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Item #: SCP-049-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there are no methods of confining SCP-049-KO, nor does the subject show willingness to be confined. Those who have methods to confine the anomaly are to notify Foundation staff such as researchers and agents immediately. However, personnel with acquaintances in the parade are restricted from making such proposals. Potential manifestation locations of the parade should be first be prohibited civilian access and then contained.

Description: SCP-049-KO is a group of various organisms. Members include ordinary people, people in clown costumes or musical instruments, those who look ill, people with severely deformed body parts, or even unexpected beings such as inhuman monsters and knights in medieval armour. Members of the parade are designated as SCP-049-KO-1 and share one trait: pale skin, indicating they are not alive.

SCP-049-KO appears without any precursors. Witness accounts all report the parade appeared out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it only manifests in places where many people died. Specifically, how many is yet to be determined. The group suddenly appears out of nowhere on the location and starts a parade, which the deceased join. How this happens is unknown. No intervention is possible for the marchers.

What goals SCP-049-KO plans to achieve is unknown. It does not show any activity other than gathering members. It is confirmed that SCP-049-KO-1 retain memories before death and individual wills, though they can only express themselves by answering questions. The parade de-manifests suddenly, similar to their manifestation.

SCP-049-KO was first seen where SCP-███ claimed the lives of ████ people. Research about the parade followed.

Addendum: Interview log SCP-049-KO-█

Interviewee: SCP-049-KO-1

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Introduction: Dr. ███ recognized an SCP-049-KO-1 instance thought to have worked in the Foundation, after which he immediately started recording.

Dr. ███: Hey, wait! Weren't you… a Foundation Agent?

SCP-049-KO-1: Affirmative.

Dr. ███: Do you remember me?

SCP-049-KO-1: Of course. You are Dr. ███.

Dr. ███: Your lack of expression scares me. Can you answer my questions?

SCP-049-KO-1: Yes, ask me anything.

Dr. ███: Where are you marching?

SCP-049-KO-1: We do not stop.

Dr. ███: Pardon?

SCP-049-KO-1: We do not stop.

Dr. ███: That wasn't the ques-

SCP-049-KO-1: We do not stop.

[Subject failed to answer all following questions, repeating the same sentence.]

Addendum: Researcher's note

The marchers may have been doomed to an eternal parade of death. Or conversely one can say they've broken free from our realm of existence. Only they can decide whether it's a blessing or a curse… When asked a question, SCP-049-KO-1 instances will most likely say this: "We do not stop". What meaning this has, I don't know yet. Regardless, one thing's for sure: it'll take a while for SCP-049-KO's object class to drop. - Dr. ███

Note : Dr. ███, I advise you to refrain from being overly emotional. Your wording - "blessing" that is - may have led to many agents and researchers attempting [DATA EXPUNGED] with SCP-049-KO-1 members that they knew before: they all have been prosecuted. Be careful from now on. - O5-█

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