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First known picture of SCP-054-FR.

Item #: SCP-054-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containement Procedures: A security area of 1km has been established around all beaches where an occurrence of SCP-054-FR has been observed. Only personnel with a clearance level of 3 or higher may enter the containment zones, and only for experimental purposes. Access is forbidden to any civilians under pretext of the study of a population of marine mammals (depending on the place). A-Class (for witness) or B-Class amnesics (for victims) are to be administered if need be. Photos and videos taken of SCP-054-FR must be destroyed, and a massive campaign debunking them as hoaxes must be launched if evidence is made public.

Description: SCP-054-FR is a phenomenon occurring in some waves of the Western coasts of ████████ and █████ and also the Eastern coasts of ████, ██████ and ██████. It is characterized by the physical transformation of affected waves to resemble the jaws of a Carcharodon carcharias, commonly known as a Great White Shark. SCP-054-FR is capable of going unnoticed until it is almost too late to act. SCP-054-FR is capable of forming on waves of a height of 4m minimum, but the maximum height of which it can reach is unknown. Affected waves are capable of rolling at 3 times the speed of non-affected waves if a non-aquatic animal or a human being is situated between SCP-054-FR and the closest coast.

Appearances of SCP-054-FR grow considerably if the previously evoked individuals are situated at a distance of 250m from the coast, whether they are swimmers, divers, or aquatic vehicles of moderate size, with the most common victims having been surfers. Injuries caused by SCP-054-FR are similar to that which could be accomplished by a Great White Shark, but with pressure being directly proportional to the height of the affected wave. Injuries, lethal in 68% of cases, happen during the collapse of the wave over the victim. Reported injuries have been as simple as a removed limb to total disappearance of the victim. The only method of avoiding injury by SCP-054-FR is to dive under the wave before impact is made.

SCP-054-FR appears only on the closest part of the wave to its victim. If more than one victim is available, SCP-054-FR will manifest at multiple points on the wave. SCP-054-FR will accelerate to an average of ███kph, with the highest reported speed being ███kph.


SCP-054-FR near █████'s Coast, 10/07/20██.

Addendum 054-A: A series of experiments discovered that releasing several liters of animal blood in the waters where SCP-054-FR is known to occur can cause its manifestation within two minutes. The instinces of SCP-054-FR terminated over the spilled blood. Further testing involving an equal amount human blood yielded a response in less than 60 seconds. Even small amounts of human blood yielded a faster reaction time than large quantities of animal blood.

Addendum 054-B: Unusually, several maritime birds were observed be consumed by SCP-054-FR when they moved in front of a wave taller than 4m. This was the first time SCP-054-FR has been observed attacking anything other than human prey.

Addendum 054-C: Observations have shown that wounded peoples are 4 times as likely to be victims of SCP-054-FR, with an insistence manifesting in less than 60 seconds. Further testing revealed that staying still reduced the likelyhood of SCP-054-FR manifesting, as did limiting ones movements.

Addendum 054-D: All the attempts to fire at manifestations of SCP-054-FR proved to be ineffective, with shots disappearing into the wall of water. Furthermore, the attempts to conceal the smell of an individual also proved to be ineffective, with SCP-054-FR not appearing to be affected by the attempts.

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