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Item#: 050-VN
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The house inside SCP-050-VN.

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-050-VN has vanished, and the anomaly has been reclassified as Neutralized. The subject in possession of SCP-050-VN is deceased and buried according to protocol.

Specimens obtained from SCP-050-VN are kept in Site-26's biological specimen section and can be accessed upon request.

Description: SCP-050-VN is an anomalous dimension located inside the body of Mrs. Mai Thị Đ. The subject was born in An Giang Province, approximately 71 years old, the exact year of birth is unknown. The entrance to the anomaly is through Mrs. Đ.'s cervix, about 4cm in diameter. Subject's uterus shows a dark space when scanned with X-ray machines and other equipment.

Due to the difficulty of penetration, SCP-050-VN has not been fully investigated. The scene from the entrance is similar to Southern Vietnam countryside, despite the fact that the Foundation is currently unable to locate its precise location. A cottage that resembles typical Vietnamese countryside houses during the 20th century is located roughly 30m directly ahead of the entrance. Behind the house is a dense forest, but no noteworthy features have been found. The eldest daughter of Mrs. Đ, Ms. Tran My H, claimed that the house and its surroundings appeared familiar, but was unable to verify it because the family had moved to the city when she was young. Mrs. Đ was unable to provide any useful information since her memory had substantially declined with age.

The anomaly was discovered in 1996 at Chợ Rẫy Hospital during Mrs. Đ's medical examination. However, Foundation's activities in Vietnam were still in their infancy at that time, it took until 2002 for the Foundation to become aware of the anomaly and begin research under the guise of routine health checks.

Addendum 050-VN-A: Exploration Log

The first exploration mission was conducted on 2002/07/26, with the aid of a miniature exploration robot MEEU-28 associated with the controller by a long disinfected cable.


Mrs. Đ. was anesthetized and the robot was inserted into SCP-050-VN through subject's cervix. The sky inside was observed to be clear and sunny. The entrance seemed to be a gaping hole in the middle of space from inside SCP-050-VN. Although visibility was severely restricted for unknown reasons, the area behind the entrance appeared to go on forever toward the horizon. MEEU-28 turned its direction and moved to the house.

The house itself did not have any notable external features. A variety of containers and tools, presumably for handling and storing grain, were located in front of the house. Exterior doors were all locked. Due to the size of the robot, it was unable to push the door to access. After a period of probing around, it discovered a gap large enough to fit through.

At the right section of the house was a set of table and chairs with a large metal pot placed on a wood stove. Numerous baskets were found on the shelf and the ground. The house was divided into two sections by a partition. Robot moved to the left section. A wooden bed and a hammock were placed next to the wall, with the hammock hanging on either side of the wall.

Five child skeletons were hung from the ceiling. Despite the fact that all biological components have disintegrated, these skeletons still retained structure via unknown method.

Robot returned to the starting point to be recovered.


Notes: After the footage was processed, personnel detected a sound in the background that resembled an adult male's scream. A frame in the footage shows a large human shadow moving in the forest behind the house. The identity of this entity is currently unknown.

Addendum 050-VN-B: Exploration Log

The following exploration mission had been delayed significantly due to the necessity for advanced equipment from US headquarters. The mission was conducted on 19/12/2002, using a miniature drone MEDIC-04M associated with a long disinfected cable.


Robot was inserted into SCP-050-VN through subject's cervix and moved into the house. The sky was observed to be overcast.

MEDIC-04M approached a bag in front of the house and punctured it with a tool. Inside the bag containing rotten rice. The robot returned to the starting point to hand off the specimen to personnel after collecting a sample of rice for research, then traveled back to the house to continue its exploration.

Robot entered the right section through door slit and went through baskets on the shelf. All baskets were empty. Robot flew to the left section and closely scrutinized these skeletons. No material could be found to hold the structure; the joints were held together via unknown method that is imperceptible to the naked eye. Three of the skeletons were child-sized, while the other two were similar to infants.

