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Item #: SCP-052-DE

Object-class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Persons affected by SCP-052-DE-01 are to brought to Site-DE14 or Site-DE6 as soon as possible, where procedure Maspraeg-021 will be performed. All discovered instances of SCP-052-DE-02 must be swiftly neutralized, whereby flamethrowers have proven to be highly effective.

Description: SCP-052-DE is a phenomenon that seems to exclusively occur among man in the age of 21 to 52. It expresses itself via long-lasting pain located in the right, upper abdomen, in accompanied by increasing loss of appetite. X-ray imaging and other non-invasive examinations show no abnormalities. Solely a colonoscopy1 or surgical intervention in the corresponding area show that, on the lower end of the Colon ascendes2, an oval object measuring approximately 3cm in diameter is located which, through thin, tentacle-like appendages, is attached to the outer intestinal wall.

When questioned, affected persons stated that they do not know what the object is nor how it got into their intestines. But intensive inquiries revealed that almost all affected could remember, having fallen asleep or passed out on a toilet, before the symptoms became present shortly thereafter.

If the oval object is not removed, SCP-052-DE-02 will hatch approximately one month after the first symptoms. It consists of an entity primarily described as having a big, spherical body featuring eighteen tentacles as well as a teeth-lined opening in its center. SCP-052-DE-02 exits the body after hatching threw the following forms:

Naturally: SCP-052-DE-02 progresses down the colon and into the rectum, where it waits for it to open (most commonly in the course of a toilet visit), and leaves the body in this manner. The persons experiences no lasting subsequent damages to their body.

Rupture: SCP-052-DE-02 uses its teeth to burrow itself threw the anterior abdominal wall, and to leave the body this way. If fast, medical treatment is carried out, the affected person will survive, and, depending on the lethality of the injury, can avoid lasting damage threw surgeries and therapies.

Invasive: SCP-052-DE-02 utilizes its teeth to excavate itself through the body, in most cases towards the throat, before leaving the body. Even with immediate medical care, chances of survival will be equal to zero.

As soon as SCP-052-DE-02 has exited the body, it will progress to the nearest body of water; with sewerage systems being its preferred choice. Any attempts to pursuit SCP-052-DE-02 after this point were unsuccessful.

Autopsies conducted on SCP-052-DE-02 specimens have revealed that they are hermaphrodite beings with enormous regenerative abilities, the genitals of whom are situated in the interior, what points to their reproduction being of asexual nature. The half of the existing tentacles feature a canal that seems to lead to an egg bag inside of its body. In the other tentacles are glands located that seem to produce a kind of lubricant, which, threw skin contact, can trigger the effects of a potent amnestica. In addition, the autopsy findings indicate that SCP-052-DE-02 inhabits the potential to grow itself hundredfold; provided it has proper nutrition3. Tests conducted on living organisms yielded to the result that it is attracted by traces of [REDACTED], which is found in the urine of sexually matured men.

If a person affected by SCP-052-DE is discovered, they are to be immediately be brought to Site-DE14 or Site-D64, where appropriate personal and equipment is situated to perform Procedure Maspraeg-021. Procedure Maspraeg-021 consists of an intervention through which the "egg" of SCP-052-DE-02 gets removed and destroyed, with no traces remaining.

To this date, there is no known way to determine, how many male specimens of SCP-052-DE-02 exist or where they are located. The only team that was able to find SCP-052-DE-02 in subterranean sewers, is declared lost.

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