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Item #: SCP-050-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-050-IT is currently docked at the dock of Site Nettuno. SCP-050-IT is allowed to sail in the sea two times each week; during this periods. SCP-050-IT must be monitored by a team from SSM-II Legio Atlandis. The crew of SCP-050-IT is allowed to fish, despite having enough food in the containment area.

SCP-050-IT is not allowed to go further than 8 nautical miles (15 kilometers) from the dock of Site Nettuno; for security reasons, the cannons present onboard have been removed. If SCP-050-IT gets too far from the coast, it must be recovered and escorted towards the support area of SSM-II Legio Atlandis. SCP-050-IT is forbidden from navigating close to italian coasts, in order to avoid further incidents like that of Bastia-Livorno of the 21/09/20██ and that of the harbour of La Spezia of the ██/██/████. If civilians spot SCP-050-IT during its time in the sea, they will be explained that the vessel is an historic ship owned by naval history enthusiasts.


Painting depicting SCP-050-IT dated back to around 1300

Description: SCP-IT-050 is a galleass1 41 meters long and 6 meters wide. SCP-050-IT is made of wood, it’s hull is covered in pitch, the ship has 3 sails and had 18 cannons on each side. SCP-050-IT-1 is the captain of the ship; he claims to be called Lorenzo A██████ and to be 43 years old. SCP-050-IT-1 is 1,72 m tall, has brown eyes, long black hair and is missing several teeths; he declares to have been born in 1293 in Venice and speaks a venetian dialect, however he’s learning modern italian. There are 18 more people inside the ship who appear to be its crew, that is 17 sailors and a cook, all males of age between 16 and 55; all these people have always refused to talk with Site personnel.

According to the dating performed at Site Plutone, SCP-050-IT was built at the beginning of the 1300s. The cargo of SCP-050-IT is essentially comprised of food, weapons and cannon balls.

SCP-050-IT-1 doesn’t know how he, his ship, and his crew have arrived to the modern age. He’s suspicious of the personnel, but not hostile. He let researchers search his ship and gave them the cargo and the cannons. The crew also maintains the same suspicious behaviour of the captain, but they don’t appear to be hostile either, despite refusing to communicate with the personnel. When not sailing, the crew of SCP-050-IT (especially SCP-050-IT-1) likes to observe the activities of Foundation agents, but without ever intervening in any way. According to SCP-050-IT-1, “Trying to understand is useless, it’s too strange for us”.

Before containment, SCP-050-IT became hostile when encountering other vessels or cargo ships; this hostility was manifested by cannon shots on the hulls of the aforementioned ships. This reaction appears to be a manifestation of the fear provoked by the big dimensions of the cargo ships, as well as the crew’s little knowledge of modern ships. Such aggressions have manifested in at least three occasions: on the ██/██/████, close to the harbour of La Spezia, with the sinking of the cargo ship [DATA EXPUNGED]; on the 21/09/20██, with the sinking of a ferry owned by the NGV navigation company traveling between Livorno and Bastia (France), where 86 people died; and on the 30/09/20██, with damages to the naval unit 1 of Site Nettuno, commanded by captain Lorenzini. The S5 Superintendence has asked SIR-III to create a cover story to hide the cause of the first two incidents, and the resulting cover story includes the demonstration of the presence of submerged rocks which would have pierced the hulls of the vessels. To access the recovery log, please view the following addenda.

Recovery Log:

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