After collecting sufficient image data for research, MEDIC-04M used its equipment to gather bone samples from each skeleton and delivered numerous specimens to personnel. During the fourth trip, a sound identical from the previous probe could be heard, along with the rustling of leaves. Robot soared higher to cover the forest. Some tree canopy was observed to tremble violently. After a brief discussion, the lead researcher decided to expedite specimen collecting.

On the way back to the starting point after taking sample from the fourth skeleton, robot was abruptly struck by an unknown item traveling at a high speed. Personnel started pulling the rope to recover MEDIC-04M after its camera and moving motor were damaged. A pulling force was immediately applied to the cable from within SCP-050-VN as MEDIC-04M's audio recorder detected the sound of approaching footsteps. Fearing for Mrs. D's safety, an employee quickly grabbed scissors and snipped the cable. The remaining wire was pulled inside SCP-050-VN.


Notes: All other SCP-050-VN exploration missions have been indefinitely canceled.

All collected specimens were analyzed. Rice samples indicate that harvest time occurred during 1970s and 1980s. Bone samples collected were all female; although results cannot be accurate, the time of death was approximately 50 years ago, and each subject died a few months to a year apart.

DNA sample has no matches in the database, but it matches subject's DNA by 53%, implying a mother-child relationship, despite the fact that her two daughters claimed they have no other siblings.

Analysis of the imaging data from the remaining two skeletons indicates that they are almost certainly female.

Addendum 050-VN-C: Interview Log

The Foundation has asked Mrs. Đ.'s two daughters' assistance in locating relatives and individuals who used to know Mrs. Đ. to get more information regarding the origin of anomaly.

Interviewer: Comrade Nguyễn Quang Minh
Interviewed: Mrs. Trần Thanh T.


[Irrelevant information removed for brevity]

Mrs. T: Then they got married but only invited a few relatives to attend the wedding. They had H. after a year, then L. the following year. At that time, Mr. N.. Mrs. Đ's husband, died in 1997. and Mr. P. . N.'s biological father, died in 1981. wanted to have grandson, they even invited a shaman several times but still didn't work. A few years later, Mr. N. had a business in Saigon, and then the whole family moved. I haven't heard from them since then.

Comrade Minh: Invite a shaman, can you tell more about it?

Mrs. T: Oh god, that news spread through our neighborhood. I don't know how her mother can find such a famous one. People rumor that if any family can invite him home, they will surely give birth to a boy. Entire neighborhood, even the kids, gathered at Mrs. Đ's house. That shaman gave her a cup of medicine to drink and then laid her down on the bed. He sat next to her and prayed for a while, then completely froze. I was sickened looking at it. The old man stayed like that for a long time, then startled, pack his stuff and left without saying a single word.

Comrade Minh: And their family keeps doing it but still doesn't work?

Mrs. T: Yep. They do it once a month. Mrs. Đ. did not believe him but Mrs. N.. Đ.'s biological mother, died in 1983. still insisted on continuing, they two quarreled a lot. After doing it four or five times, he said that Mrs. Đ probably not having a son. Neighbors talked to each other saying Mrs. N got scammed. To be honest, that shaman looks very suspicious, I don't know why she can believe him.

Comrade Minh: What does he look like?

Mrs. T: Looks like a beggar for me. An emaciated man with disheveled hair and ragged clothes. When pouring medicine, he pours it into an empty bottle, and when he prays, he prays with a rope ring.

[Irrelevant information removed for brevity]


Addendum 050-VN-D: Incident

On February 21, 2003, Mrs. Đ experienced an unexpected movement in the lower abdomen before passing out. Her vaginal area was bleeding. Mrs. Đ. passed away from blood loss on the way to the hospital while being transported by Ms. H. in a hurry.

Autopsy showed a severed half-hand in Mrs. Đ.'s vagina; at the same time, the entrance to SCP-050-VN had vanished. Mrs. Đ's uterus was found to be normal. The hand was identified as belonging to a male, aged 40-50. DNA samples taken from the hand matched Mrs.'s DNA roughly 51%, indicating a mother-child relationship.

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