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Photo SCP-051-UA, dated 1928.

Item #: SCP-051-UA

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The perimeter around SCP-051-UA is to be fenced off with barbed wire and 3 meter high concrete walls, erected 5 meters from the original enclosure of the object itself. The official reason for the restriction of public access the object is the preservation of unique icons and iconostasis made on wood. All civilians affected by the object should be taken to a cleric for exorcism, administered with Class A amnestics, and released. In 2% of individuals affected by SCP-051-UA the 051X effect manifests, which allows SCP-051-UA-2-B to be seen. If the 051X effect was identified, consideration should be given to enlist the affected subject to the containment team as a Class C agent with Level 1 or 0 access; this requires permission from the subject itself, the object’s curator, and another employee with the Level 4 Security Clearance. Otherwise, the affected subject should be administered Class A amnestics and released. The object should be monitored by five Foundation personnel 24/7. The guards must change every 4 hours. Each of the guards must be baptized according to the Orthodox canon, wear a cross and be well versed in psalms, antiphons, worships and other cult elements. One of the guards is to be inside SCP-051-UA-1-A and perform church chants and prayers throughout the watch, while the other four are to patrol the perimeter and recite prayers, troparions, scripture lines, or other sacred texts aloud. If the chant is interrupted, it is necessary to immediately call the priests to perform the worship and the ritual of consecrating the temple, and then continue the chant. SCP-051-UA-2-A must be cleaned like a regular cemetery. It is prohibited to assign D-class personnel who have been convicted of murder to the security or janiotrial teams.

Description: SCP-051-UA is an anomaly associated with a wooden church located in the [REDACTED] district of the Lviv oblast. SCP-051-UA has been discovered in 1992, after the Foundation obtained the archive of the GRU Division "P". The containment procedures were developed and described in the documents of the archive, and, despite the anti-religious policy of the USSR, they were carried out without violations. It is still unknown who and when developed the containment procedures. Anyone who doesn't belong to the Orthodox Church or doesn't carry a cross with him and approaches SCP-051-UA, may fall under its influence, which manifests itself in "possessed" behavior, uncontrollable bouts of emotion, desire to commit suicide, and increased strength, equal to that of 6-7 adult men. Examination of individuals affected by SCP-051-UA has shown that they are in good health and free of any physical defects. Drug treatment was completely ineffective. GRU Division "P" records indicate that the only effective measure was the exorcism conducted in the [REDACTED] Monastery. See Document SCP-051-UA-15 for more details.

SCP-051-UA consists of several parts:

- SCP-051-UA-1-А — is a wooden church built in the style traditional for [REDACTED]. Radiocarbon analysis showed that the building was erected around the beginning of the 10th century. After assessing the building's age and appearance and conducting research into the church archives, Dr. Yakym found that the facade and exterior decoration had been repaired and rebuilt several times, but the main frame of the structure remained unchanged. All wood, despite age and blackened top layer, did not rot. This also applies to the repaired and rebuilt parts; all interior decoration elements do not demonstrate any signs of agining. Analysis of the church premises didn't reveal any microorganisms, viruses or dust. After interviewing SCP-051-UA-1-B (see Document SCP-051-UA-36), it was discovered that [DATA EXPUNGED], and Dr. Yakym hypothesized that SCP-051-UA-1-A's effect can spread.

- SCP-051-UA-1-В — is an entity that lives within SCP-051-UA-1-A. Outwardly, this subject is similar to the iconographic image of St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Lycia — Wonderworker. The entity is dressed in gold-colored church vestments with white accents and inverted crosses. In its left hand, SCP-051-UA-1-B holds a thick book decorated with an inverted Orthodox cross. With his right hand, SCP-051-UA-1-B performs a gesture of bishop's blessing. On his fingers, claws are depicted, similar to those of an owl or eagle. The eyes of the entity are red with black pupils, and two pointed horns, approximately 3.5 cm in size, grow from the forehead. A nimbus-like pentagram is placed around the head. SCP-051-UA-1-B manifests only during containment breaches, but he can also be summoned to perform magical and occult rituals that are twisted versions of Christian ones. See Document SCP-051-UA-36 for more details.

- SCP-051-UA-2-А — is a cemetery where a number of clergy and common people are buried. The oldest graves date back to the early 11th century. As shown by echolocation analysis, some burials are superimposed on each other in layers of 3-4 graves; the most recent are dated 19██. According to the guards, blue-green lights often appear over the graves at night, which are similar in their properties to will-o'-the-wisp1. So far, all attempts to acquire a sample for analysis have failed: when approaching, the lights begin to behave like insects, scattering in different directions.

- SCP-051-UA-2-В — is the generic name for several entities that reside within SCP-051-UA-2-A. SCP-051-UA-2-B act as security guards and prevent desecration of the cemetery. Observations indicate that SCP-051-UA-2-B fear SCP-051-UA-1-B and will try to avoid it, and not discolse his name. For more information see documents SCP-051-UA-15, SCP-051-UA-22 and SCP-051-UA-30. Like SCP-051-UA-1-B, these creatures can also be summoned to speak. You need to perform a ritual to do this and leave offerings to them. See documents SCP-051-UA-22 and SCP-051-UA-30 for more details.

Additional Information:

  1. After conducting all of the interviews, Dr. Yakym applied for the classification of the object as a Keter, as it can potentially lead to an XK-Class scenario by [DATA EXPUNGED]. The application is currently being considered.
  2. Research is underway to determine if the 051X effect allows to observe entities other than SCP-051-UA-2-B.
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