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Item #: SCP-048-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Most school staff where SCP-048-KO happens is replaced with Foundation agents. All agents must acquire a teacher's license and attain the position through formal administrative procedures. Positions of science and career planning are primarily replaced. A "Standard test for the evaluation of aptitude and interest in science and technology" should be run for students of the affected school. Subjects of science projects of science-related clubs that score over 70 in interest and under 20 in aptitude must be checked for danger. Also, the research process of said clubs must be monitored. All anomalous objects produced are checked per the procedures on the separate document and then discarded or stored, depending on their importance.

Description: SCP-048-KO is an anomalous phenomenon that is generated by some of the end-of-the-year science club projects in a high school located in ██████. These phenomena happen when the students involved are interested in science and technology and knowledge below a certain threshold. Most of the project's plans cover impossible subjects due to the student's lack of knowledge, such as perpetual motion and computers that utilize a rat's brain. Still, the results show what is mentioned in the plan, regardless of the laws of physics. Analysis of previous records indicates that one to ██ anomalous objects are produced annually. Faint reality alterations that aid in the execution of the project have been observed during the production of the anomalies. The Foundation is closely monitoring for extensive evidence of such reality alterations.

When the project faces a substantial hindrance, such as attempts to close the science club or purposeful deprivation of experiment material, the anomalous phenomena related to the project's subject starts manifesting from within the school building. Such anomalies increase in magnitude and range until the hindrance is removed. At first, the anomaly is ignorable but can grow substantially, possibly causing mass casualties. Interruption from people outside the school staff increases the aggressiveness of the phenomena.

The objects have been made for about ██ years since the foundation of the science club, and it amounts to ██ pieces.

Addendum: Document, presumably written by the teacher who founded the science club.

19██.██.██ Today's reflection- After enjoying the busking..

Today, I saw some street performers, who they called themselves the "Noonday oak Troupe." At first, their music sounded like noise. One of them performed with one of his eyes covered. But the audience seemed to enjoy the music calmly. I spared some time listening to it, wondering what might draw their interest so badly to that music. The man with his eye covered seemed to make any noise that he could, but the performers around him followed him, filling in the gaps. The man keeps throwing notes in irregular intervals, and the others catch it, keeping the tune on. Alas, the music faded, and the man stopped playing, removed his eye patch, saluted us all, and then started talking to the members packing their instruments. I was shocked to see them talking in sign languages. Others were talking by voice, but he alone was using his hands. I didn't have anything important to do that day, so I waited until they finished packing up and spoke to the man, and the other members came and informed me he was deaf.

So, to put, he performed while being completely oblivious of what was playing around him. He didn't know anything, but he played trusting his colleagues to the point of being almost stubborn.
Let's think it this way: They say "Knowledge is power". However, if you have that stubbornness that can overcome ignorance and achieve the impossible, and with good help from others, you can achieve something truly marvelous.

I am a teacher. As a teacher, I teach "Knowledge", but I must teach the power of "Ignorance." too.

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