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Item #: SCP-052-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-052-JP is contained in a containment locker at Site-8181. SCP-052-JP is not to be taken or used without approval from at least one staff level 5 or higher. When transported, SCP-052-JP must be put inside a box or bag to prevent it from clinging to other object. Care should be taken not to allow an exposed SCP-052-JP to be brought near or cling to other SCPs and Anomalous Items without approval. Using SCP-052-JP to contain other objects is currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-052-JP is a rectangular piece of paper measuring 84mm x 174mm. It has a pattern drawn on one side, with characters resembling kanji or siddham1, and looks similar to what is known as talismans or ofuda.2 The paper is composed of regular Japanese paper, and the patterns are drawn with China ink. SCP-052-JP can be torn apart or burnt just like normal paper, regardless of whether it's in effect or not. Currently, the Foundation has 12 SCP-052-JP instances, including those with different patterns, but more are believed to exist.

SCP-052-JP reveals its nature when its non-patterned side comes into contact with another object. SCP-052-JP clings to the object without needing adhesive. It then exerts its effect on the attached object and the surrounding space (Up to 20m in radius, but can be obstructed by the object it’s attached to). Although the details of the effect cannot be scientifically approached, the phenomenon can be described as “keeping foreign objects out of the space”. Using not-yet-known criteria, people and objects considered “foreign” have their movement inside the space restricted by the effect. If the object has special properties, they are weakened, and people have their bodies feel heavy with pain and nausea. The effect grows the closer one gets to it. The effect is the greatest when SCP-052-JP is directly attached to it. Adhered SCP-052-JP can be easily removed using unaffected objects or by human hands.

Accurate criteria for what SCP-052-JP considers a “foreign object” is not known. The effects are known to be active against:

  • Some SCP objects containing SCP-███
  • Some Anomalous Items
  • Members of hostile groups that have attacked this Branch
  • Some Foundation members
    • Don’t ever bring it near me. Got it? - Dr. Kuwana
    • I tore apart everything inside that warehouse and the lounge; it looked like an accident once it was over. Enough. - Agent Kawahara
    • Next time you joke around about exorcising evil spirits, I will separate your head from the rest of your bodies. - Dr. Kusuki
    • Alright, that any better? - Dr. Shirako
      • SCP-052-JP seems to have the secondary effect of reducing its own numbers while creating discord within an organization. For this reason, contain them so staff doesn’t have to deal with it. - Japanese Branch Director “Masu”

Addendum-い: On 19██/██/██, when the Japanese Branch merged with an organization similar to the Foundation, SCP-052-JP was one of the objects transferred from that organization. The organization had used since long ago for securing, containing, and protecting, instead of containing the object itself. When it first entered the Foundation, information about it was not passed, and was placed in Site-8181’s cafeteria, used as decoration as a normal ofuda talisman. This caused an anomalous phenomenon on a corner of the cafeteria, making its anomalous effects obvious. No records regarding when the organization began using SCP-052-JP were left behind, and methods of reproducing SCP-052-JP have been deliberately erased. So far, the Foundation has not been able to reproduce SCP-052-JP.

Note-ろ: It’s believed that SCP-052-JP can be used to effectively contain other SCP objects, as directly applying it to them would fully negate their effects.

Note-は The effects of SCP-052-JP cannot be used to perfectly contain SCP objects, and its use in this fashion has been prohibited. For more information, see Event record-ち and -り.

Event record-ち: On 19██/██/██, SCP-052-JP and SCP-███ were brought together as part of an experiment. It was expected that SCP-052-JP would fully neutralize SCP-███, and this appeared to occur as soon as SCP-052-JP was attached to it. however, SCP-███ still had power left, and offered resistance. It destroyed the SCP-052-JP attached to it, and killed ██ scientists and MTF agents before it was recontained. The cause of the damage is believed to be overconfidence regarding SCP-052-JP making the dangerous object safe, and neglecting caution and preparations. Due to this, meticulous care is to be taken when using SCP-052-JP.

Event record-り: On 19██/██/██, an Anomalous Item thought to be of no danger acted wildly, leading to [EXPUNGED]. Later research made clear that the item was unusually hostile to the effects of SCP-052-JP. The source of the incident was concluded to be a staff member carrying the item, unaware of their properties, entering within the range of SCP-052-JP. This led to the recollection of all SCP-052-JP instances recklessly decorating various Foundation facilities, and their containment in a single place. Similarly, it was prohibited to use SCP-052-JP to contain other items, to prevent interference with other objects.

Addendum-つ On several occassions, SCP-052-JP instances, or similar papers have been found in Japan. Some remain on records from organizations that merged into the Foundation, while others have not. Furthermore, some papers were so old they were falling apart, while others were brand new. Some patterns were the same and others were different, and new SCP-052-JP have been confirmed to have different effects to the ones known. These differences can be considered as upgrades compared to SCP-052-JP. Objects with papers attached had them removed and were identified, almost all of them being classified as SCP objects or Anomalous Items.

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