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An attempt to take a photo of SCP-049-UA.

Item #: SCP-049-UA

Object Class: Keter Safe Pending review

Special Containment Procedures: As object's powers allow him to move anywhere, ignoring any barriers, the containment effort is to be limited to keeping contact with him. Only personnel with Level 4 Security Clearance or higher may engage SCP-049-UA in conversation or access any documents related to the object. Any form of contact is prohibited to personnel, demonstrating deep or fanatical devotion to any religion or atheism.

Description: SCP-049-UA appears as a 40-50-year-old Caucasian human male, though some describe him as a Mongoloid of the same age. Numerous tests confirmed that he fluently speaks all known languages. It is impossible to take a photograph, draw a picture or record a video of the object, as any resulting image gets replaced with a white piece of paper or screen with "God does not exist" written on it; the language changes based on the mother tongue of the subject capturing/drawing the images. If group video, photograph or picture are taken, the segments with SCP-049-UA will be corrupted. It is unknown if this is a conscious result of his will, or his immanent feature. SCP-049-UA has asked to address him as "simple", "explained", "substantiated", "scientific method", but does not object if addressed by its number.

SCP-049-UA has powers similar to a 9-class reality bender, and can manipulate realty on his own will. What is of note, though, that he does not generate any Humes, making classification of him as a normal reality bender impossible.

Materials and facilities created for counteracting anomalous effects, as well as devices of similar purpose (ex., Scranton Reality Anchors), do not mitigate the anomalous powers of SCP-049-UA; instead, they empower him even more. The object itself explains that by saying that science is a prayer to him that gives him strength. SCP-049-UA describes himself as the manifestation of pure science, truthful facts, scientific method, great theories, hypotheses and boundless reason. Although SCP-049-UA clearly compares himself to a god or a similar being/concept, he consistently avoids the word in self-description, and expresses displeasure when someone calls him that, reiterating: God does not exist. Interestingly, some of the object's own statements contradict this thesis (see Interview 049-UA-04), but he either ignores it or does not notice.

The object is not aggressive and demonstrates a desire to cooperate with the Foundation. Of particular interest to SCP-049-UA are the objects associated with religion and cults. He repeatedly offered his assistance in the destruction of these objects, but the Foundation's management did not agree to these actions, citing the desire to conduct further research. The object was clearly dissatisfied with this decision, but agreed not to interfere in the affairs of the Foundation, commenting on it with the following words: "Although these should not exist, I shall not stand in the way of scientific urge.".

Acquisition Log: The object was first observed in the XX century, at scientific conferences and congresses of various atheistic organisations, though he was then ignored. The Foundation became interested in SCP-049-UA after he began appearing in various sites and, eventually, contacted one of the senior managers of Site UA-80, offering his services and assistance. This was followed by an investigation, which resulted in the identification of the object as present at almost every important national holiday or gathering of countries whose ideological component was, or still is, atheism, as well as at international congresses in support of this ideology.


Colleagues, we have to admit that we have encountered a truly serious anomaly. I know that many of you do not like that word, but whatever he may say, he is actually a god. I think we should watch him closely and be extremely careful. He seems kind and helpful, but something tells me that we are going to have some problems with him. — Doctor ████.

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