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Item #: SCP-050-KO

To: HQ
Subject: About SCP-050-KO

I don't know why you keep ignoring our messages from Site-05, but we will continue to send our requests to you.

Don't try to change anything about taking care of SCP-050-KO. That subject is the worst in the history of Earth, and we only execute containment procedures fit for it. It's awfully unprofessional of you to speak for the subject just because it is a sapient SCP. We are doing our very best to inform it of its situation. Which means we are treating the subject more softly and humanely than you think we do. However, as it is an SCP, some drastic measures are necessary.

If you can't deal with this tiny demand of ours, we WILL terminate SCP-050-KO. SCP-050-KO is entirely useless, and I cannot comprehend why we have to keep this thing in the first place. Yes, we're obliged to secure and contain before we destroy. If it weren't for the Foundation's modus operandi, we would have slaughtered this bitch in a heartbeat.

So please stop interfering with what we do, or permit us to neutralise the piece of shit.

From Dr ██ Sin, Site-05 Administrator.

P.S. We have been informed that SCP-050-KO has run away, and is at HQ. I don't know how that bitch seduced you into protecting it, but I request it be immediately returned to our base. Yes, Agent █.█.████, the one who's thought to be the subject.

Object Class: Keter LMFAOLOLOL KETER!

Special Containment Procedures: To suppress the effects of SCP-050-KO, psychological and physical stress are to constantly be applied to the subject. The current methods to do so are verbal assault, physical assault, tripping it over, making it do all the hard work, deleting documents it was working on without it knowing, hiding insects and sexual photos inside its desk, [DATA EXPUNGED] to its cabinet, [DATA EXPUNGED] Isn't this a bit much? It's okay, it's a joke. and so on. Additionally, the subject should be locked in a tight and dark space where humans feel fear. Examples of the tight and dark spaces are: the janitor's closet, cabinet, the pantry with the light switched off, SCP-███-KO's containment chamber, and so on. SCP-050-KO should be locked from █ hours up to ██ hours in such spaces, and ██ hours and █ minutes it is better to just forget about the subject after it is locked. The reason behind such harsh actions is to notify it of its reality and its situation. Therefore, there is no need for personnel involved in containment to take psychological examinations.

Personnel who think of creative ways to contain the subject will be adequately rewarded. Hey, are you allowed to do this? You're not the Site Admin. Whatever, it's just a joke.

Description: The subject is an ██ old Asian female. Really? It doesn't look like one. Because the subject looks so disgusting Hey, let's at least stick to formality. The subject evokes cognitohazardous and memetic effects just by looking at it. People who have looked at her show extreme discomfort, petulance, and disgust. These effects are purely mundane. This effect exists because the subject exists, so it'll go away when we wipe it out of existence. Hey, what if it actually dies? It's a joke, okay? And honestly, we don't even need that bitch anyways. She's a waste of oxygen. SCP-050-KO sprays weird odours around itself. Test results have shown that no such odour is present. Research is being done to determine whether it can make people smell stuff. Like this, this thing is so hideous we don't know why it even lives when it doesn't even take care of itself. Don't you feel yourself rotting inside when you just see that?

And she's so nosy that we don't believe it knows about the situation it is in. It persists on taking on work even though she doesn't have the ability to, and looks down on everyone else on ████, the only thing it is good at. It looks like it's dying to get promoted. Also, it doesn't talk to its colleagues like it's better than everyone else and avoids us whenever it sees us. We should pour a bucket of water on her head sometime. Personnel stationed at Site-05 are making an effort to notify it of its situation but have so far been unsuccessful. From this, we theorised that the cunt's cognitive ability and intelligence is abysmal, and is lower than that of a baboon. It looks uglier than a baboon as well. It must have [DATA EXPUNGED] with [REDACTED] to be a rank █ agent in the foundation. Who the fuck would sleep with that dirty bitch anyways? It's a metaphor.

Its foul nature makes it steal seems to make it steal stuff from other people. You can just say it steals stuff. It ignores every advice we give for its good.

God, can't you just fuck off, bitch? LOL

This document should be stapled on to the lobby, bathroom and employee lounges of Site-05.

Who is this subject?


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