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Item #: SCP-053-FR

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-053-FR is contained in the secure Site-Ghimel. The facility is built as a traditional concrete bunker capable of withstanding severe weather conditions and a possible hostile attack. Security officers must be positioned all around the site and the access roads surrounding the area must be blocked under the cover of a military zone. Any unauthorized individual approaching the facility must be stopped immediately; refusal to comply is grounds for elimination. The main SCP-053-FR containment room must be completely dewatered with pumps and air dryers to prevent the mass of the object from increasing. In the event of a power failure, a backup generator must be able to sustain for 24 hours.

Due to the degradation caused by SCP-053-FR, the site must be checked on a weekly basis. Breaches, cracks, or liquid corrosions anywhere on the facility should be reported immediately to the site security department. A maintenance team has been formed specifically to handle such problems. Tests performed on SCP-053-FR should not be carried out with electrical/electronic devices due to the magnetic field of the object. However, the recovered samples do not have the same effects as SCP-053-FR and are available to all members with a clearance level of 2 and above.

Level 4 Protocol for Liquids:

By special order from General █████████ and the O5-█, liquids are prohibited in the Site-Ghimel area containing SCP-053-FR. Refusal to comply is grounds for termination. Due to speculation by Dr. █████████, researchers working in the vicinity of SCP-053-FR are required to wear Hazmat-type insulating suits and must not come closer than 25 meters to SCP-053-FR. Potentially sharp objects — required for testing on SCP-053-FR — must be handled by remotely controlled robots.

Description: SCP-053-FR is a miniature planet with a scale of 1:517 strongly resembling the terrestrial Moon. The object has a diameter of about one hundred and fifty centimeters (1.50 meters) at the present time. Its surface is composed of granite, aluminum, silicon, calcium, magnesium, and iron with a chemical ratio identical to that of the Moon at 97.49%. There are also basalts which testify of a past volcanic activity. The samples recovered from the ground during the initial confinement are rich in refractory elements (calcium, titanium, manganese) and in glass spherules. No means of gaining insight into the internal structure of the object was found, as any attempt to destroy the object's surface resulted in failure, even using SCP-███ powered by [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-053-FR does not have a proper atmosphere1, and the temperature of the object seems to vary with the ambient light. Measurements with a thermal camera have shown that it can vary from 120°C to -180°C, just like the real Moon.

The object is capable of levitating about one (1) meter from the ground and appears to repeat the same "move" in a loop. SCP-053-FR also exhibits a magnetic field and gravitational attraction multiplied by ███% compared to those of the real Moon, despite the size of the object. These effects cause considerable alterations to surrounding buildings and infrastructure over █ kilometers. The gravitational attraction of SCP-053-FR generates a "tidal effect" on liquids and seems to suck them through its surface. Tests with different liquids have shown an exponential increase in the mass of SCP-053-FR. It is assumed by Dr. █████████ that if any amount of liquid reached the surface of SCP-053-FR, it could reach three (3) meters in diameter and double its magnetic field and gravitational attraction.

SCP-053-FR was discovered on ██/██/2010 in a disused hangar of the transport company ██████, in the municipality of █████████, France. Agent █████ ███████, who was operating undercover in the area picked up an anomalous spike in lunar rays. During the initial discovery, MTF ████-██ was able to recover various SCP-053-FR fragments from the ground. The decommissioned hangar is now known as the Site-Ghimel, the containment site for the object.

Addendum-053-FR-01: Transcription of a conversation between Dr. █████████ and O5-█

Dr. █████████: Our recent tests show that SCP-053-FR is able to respond to certain stimuli, including those involving all forms of liquids. This reaction is still not understood. Since the initial containment and the beginning of the tests, the mass of SCP-053-FR increases considerably when it comes into contact with liquids. I have taken the decision to stop the tests with SCP-053-FR and have instituted a safety protocol on the site. In view of the effects caused by the object, I request a Euclid reclassification.

Think about it; with this object, the whole creation of our solar system is to be reviewed. SCP-053-FR may be a miniature version of the Moon that has not had time to develop. Who knows what would have happened if SCP-053-FR had not been discovered earlier? A second Moon could have appeared and the gravity of the Earth could have been upset.

O5-█: Your personal theories about the creation of the universe should not interfere with your research. Our mission is to prevent that from happening and we have accomplished that. Reclassification to Euclid class allowed.

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