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Item #: SCP-049-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Cyberspace texts must be constantly monitored and evaluated by Σ2-Azrael1. Information considered critical by the AI is to be analyzed and potentially altered by SCP-049-PT's responsible team2. In the case of a new SCP-049-PT incident, the following measures must be taken:

  • I- Data is to be collected for testing and to update Σ2-Azrael's database;
  • II- Class-A amnestics are to be applied to witnesses;
  • III- Media connected to the event are to be investigated for possible leak of sensitive information;
  • IV- Post-mortem reports are to indicate natural causes of death.

Description: SCP-049-PT is a simulated conditional reality. Any electronic text describing a location of SCP-049-PT will be restructured into an illustration of the scene composed of ASCII characters. Different variations of a scene may be created by repeating a description, which is a useful property to study the behavior of SCP-049-PT's native entities3. Even though it can be observed, so far there is no method to access SCP-049-PT physically.

SCP-049-PT is mainly constituted of familiar elements, including flora, natural structures and artificial objects. However, the anomaly is inhabited by an unknown number of extraordinary entities4. Species discovered so far have been designated SCP-049-PT/01 through SCP-049-PT/42. Even though several of these entities are harmless to observers, some instances may present lethal cognitohazardous effects caused by visual contact.

In most cases, new descriptions of SCP-049-PT are accidentally discovered by fiction writers. This is the main source of data for testing, as new details can be collected and iterations of the scenes can be tested by Class D personnel.

Iteration Sequence: 5
Researcher: Dr. ██████ █████
Subject: D-1025
Date: 05/02/19██

Iteration Sequence: 6
Researcher: Dr. ██████ █████
Subject: D-1025
Date: 05/03/19██

Iteration Sequence: 17
Researcher: Dr. ██████ █████
Subject: D-1306
Date: 09/05/19██

Iteration Sequence: 21
Researcher: Dr. ██████ █████
Subject: D-1377
Date: 03/13/19██

Addendum: Addendum: Request to use SCP-049-PT's cognitohazardous properties as memetic kill agents is currently pending approval. denied. Further investigation of Iteration Sequences 175 and 216 is required.

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