occur every 24 hours, gradually increasing the number of affected individuals. People who spend long periods of time in the active area of SCP-046-PT-1 are more sensitive to its effect. This "trance" caused by SCP-046-PT-1 can only be reversed by knocking out the individual, Class A amnestics should be administered to knocked out individuals before releasing them.

SCP-046-PT-1 appears to store an infinite number of instances of SCP-046-PT-3. Each row of books on each of the shelves hides another row of instances of SCP-046-PT-3, and so on.

There is no known limit to how far SCP-046-PT can make affected individuals disappear. During one of the experiments performed, SCP-046-PT was able to affect an individual who, after reading a single word of an instance of SCP-046-PT-3, was sent to [REDACTED], Japan. The distance only appears to have affected the time before the anomalous process of SCP-046-PT started.

Addendum - Incident 046-PT-A: On ██/██/████, one of the guards in charge of protecting the wall around SCP-046-PT-1 was affected by the effect of the structure, knocking out the other two guards near the gate before breaking into the wall and entering SCP-046-PT-1, 20 minutes after entering, a new instance of SCP-046-PT-3 was created on the outside bookshelf, and collected by the other guards. The guard in question had no great interest in books, however his main hobby was reading newspaper news through the internet. Special Containment Procedures updated.

Addendum - Incident 046-PT-B: On ██/██/████, after a period of 6 weeks without any civilian attack, all individuals within 200 meters of SCP-046-PT-1 were affected by its effects, except for the 9 guards with the highest cognitive resistance. These managed to knock out 67 civilians before being overwhelmed, resulting in the loss of 32 civilians. New procedures to prevent this event from repeating were introduced.

Addendum - Incident 046-PT-C: During one of the Experiments performed with SCP-046-PT, SCP-046-PT-1 experienced an anomalous event never before observed, documented in the Log below.

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