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The document contains a dangerous destructive memetic agent. Personnel must familiarise themselves with the PROTECT-UA-54 protective memetic agent before proceeding.

Make sure that you have an analgesic containing acetylsalicylic acid in the immediate vicinity.



Item #: SCP-054-UA


Typical message1, spread by the infected with SCP-054-UA.

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation's Internet bots are to continuously monitor the network for any manifestations of SCP-054-UA and remove them. Foundation’s agents, integrated into the mass media and political organisations, are to expunge all manifestations and references to SCP-054-UA.

Individuals affected by SCP-054-UA are subject to immediate seizure and isolation. Individuals in the first and second stages of the infection are subject to forced treatment and reintegration into society. Persons who have reached the third stage of the infection, as well as persons in the first and second stages of the infection, whose treatment was deemed ineffective, are subject to termination or further use in research, per decision of the head of the host facility.

Only individuals who have undergone special protective memetic training are allowed to work with the object.

Description: SCP-054-UA is a destructive memetic agent of selective action that can be transmitted in audio, visual and audiovisual formats. The memetic agent mostly targets marginalised populations and elderly, except for those whose views can be described as lying within the ideologies of radical Ukrainian nationalism.

SCP-054-UA has a cumulative effect, and its destructive influence is directly proportional to the duration of the exposure. As a result, negation of the object’s effects and treatment of the affected individuals become more complicated over time. Although the external manifestation of the SCP-054-UA infection may vary slightly, depending on the individual's views, it generally follows an established scenario of three stages of infection.

First stage: Lasts from a week to a month. The infected individual begins to actively search all available sources for the information related to the narratives that describe the political and social system of the Ukrainian state as radical right, systematically discriminating and violating the rights of the Russian-speaking population, and links the Ukrainian people to Nazi collaboration during the World War II. For example, the following formulations are common:

  • На Украине фашисты и бандеровцы ущемляют русских.2
  • Запад это Гейропа и Пендосия.3

At the end of the first stage, the subject begins to visit Internet resources with pro-Ukrainian, or, in case of sufficient knowledge of the language, pro-Western information, and leave there provocative comments, engaging in so-called "trolling"4. Interruption of the exposure at this stage and subsequent intensive memetic therapy has demonstrated efficacy in 88% of cases, leading to complete neutralisation of SCP-054-UA and return of the affected to normal life.

Second stage: Lasts from two to six months. The affected individual refuses any alternative sources of information other than state-controlled media and radically pro-Russian Internet resources5. In addition, new narratives appear among the infected subjects, supplementing the existing ones:

  • Русский народ — избранный народ.6
  • Все страны вокруг нам должны, ведь это мы их создали.7
  • Мир держится на особой духовности России.8

These narratives, together with those that prevailed in the first stage, the infected individual tries to spread to as large an audience as possible. To do this, they use appropriate reasoning, which, however, is mainly based on pseudo-scientific theories and unreliable sources. Towards the middle of the second stage, the subject appears uncompromising and rejecting of any alternative ideas. This symptom is actively progressing and reaches its peak in the third stage. Interruption of the exposure at this stage, combined with intensive memetic therapy, showed efficacy in 41% of cases.

Third stage: Maximum duration not detected. The affected person goes from agitation to active actions, mental and physical attacks on people with an alternative point of view. At this stage, it is useless to engage in any discussions with SCP-054-UA-1, trying to prove errors in their judgments, because, in any case, the infected eventually turns to personal insults. The following is added to the list of narratives:

  • Путин хороший, это на местах воры.9
  • Россия должна собрать все бывшие земли.10
  • Все преступления русских режимов прошлого это ложь Запада.11
  • Россия находится в кольце врагов, которые делают всё, чтобы нам жилось хуже, хотят нас уничтожить и вообще виноваты во всём.12

In long-lasting cases, sometimes the idea of Русские это потомки ариев, которые должны бороться против жидомасонов13 may appear, with such derivatives as that of Russian and Sanskrit being the same language and so on. However, people with this case history are considered unsane even among other infected, and, as a result, they gather in small but particularly aggressive groups. Interruption of the exposure and memetic therapy have not shown efficacy in the treatment of individuals in whom the infection has developed to the third stage.

Object's Origin: There are substantiated suspicions14 that the object was commissioned by the government of the Russian Federation from the Logos Corporation, in collaboration with one of the departments of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation15, in order to strengthen its ideological control over both its own population and citizens of other countries who sympathize with the ideological concepts of the so-called "Russian world"16. The available data suggest that the first version of the agent was launched in February 2014, and the final modern version has been released in June of that year. The Department of Memetics and Informational Threats has also confirmed repeated adjustments to its action, which may indicate monitoring of its effectiveness by the developers and ongoing support for its work.


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