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Item #: SCP-047-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-047-JP is to be placed in a specially reinforced CD-R case, and stored in a low-risk item storage locker at Site-8181. Level 2/047-JP Clearance is required to remove SCP-047-JP from the locker. During the experiments, personnel should avoid allowing test subjects to listen to SCP-047-JP audio for an extended period of time, and ensure that playback is stopped or headphones are removed. Personnel interested in experimenting longer exposure of test subjects are required to obtain permission from the head researcher in charge and the Department of Personnel Resources in advance.

Description: SCP-047-JP is a CD-R containing 24 minutes and 58 seconds of untitled MP3 data, with the words "For the Greatest Music" written in black marker on the label. Examination has not revealed anything suspicious about the CD-R itself. In addition, it has been proven that copying or editing the MP3 data recorded in SCP-047-JP is impossible. It should be noted that when playing the MP3 data in SCP-047-JP, the audio cannot be fastforwarded and rewound.

The MP3 data recorded on SCP-047-JP consists of a man giving a speech about music to a number of audiences. The content of his speech changes with each playback, but is consistent in nature. In all listening experiments, the test subjects reported that at one point during the playback, they began to hear the speaker's footsteps gradually approaching. If the headphones are not removed or the playback is not stopped at this point, the subject disappears from their location with their clothes. This disappearance invariably occurs even when the volume of the audio player is turned down to the lowest setting. All attempts by the researchers to capture the moment of disappearance with devices such as high-speed cameras have failed. When a D-Class subject equipped with a voice communication device and a GPS locator disappeared, both devices were lost and ceased to function.

Researchers who analyzed the MP3 binary data obtained a conflicting result, which indicated that no data was recorded on the track. In addition, when SCP-047-JP was played without audio output, and then a D-Class subject listened to it from the 24:30 mark through headphones, the disappearance did not occur; the subject stated a subjective assessment that only "grating noise" was heard for 28 seconds before the playback ended. Similarly, when D-101, who had a speech impediment due to a previous injury, was selected as a subject, he did not disappear.

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