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Item #: SCP-051-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-051-DE is contained inside a security room for humanoid entities measuring 3 m x 3 m 3 x m. SCP-051-DE is permitted to freely move around the facility when it wants to. At night, SCP-051-DE is not allowed to leave its room, and the access door must be closed at daily at 9pm, with it being opened at 8am in the morning. The chamber is to be kept clean; the food is to be replenished once per day, and toys present in the room must be exchanged weekly, following SCP-051-DE's agreement. Any personnel can enter SCP-051-DE's security room. But this is only approved, if the affected personal is not tasked with other assignments or duties, or are having a break. It is permitted to play with the subject, with the exception being when SCP-051-DE wants to rest or is feeling disturbed. Every personnel is compelled to to communicate with SCP-051-DE in a calm and friendly manner.

Description: SCP-051-DE describes a humanoid entity measuring 1.60 meters that consists of a loose structure of cotton fibers and threads. The composition and the structure of SCP-051-DE are comprised of several layers, with the innermost being made up of a fabric that is, as of yet, unknown to science, which has the same function for SCP-051-DE as the organs, bones, muscles, etc. have for the human body. This layer gets protected from environmental influences and injuries by a harder layer. Additionally, the subject does not possess any organs that would enable it to speak.

The whole surface, except for the arms of SCP-051-DE, is covered in yellow soother mouthpieces which consist of latex and silicone, and are situated at an 3-5 cm distance to one another. Research showed that SCP-051-DE did not have one of these soothers on it on the day it was created. Scientists theorize that this is due to an illness the subject is suffering from, though, the subject's state of health never appears to differ.

SCP-051-DE's temper can most closely be compared to a playful dog. The subject is pleased by any person meeting or visiting it. But skin contact does not show any behavioral changes on the subject. It does not show any pleasure in being petted, but neither showed signs of discomfort. As soon as SCP-051-DE comes into contact with Dr.█████, SCP-051-DE showed an effect on its surface. The soother mouthpieces changed their color to blue. What was surprising was that SCP-051-DE felt sexually attracted to Dr.█████, whereby it is still unknown where the subject's reproductive organ is located. Furthermore, its gender is also unknown.

Toddlers that suck for approximately 5 minutes on SCP-051-DE's soothers feel afterwards very delighted and satisfied. In addition, an attempt involving a toddler suffering from cancer showed that sucking on the soothers inherits an 80.88 % chance of an immediate cure of the sickness. This effect also accounts for any other illness; but these posses a different chance of success. Investigations into this phenomena are on-going.

The entity's diet is limited to sugared beverages like candy, sweet drinks, or pure sugar. But its current favorite is cotton candy which, due to its high sugar content, sticks on the surface of SCP-051-DE. By touching sugar on the cotton surface of SCP-051-DE, the subject can absorb the food. When consuming food, the latter is mostly located on its arms and hands.

Discovery: On the 22.09.201█, SCP-051-DE was reported to the authorities in Frankfurt by Mr. ██████████. The man lived alone, and could instantly be amestitized by two foundation-agents using a class-c amnestic, and left in his unknowing state. When agents captured SCP-051-DE, the subject was very intimidated in the man's kitchen. Using a transporter, SCP-051-DE was brought to site-DE4, and is since then contained therein. Investigations concerning the origin of SCP-051-DE were discontinued by Dr. Flynn.

Addendum-01: Persons not communicating in a calm and friendly manner with SCP-051-DE should avoid the subject in the future. If this is not adhered to, SCP-051-DE's condition may change, it may refuse communication to all persons and it may hide in its safety room. As a result, SCP-051-DE does not get enough exercise, and due to a strange process, the consumption of sugar is more difficult.

Addendum-02: The effect of curing illnesses once you suck on SCP-051-DE's soother for at least 5 minutes does not apply to teenagers, adults, seniors, or children two years and older.

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